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 BDSM, Science Fiction, Time Travel, M/F, M/M, M/M/M .

Fane Jacobs, or 636, is a genetically and robotically enhanced human, with the ability to change his appearance at will. He is trapped on Terros 9 in 3010 with a psychopathic owner, Gryd. His duty is to entertain Gryd's guests both male and female with his skill in the dungeon. Forbidden to show emotions, he longs for the comfort of a lover, and his dreams are filled with the image of a sweet sub.

Cyborgs are classified as machines on Terros 9, they have no rights. After his friend, Jace, is pack-raped by a group of male guests, Fane and Jace steal a starship, and travel back in time to Earth in 2040. Jace takes off for a night with the right man, while Fane explores the city. His attention is drawn to a woman being attacked by a gang of thugs. He rushes to her aid and is shot. The woman, Dr. Tamara Bright, resembles the sub from his dreams. She discovers his integrated neural matrix and other enhancements on the Bio Scanner. Will she turn away or will she fall for the deliciously, handsome cyborg?        


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Welcome Guest Author Tarion Keelan

Dancing With The Daffodils
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance.

Val, an English teacher, takes an exchange position in Australia to recover from the death of his lover. He stages Romeo and Juliet at his school, and becomes close friends with Anna, the head teacher. Oliver (who plays Romeo) falls in love with Val, and although the feeling is mutual, because of his position Val cannot allow the relationship to develop.
Val struggles with his feelings, unable to come to terms with Oliver’s youthful seductive ways, and unable to reconcile his heartache over David’s death with his developing affection for Oliver, which he must reject both internally and externally. And at the same time he must make a life for himself in a country far from his friends and the world he knows. How do you decide between love and duty?


The frost sparkled on the pavements and the piled snow on the bare branches mocked me with its whiteness. My breath smoked out its pain as I waited for Sean. A bitter wind whipped up as I stood there, and it began to snow again. The morning was freezing. I was freezing, and the warm coat, scarf and gloves couldn’t penetrate the chill of agony that ate out my insides. I pulled the coat around me, shivering, and wondered whether I would ever be warm again. I turned and stared at the house for a last time, then bent and picked one of the early daffodils, briefly immobilised by the pain of memory as his laughter echoed across the frosty lawn.
        “We’ll have daffodils next spring!”
And I had helped him up after the bulbs were safely in, and complained that he stank of fertilizer. I twirled the daffodil between my fingers and I refused to allow the tears to fall.

Sean was uncharacteristically quiet as he helped load the suitcases into the boot and we hardly spoke as he drove me to Manchester airport, but that was his way of showing me that he understood, his way of allowing me to wallow in my despair. I glanced up and peered into the snow as he pulled the car over to the side of the road. The flurries whirled outside the windows, and I strained to see where we were in this neverending world of whiteness. When I finally realised, the ice immobilised me, froze me to my seat.
"We’ve got time before the plane leaves," he whispered.
But I couldn’t. I knew I ought to do this - that somehow this small detour along the journey was expected of me, was something that I should do. But I couldn’t even bring myself to leave the car. And it didn’t matter that Sean thought I didn’t care, because there was no way anybody could think that, and if they did, they had no right to think it. I did care. I felt the hot prickles of care welling up behind my eyes. But I couldn’t move. It would have been too final, and however much I needed to leave - and they all said I should - I couldn’t actually say goodbye.

So we drove on from the cemetery without a last visit to his grave, and it didn’t tear my heart out because at that point, I remember thinking, I didn’t really have a heart to be torn. Just ice within my chest cavity - ice, which would melt into emptiness in the meaningless sunshine of where I was going - Australia.

“You will email me.”
Sean’s soft words, whispered close to my ear, were heavy with tears. I held on tightly. He had loved David too, had loved us both, and he had given me nothing but unwavering support. Even when he could have hurt me with the truth of my actions he hadn’t. He had recognised that the pain I was giving myself was enough, that it didn’t take his stating the obvious for me to know what I had done wrong. And I loved him for that. I held on, my nose buried in the wool of his coat, unable to let go.
        “Of course I will.”
        “I need to know how you really are. Not what you think I want to hear.”
I nodded. I couldn’t say any more. The words were stuck there somewhere in a lump, and wouldn’t come out. He understood, as he always did.
        “Come on, lad. Let’s get you on this plane.”

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New Release from H.C. Brown plus excerpt

One Delicious Man or Two?

By: H.C. Brown
Published By: Spunk Books
ISBN # 9780992371425
Word Count: 28800
Heat Index     

Available in: Epub, , Adobe Acrobat
Buy: All Romance    Special price $2.99


About the book

Zor, a Fae male has spent some time observing Landon a deliciously handsome bad boy. He is convinced he is a shifter from a future race known as the Ecatnie. Zor is attracted to the human and decides to discover if his assumptions are correct.

After making contact, he convinces Landon to leave his home, FB and TV and follow him into Other World with the promise of magic and free love. In this new dimension, Landon is impatient, he wants Zor with a passion but Zor is holding out, not wanting to make a mistake and have his heart broken.

An excerpt from the book

Zor walked beside Landon at a slow pace along the quiet streets. The moon bathed the way, nestled in a sky filled with stars. He took a long, deep breath, glad to be away from the den of iniquity. The cool, night air held a refreshing breeze, a welcome change from the artificial Nomag environment in the casino. Landon walked close beside him and brushed his arm, or touched his back during their conversation. He’s trying to glamor me.
A short time later, Landon stopped under a tree and leaned his impressive body against the trunk.
“I get the feeling you want me. My cat tells me you smell of lust. This pretense of innocence doesn’t add up.”
Zor smiled, he wanted him so bad it had showed on his face. “What I want must wait. When I explain everything about the realms and your people, you may not want to start a relationship with me.”
“That’s not true―what you said before, it sounds exciting. I like excitement — I live for it. I’m driven by my instincts.” Landon slipped his thumbs into the front pockets of his jeans.
“It’s part of what you are. Instinct and scent are what drives the Pride males. However, I’m worried this attraction you have for me might be a mistake.”
“I don’t think so, my instincts are usually correct. And I want to taste you so bad it’s killing me.” Landon pushed away from the tree and moved closer.
Zor groaned. Landon snaked his long fingers around his head and pulled him into a devastating kiss. His warm lips crushed Zor’s mouth, branding him, devouring him. Zor’s knees buckled and his glamor fled. He moaned, kissing Landon back with ferocious need. Landon’s hard body pressed against him, and each point of contact became a slow burn destroying his resolve. He dragged his mouth away, gasping for breath. “Gods, we’re out in the open.”

Landon stared down at him. Zor’s mouth was wet and swollen from his kiss and the color high in his cheeks. He liked that, seeing the effect he had on him. Desire shone in Zor’s eyes. He wants me. I fucking knew it. He brushed his thumb over Zor’s bottom lip. “There’s no one around and who cares?”
“They will if they see my wings.” Zor fluttered his wings.
Landon stared dumbfounded. He stepped back a few paces and his back collided with the tree. Before him, Zor had exploded into a cloud of white, diaphanous wings.
“Wings—hell, are you an angel? I mean, fuck! Now I’m going to hell for sure.”
“I’m not an angel. I’m Fae. Sorry, it was the kiss. Passion drops my glamor.” Zor folded his wings.
Landon rubbed his eyes. His mouth shut with a click. He tried to speak but his confused mind would not form coherent thought. The street moved in and out of focus and he blinked. Zor’s face came into view, his expression bleak. The man, if he was a man, touched his arm. His magnificent wings slid into his back and disappeared.

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NEW RELEASES: The Pride Brothers are back!!!!!

Book #1

 Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, is enjoying a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands when she stumbles into an alternate realm. Trapped in a frightening world of strange creatures, her life turns upside down when a sinfully handsome shape-shifter kidnaps her. Will she win Dare of Knight Watch’s heart or will he trade her for his sister at the next slave auction?
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Dr. Elizabeth Clark's life turns upside down when the Druiks kidnap her,

 and take her to Druik Void, located in a future realm. Caged like an 

animal in a laboratory filled with humanoid specimens from other 

dimensions, she endures experimental surgery.  Zandor and Thryll, two 

very sexy shape-shifters trapped with her, persuaded her to escape with 

them. Will Beth survive the frantic journey to safety? Or will she fall 

prey to the insatiable shifters?

 Book #3: 
Aria d'Lion, author of bestselling books, "The Fairy in My Garden", and "Shape-shifters Are Among Us" discovers to her horror that most of the things she's written about are true. The deliciously handsome man who shows up at a book signing has been sent to kill her, trouble is, he is a panther shifter and Aria is his mate. Too bad he's already in love with a man.
Hot sexy Rio has a list of kinky sex partners but one special man in his life. His world is turned upside down when he discovers his man has the same feelings for Aria as he does.   
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 Book#4    Deliciously handsome, insatiable, alpha male Hawke of Knight Watch has a reputation for having a voracious and varied sex life. However, his ability to attract streams of men and women to his bed comes into question when he meets the mysterious Ice Princess, Lydia.
Lydia, born of both Fae and Pride, has a secret. Unable to chance the man of her dreams discovering the truth about her, she publicly refuses the handsome Prince Hawke.
Disillusioned and heart sore, Hawke must fight the battle of his life against the dogs invading his realm, and for the love of his true mate. 
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Guest Author today is: Morticia Knight

Hi HC, thank you for having me at your blog today!

Great to have you here. Can you tell my readers about your new release  Hollywood Bound?

A Little Bondage from the Gin & Jazz Era

Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz 1), was just released and is only 99 cents! The Gin & Jazz series begins in 1924, and follows the story of the young and innocent Jack Stone as he travels from a vaudeville theatre in New York - with his best friend and new lover Nick - to Hollywood. They hope to find great jobs there working as set builders at a motion picture studio. It’s such a grand adventure because everything is so new to them. From hopping a train, to being intimate, to the excitement of being in Hollywood – they don’t know what to expect next.

Now that Nick has finally claimed him as his lover, Jack is the happiest he’s ever been. But being so na├»ve, he has no idea about all the ways of physical love. Nick is inexperienced too, but his natural dominance leads him to try new things with Jack. Nick saw how excited Jack became when Nick held him down with his hands, so he takes it a little farther. In this excerpt, Nick has tied Jack to the bed, and is teasing him.

Jack and Nick seek fortune and adventure in the silent film era of Hollywood. But their newly-expressed love is threatened by the heady allure of fame, gin and easy money.

This time, Nick gently caressed and teased the underside of Jack’s nut sacs. He watched, transfixed by the lean young man’s sinewy muscles as they twitched and worked under his skin, Jack seemingly anxious to put his exposed dick into anything just to find some relief. After playing with him some more, Nick knelt down at the bottom of the bed by Jack’s feet. He licked Jack’s soles, tickling the arch with his tongue.
“Jesus, Nick, where’d you come up with all this stuff? You’re drivin’ me mad.”
“Shhh, Jacky. Don’t make me gag you too. Just feel what I’m doin’.”
Nick took one of Jack’s toes into his mouth, and sucked on it like a piece of hard candy. He did each one individually, then began to travel up Jack’s legs, liberally sprinkling kisses along the way alternating with little nips of Jack’s flesh. Nick could only imagine how on fire every nerve in Jack’s body must be. He was careful to avoid Jack’s groin area, but couldn’t resist licking the sensitive crease where his pelvis joined with the top of his thigh. Nick continued up Jack’s torso, stopping to scrape his teeth over his taut nipples. At last he reached Jack’s throat, and kissed him unrelentingly there, careful not to allow his hands to touch him at all.
Jack’s response was more than he could have hoped for. His head thrashed and he twisted in his bonds. He alternated with cries of mercy and blissful groans.
Nick decided to put him out of his misery.
“Okay Jacky boy, you’ve done real good. You can come now.”
Nick grabbed Jack by the root, and sucked him in. He furiously licked and ate him, yanking him off at the same time. In less than a minute Jack yelled out so loud, Nick was afraid it would bring the police. He slapped one hand down on Jack’s face to stifle his cries, but didn’t let go of his cock with the other. Jack came violently in Nick’s mouth, gushing over and over again. At last he stopped, his dick still jerking at the slightest movement or touch as Nick let him go.
Jack gasped for air, a flush to his chest and face quite visible, beads of sweat pouring down the sides of his body.
Nick sat up on his knees and drew closer to Jack so that he could see into his eyes. He brushed the damp pieces of hair back from his forehead, and caressed his head gently, stroking him over and over.
“You like that?”
“Geez, Nick. It was unreal—so fantastic. You are…oh God, Nick, I love you so much…”
Nick clenched his jaw.
I shouldn’t feel this uncomfortable when he talks like that. He’s just being himself.
“There, there. Let’s get you untied, and we can nap a bit. You must be tuckered out.”
“Will you hold me, Nick? Please?”
“Yeah, Jacky boy. I’ll hold you.”
To get your copy of Hollywood Bound for only 99 cents:
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or @morticiaknight on twitter, and Morticia Knight on Facebook.

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Guest Author today: Tamsin Baker

Welcome, tell my readers about your new release:

Fire Dreams
By Tamsin Baker

m/m contemporary erotic romance. (novella length)

Dylan is living his dream, fighting fires and saving lives. Bruised ribs call for a doctor visit and he meets Zach. The sexy ER surgeon tempts Dylan, with more than the casual one night stands he usually indulges in.  However Zach's life means long hours and pressure. He's left wondering if he can cope.

Zach meets the gorgeous young Dylan, who is the answer to his silent prayers. The hardworking Firey is beautiful, smart and funny. What more could he ask for?

But these two shift-workers have no relationship experience. Will their lives get in the way of their new love or could their incredible passion conquer all?

Dylan smiled up at Zach, whose wavy brown hair had been combed and gelled today. His chin was smooth from a recent shave and he wore beautiful casual clothes. Designer jeans and a fitted white cotton shirt. Yum. He barely resembled the dishevelled doctor from yesterday, yet that same confident aura was there about him.
“You fix up everyone at the station do you?”
He’d never seen Zach around before, but then he’d only been with this crew for twelve months.
Both Les and Zach chuckled. “Yeah, sometimes.” Zach agreed, his eyes darkening slightly the longer he stared at Dylan. “Wanna come with me so I can check out your ribs again? Can we use the first aid room this time?”
The captain slapped Zach on the back and nodded. “Yeah, go for it. I’ll be in my office if anyone wants me.”
“Shall we?” Zach smiled at him, looking as innocent as ever. Dylan stifled the laugh as he gingerly rose and headed off in the direction of the first aid room.
They entered the small room and Dylan turned, coming nose to nose with his doctor, who was breathing a little too fast.
“How do you want me?” Dylan asked, lifting his chin a fraction to meet Zach’s eyes. He was six foot two without shoes on. This guy would have to be six foot four.
Zach clenched his teeth, his mouth turning down in displeasure or annoyance, Dylan wasn’t sure.
“Sit down and I’ll check your lungs, your blood pressure and your ribs. Then we’re done.”
Dylan wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that. He didn’t want to be done with this guy so soon.
Zach picked up the stethoscope with business-like air. Dylan’s belly cramped with disappointment, but he pulled off his T-shirt and sat down, allowing Zach to examine him.
And examine him he did. Cold, professional fingers tapped on his ribs and palpated his bruise. Zach took his blood pressure and listened to his lungs. It was all very clinical and correct. Exactly what he would expect from a doctor, not the man whose touch yesterday had managed to miraculously pull an aroused response from his half comatose body.
“Headache today?”
Dylan nodded, “Yeah, but I didn’t sleep well last night.”
“Your ribs were too sore?” Zach asked again, his voice brief and detached.
“Yeah.” Dylan agreed, unable to believe that this was it. He’d hoped Zach liked him, would want to have a drink with him or something. Had he been wrong? Was Zach even gay, or had he misread all of those subtle signs from yesterday?
One more prod of his fingers and Dylan was certain he’d got it all wrong.
“All done. No fractures, just bruising and perhaps sprained cartilage. You were very lucky.”
Dylan dropped his eyes to the carpet floor, picking up his T-shirt with his right hand.
“Okay, thanks.” He couldn’t bring himself to look at this guy. He was angry and hurt. He had no reason to feel like that and chastised himself for being stupid.
He pushed to his feet and forced himself to meet Dr Zach Shaw’s level brown stare. He was being ungrateful and needed to do better than that. Zach was an ER surgeon, his time was valuable and the last thing he’d want to do on his time off was doctor people.
“It was really good of you to help me out. I appreciate it.”
He turned the T-shirt in his hands, ready to put it back on, but Zach reached up and grabbed it, holding his hands still.
“I’ve discharged you from my service. I’m no longer your doctor.”
Dylan narrowed his eyes. What was this? Was he just trying to rub it in now? “Yeah, no problem... why...”
Zach’s brown eyes showed anger and a muscle flexed in his jaw, tightening his whole demeanour.
“Good. If you accept that, then I can do this.” Dylan found himself pulled forward into Zach’s arms and those luscious lips descended to press down onto his.

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