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In The Hot Seat With HC today is author KevaD

Welcome to my blog, KevaD, known in real life as David "DA" Kentner. 

Thank you so very much, HC, for inviting me.
 Obviously, either Taylor Swift cancelled again, or Hugh Jackman hasn't untied the ropes yet.

HC. How did you know about him? I had better get him a ball-gag…LOL

Q. First of all where are you from?
A. I was born in a little river town, Savanna, IL, but I grew up nomad style. My dad's railroad job kept us moving from place to place.

Q. What are your favorite movies?
A. Generally, ones with beginnings and endings. If they have a middle, I buy popcorn.

Q. What do you want your readers to take away from your books?
A. Satisfaction. If a reader's hunger for a good story is filled by one of my stories, then I've done my job.

Q. We all love romance. What in your mind defines a great romance novel?
A. Disease-free sex never hurts.
To give a serious answer… Love – finding love, recognizing love, and acting on that love. That doesn't necessarily mean there has to be sex. The growth of the characters and their interaction and willingness to sacrifice for each other is what I truly look for in a book, and try to implant in each of my stories.

Q. What qualities do you instil in your hero?
A. A hard-on capable of poking holes in a waterbed sometimes makes the list.
HC…Hell Yeah!

Q. If you could meet a paranormal being or character of your choice with no safeguards, what/who would you choose and why?
A. Marvel Comic's Mystique. I mean, come on! A sexy, gorgeous, blue woman who can shape shift to anyone you want her to be? What's not to love and lust about her?

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer's block? How do you cope?
A. Yes. I usually ask her to go to the store for something we probably don't need so I can write without interruption.

HC...LOL....I send my SO out to buy coffee desk is filled with them.

Q. Book pirating is a big issue at the moment. Can you tell our readers how this impacts on you and other authors?
A. Bluntly - it's food off my table, or an unpaid bill. Writing is a passion, but publishing our work, putting it out there for the consumer, isn't any different than any other manufacturer producing a product. It's my job, just like the job others punch a clock for. Steal a shirt from Walmart, and you get arrested. The vast majority of people wouldn't even contemplate shoplifting. However, a number of them would consider pocketing (and do) what I have worked weeks and months to create, without so much as batting an eye.
But take a plastic frog from those same people's flower garden and listen to them howl.

HC.. I wish Microsoft would come up with a pirate virus...pass on an e-book and your computer   dies...yeah...that would work
Q. What are your current projects?
A. How much time do we have?

HC…as much as you like... my slave is used to waiting *cracks whip*  

"A Dance with Bogie and Bacall" and "Desire Damned" (respectively, het and gay romantic fiction) are two novellas I have planned for the Timeless Desire Line being spearheaded by you, HC, and published by Noble Romance Publishing this November. Both of those stories have been completed and submitted. Bogie and Bacall has already been accepted for publication.

HC. I'm really looking forward to reading the Timeless Desire Collection. These novellas will be showcased in the Blog Tour in November. Go here for details.

"Broken Pretzels" is the first book of a crime drama trilogy that I'm almost finished revising. The other two books in that trilogy are written, but awaiting revisions.

"SonRise," a WWII drama and double love story, is also finished, and I'm nearing the end of revisions on that novel also.

"Whistle Pass," a gay fiction romance/suspense novel is in the hands of potential publishers, and I'm waiting to hear the book's fate. I took some risks, as far as publishers are concerned, but I am well aware there is a very real market for this particular kind of story. Stay tuned.

I also agreed to write an erotic, gay fairy tale novella for an anthology some friends of mine are putting together. That story needs to be done in the next couple of months as well.

"EverHawk" is a het contemporary romantic fantasy that's half finished and impatiently awaiting my return.

Then there's "Marquee in Black." Marquee is one of those stories that a writer sometimes just has to write. No matter what else happens, that story will not go away until it's told. It sits churning in your gut, demanding to come out.

"A Demon Affair," a gay angel-demon demon-angel tale just hit the e-book stores. I technically self-published this one, though it was some friends at Pine Wood Press who really did all the work. Call it curiosity. I needed to know how I'd fare with a self-pubbed piece.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your latest release?

A. "Catherine's Toys" – due out August 15th - is the first story of a four-part series that merges romance with horror. Each of the four offerings is a Noble Romance Publishing Naughty Nibble of fewer than 5,000 words each.

Casey loves Catherine.
Catherine loves toys . . . lots of toys.
Only her toys all live and breathe.
Catherine promised to find Casey a toy of his own.
From there it gets complicated. Very complicated.

Watch for the subsequent chapters due out Sep, Oct, and Nov.
Then there's "A Demon Affair," the story of an angel who sacrifices eternity to become as evil and powerful as the demon-angel he is dispatched to destroy… if they can ever get past the lust issue.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
A. Never grow so old, or so serious, you can't enjoy a shot of Pepsi in your chocolate milk.

Q. Where can we find you on the net?
A. From my web site you can visit DA Kentner's blog as well as KevaD's. Visitors can also watch the book trailers there and stay abreast of whatever I'm up to. And if they leave me a note, I'll answer. =)

HC. Great to have you here David…come back soon .

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H.C. Brown's Update

Time to Live part of the Timeless Desire Collection is due for release in November from Noble Romance Publishing.
This is a BDSM, M/M Erotic Romance. I introduce some new blood to Floggers BDSM Club.

Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women...he respects women...but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.

 Confused by his body's reaction to the men at his gym, Seth seeks help from the only gay club he knows--- Floggers BDSM Club.  Is the man crazy? Seeking answers, the sweet vanilla virgin marches into the BDSM club to speak to the owner, Rio Knight.
Realization that he has been on the wrong team all his life comes in the form of six-seven Adonis by the name of Matt Duffey. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male, Seth must leave his old life behind, and embrace his newfound sexuality.
 Seth thought his life had complications before he met Matt but nothing comes close to the rollercoaster ride in the big dom's arms.

This coincides with the Timeless Desire Blog Tour I have organised this year. More details here:

Many  of you have emailed me about news of my upcoming projects, I have many WIP at the moment and two completed manuscripts with my agent. I know you are waiting to read my stories and I'm writing as fast as I can but getting published takes me I'm impatient too :-)

If you go to my web page there is a list I update once a week.

Or join my Fan group.

The Hot Seat With HC is hosting some great authors over the next few months and then I will be hosting eight authors on my blog for the November tour....heaps of give aways, so don't forget to drop by.



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                                          Saturday 23 July please welcome Stephanie Beck

Sunday 24 July we welcome Elizabeth Morgan

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In The Hot Seat With HC today is author Ella Jade.

Welcome to my blog.

Q. First of all where are you from?
A. I reside in the United States in a suburb in New Jersey about 25 minutes from Philadelphia.
Q. What do you like to read?
A. I've always enjoyed a good romance. But, my weak spot is horror. Stephen King being one of my all time faves!

Q. What do you want your readers to take away from your books?
A. If I can get a reader to get lost in my words and forget about everything else going on in their lives for just a little while, then I did my job. I want to offer an escape.
 Q. We all love romance. What in your mind defines a great romance novel?
A. The Happily Ever After. I like a good conflict and some emotional turmoil, but ultimately I want the two main characters to go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. Life is full of disappointments, but my fictional characters should provide me with hope.
Q. Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
A. Totally from my imagination! I try to find the best in all of my characters. Even the nasty ones. I'm all about redemption. I want to see the good in everyone although it doesn't always work. LOL
Q. If you could meet a paranormal being or character of your choice with no safeguards, what/who would you choose and why?
A. It would have to be one of the Cullen men from the Twilight series. Edward would probably be at the top of my list, but I'd take Jasper or Carlisle too. I have a thing for vampires especially the dark, brooding kind. I've read many vampire novels, but this coven stands out the most for me. All three of them have traits I find extremely appealing. Edward is strong and protective, Carlisle is compassionate and loyal, and Jasper is an empath. What girl doesn't want a man who understands her every emotion? It’s a total win!
Q. Do you ever suffer from writer's block? How do you cope?
A. I've been very fortunate these past few months. The ideas, plots, characters and dialogue have been flowing freely, so I'm going with it. I've been a writing machine. I'm exhausted, but happy with what's being created.
Q. Book pirating is a big issue at the moment. Can you tell our readers how this impacts on you and other authors?
A. It's stealing; plain and simple. The writers work extremely hard on their books, and in some cases it takes us a long time to get it to the public. We write, rewrite, edit, submit, wait for an answer, and edit some more. If we're really lucky we get published. We do all of this for this for our readers. The only way many of us can continue to perfect our craft and write on a full time basis is if we can make an income off the books we already have out there. It can take us years before we build a loyal readership and start seeing profitable sales. That can't happen if people/sites are pirating our books.

Q. What are your current projects?
A. I've recently signed a contract for a BDSM story called "Be My Everything. I don't have a release date yet, but you can follow me at for upcoming details. Here's a little summary…

Kat Sierra is a natural submissive who submits willingly to her Dom Lucas Cain. She's new to the BDSM world, but is eager to learn. At first, Luke is apprehensive to train someone so innocent, but the more time he spends with her the more intrigued he becomes. 
What happens when Luke requests his friend/mentor, Colin, join them in the playroom for a night of fun?  Will Kat's true feelings for Luke surface? Can he break his own rule and fall in love with his sub?
I'm also working on my first M/M. I've absolutely fallen in love with my two main characters and can't wait to bring them to life. Their story is one of an emotional connection.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your latest release?
"Jocelyn's Choice" was a long time coming for me. I wanted to write a YA story but I didn't necessarily want the conflict to be between the two main characters. I wanted to throw in an obstacle that they'd have to overcome together. The story explores many of young loves firsts. It’s a tale of innocence lost and the consequences that come with the decisions we make.
Blurb: Jocelyn Andrews, a shy, awkward, high school senior, has never even been on a date until she meets Alex Jordon, the older, more experienced brother of her best friend Evan. Jocelyn falls hard for the charming player and wants to explore all of the “firsts” that go along with young love. Alex has no problem showing her what she’s been missing.
Alex is captivated by young, innocent Jocelyn and to his own surprise, only has eyes for her.  One night of careless passion leads to a life-altering dilemma. Alex must head back to Yale to finish an internship, having no idea what he’s left behind. Jocelyn must decide what to do on her own, forcing her to grow up much faster than she anticipated.
Reality sets in, decisions are made and Jocelyn has to live with her choices. Alex returns home to more than he ever bargained for.  Young love has never been more complicated as they deal with a teen pregnancy, social barriers, and concerned family members. Life sometimes throws a curve ball, but the unexpected isn’t always bad.

Excerpt link:
Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in my work. I really appreciate it! I hope you'll stop by my blog ( and check out what I've got brewing. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. Follow me on twitter or FB!/profile.php?id=100001950837414
Thanks H.C. for having me! I had fun.

I love hearing from you. So, leave me a comment, ask me a question or just say hello. You'll have an opportunity to win an Ebook copy of Jocelyn's Choice. I'll do a random drawing in a few days. Please don't forget to leave your e-mail address in the comment.

HC. great to have you in the Hot Seat come by again soon :-)

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This FANTASTIC cover with gorgeous Jimmy Thomas as my favorite character  NOX the King of the Faerie  is up for Best Cover of the Month here:

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Finally finished Time to Live a M/M BDSM Erotic novella for the November Blog Tour under the banner of Timeless Desire.

Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women...he respects women...but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.

 Confused by his reaction to the men at his gym, Seth  seeks help from the only gay club he knows--- Floggers BDSM Club.

 Is the man crazy? A sweet vanilla virgin walking into a BDSM club to get answers? Realization  he has been on the wrong team all his life, comes in the  form of  six-seven  Adonis by the name of Matt. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male Dom, Seth must leave his old life behind, and embrace his new found sexuality.


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In The Hot Seat With HC today is Zee Monodee+ BOOK GIVE AWAY

 Welcome to my blog.

Thanks HC – it's really awesome to be here today in The Hot Seat! 

H.C. Okay I'll just pick up my us begin.......

Q. First of all where are you from?
A. I hail from a small tropical island in the southern Indian Ocean, called Mauritius. My ancestors originally came here from India, so I have Indian roots. A big part of my life also took place in relation to England. I now live in Mauritius with my husband, son, and stepson.

Q. What do you write?
A. Broadly speaking, romance. Now that can take different slants. J For example, my latest release with Noble Romance Publishing, Walking The Edge (Corpus Bride: Book One), is a romantic suspense/thriller. I write mostly contemporaries, sometimes sweet, sometimes sensual. A lot of my work takes on rom-com slants, and I often integrate traces of Indian and/or Indo-Mauritian culture in the stories.

Q. What do you want your readers to take away from your books?
A. A sense of having met unforgettable characters, of having undertaken a journey along with the heroine and the hero, and having fallen in love along with them.

 Q. If you could live in any place or in any realm or time where could we find you?
A. I love the English countryside, so a Jane-Austen-type cottage, or like the one Kate Winslet owns in the movie The Holiday, in a small English village, is my ideal getaway. As for time though, I'm way too attached to electricity and the Internet so I'd say the present suits me just fine. J

Q. What qualities do you instill in your hero?
A. Loyalty. Respect. Honour. Compassion. A good dose of sexy too though. 

Q. If you could meet a paranormal being or character of your choice, what/who would you choose and why?
A. A vampire, but not just any vampire – Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. I'm a big fan of both the books and the TV series True Blood, and the fact that Eric looks like Alexander Skarsgard doesn't hurt. J But truly, who doesn't love a vampire? They're powerful, dangerous, creatures of the night with that 'forbidden' aura to them. Eric Northman has all that, but he also shows facets of a heartbreaking human side no one would credit him with in his relationship, and love & attraction, to Sookie.

Q. What inspires you to write?
A. The need to put out good stories with memorable characters. I'm a huge reader, and books from my favourite authors are magical moments to me. I want to be that – at least try! – for a reader out there.

Q. Do you write when the Muse calls or do you write the same time every day?
A. A mix of both actually. I sit down and write every day of the working week when my son is in school, a few hours at a time. But some days I know the Muse will not come and I'll just end up bashing my forehead against the proverbial brick wall. That usually happens when I'm overwritten, so I will give myself a break that day, and pick up where I left the next day. I try to be organized and make myself stick to a writing schedule – no serious author waits for the fickle Muse to visit every day, every now and then, or even once in a blue moon!

Q. What are your current projects?
A. I'm working on Book 2 of the Corpus Brides series, tentatively titled Before The Morning. The story is the prequel to all that takes place in Walking The Edge, and features a new, different couple who have to fight for their HEA amid lies and intrigue. But the twist is that the two start the book by actually getting married, and it's a rollercoaster ride for them to come to grips with this marriage and everything their past and present entails.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your latest release?
Sure! Walking The Edge (Corpus Brides: Book One) is a romantic suspense/thriller novel set in the upper crust world of London and the gritty streets of Marseille, France.

Walking the Edge
The next step might be the last...
A woman without a past
Left amnesiac after an accident, Amelia Jamison struggles as her instincts slowly rise from the depths of oblivion, leading her to question her life as the wife of a cold, manipulating and distant man. Wisps of a dream show her another man she may have known intimately, but is he a memory, or a figment of her imagination?
A man with too much information
After many aliases, today Gerard Besson is simply a police commissaire in Marseille. When a mysterious woman starts to follow him, he is suspicious - and intrigued. But things aren't what they seem, and as he reluctantly gets closer to her, dregs of his painful, buried past emerge and make him question her identity.
Each seems to have led several different lives
But neither is prepared for what awaits them when they cross the fine line between knowing your true self and that of your alter ego.
Danger is the name of the game, and as it catches up with them in the French Provence, both know they better be ready for the inevitable fall.

H.C.  Your book sounds like a great story.
Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
A. Yes! Leave me a comment and one of you will win a copy of Walking The Edge through a random draw!
 HC  Remember to leave your email with your comment.
Q. Where can we find you on the net?
A. I'm basically at my blog everyday
You can also email me at and find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads under the handle Zee Monodee.
Get in touch – I love making friends!

Thanks for having me here today, HC. It's been awesome!

HC. My pleasure :-) 

H.C. Brown- Weekly News

I hope you are having a great week-end. To answer your most welcome emails in one hit here is  my latest news.

 I have submitted  two manuscripts:-
Lord Byron's Secret Obsession...Historical M/M Erotic, BDSM Romance &

A Tryst of Fate a M/M Time Travel Erotic Romance.

I should have  Time to Live...M/M BDSM submitted to Noble Romance this week.

 My next M/M Erotic BDSM  is going to be a long one...I'm loving these bad ass Dom characters.

Nox - Fantasy Romance is about two months away.

 I have another secret project something to take you into a new fantasy patient we're talking 80,000 words plus here  ;-) This has taken a quite a while to map out a rough plan, and create the characters/beings/worlds crucial to the basic plot. I can't wait to clear my desk and get stuck into writing it for you. Mind you even I can't tell you the full storyline... as usual I will let it evolve.

Stay happy and have a great weekend.