Monday, July 21, 2014


Well I have some great news.

I signed a contract with Momentum Pan Macmillan for Unlocked, same week signed a six book series with The Rooster & The Pig.  The R & P Publishing are taking over my Club Floggers Series and I have been working  to extend the first two novellas into much longer and better stories. There are six revised and extended books in the series completed and they will be published three to four weeks apart.

More new Club Floggers books are coming very soon too.

BTW Unlocked is an erotic M/M/M/M  BDSM.

I have a few new WIP up my sleeves but as my alter ego has taken possession of my laptop and insists on writing 85K Highlander novels, I had to wait for her to finish.  Now I am in charge whatch my fingers fly LOL.

Watch out for more news soon.



Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do you have self-doubt too?

 We all have self-doubt in every walk of life but when it cripples imagination, I think we need to discover why this is happening. Depression comes next and the black dog is hard to fight.
 I've been fat for  many years  ridiculed, told by doctors, and family that I ate too much. Then one doctor did a few simple tests, Hashimoto's  means my thyroid gland ate itself, no matter how many diets I went on it wouldn't have mattered. Celiac disease meant I looked bloated and felt like crap....I only discovered that little gem about ten years ago after a stomach biopsy.

It is only since December 2013 that I decided enough was enough and stuck religiously to a sensible low fat diet and lost 30 pounds.

 I realise the way people treated me caused my bad self image problem and it goes way back, and instilled self doubt in everything I do....because no matter how much I tried it was never good enough. 

This self-deprecation spills over into everything. I love to write and have many published books with great publishers but self-doubt has cramped every word of late. Nothing I write is good enough, that self doubt in my ability  has slowed  my creativity to a standstill. Deciding I needed to write something, anything before I lost the ability to create another story, I took a giant step, and  wrote Unlocked, a very different story and pitched it to one publisher only. Two weeks ago, I received a contract offer from Momentum Pan Macmillan Australia. 

I've looked back over the years to put my life into focus. In fact, I've achieved a lot  in my life but deep inside the fat kid is still waiting for the slap in the face. So the moral to this story is to concentrate on the achievements not the rejections be it by people you love or the  publishers and agents who reject you. 

Don't be a mouse and hide behind your a tiger it's time to roar.