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New Release!!!!!!!!!! Highlander in the Mist.

Whoot !!!! Early Release on Amazon for Highlander in the Mist.

Kate must decide to escape the horrors of 1425, or fight for the love of her delicious Highland warrior.
During a tour of the Highlands, Kate Mackintosh goes to the aid of a drowning boy and mysteriously slips through time to 1425. A stunningly handsome Highlander, who believes she is a faerie intent on stealing his brother, immediately challenges her and offers himself as the boy's replacement. Rather than remaining alone on an isolated mountainside, she follows the delicious, Laird Alexander Murray to his Broch Lavern home.
Alone in a strange, brutal world, the noble Alex, offers her not only his protection but a love and passion so great, her longing to return home soon fades. However, the fate of the clan rests on Alex marrying Mary Frazer, and his stepmother insists on the match.
Kate must leave the love of her life or remain and risk torture or death to fight for her handsome Highland laird.
Reader Advisory: This story contains a very sexy, auburn haired, kilted, Highland warrior in various stages of undress.


Fear rippled over her. If the clan discovered her book, would they burn her as a witch? Thank God, Alex had tucked The History of the Highlands inside his saddlebag. At least, reading it to him had proved she had spoken the truth about coming from the future. She chewed her bottom lip and forced her foggy mind to concentrate. Passing four weeks in the fifteenth century unnoticed would be a difficult task, but many Scots of this time wouldn’t have met an English woman, and they may well ignore any mistakes as ignorance. Yes, she could act the part and with the Clan Murray Laird to protect her, she doubted anyone would dare challenge her origins.
As Alex and Hamish saddled the horses and made ready to depart, she sifted through what remained of her possessions. She removed a few important items and secured them in Alex’s saddlebags. With the first-aid kit, toothbrush, toiletries, and the remaining food for the trip inside the saddlebags, she reluctantly zipped up her backpack. Her stomach rolled in fear of never returning to the Faerie Tree and being lost in time forever.
Taking a deep breath to strengthen her resolve, she moved behind a thick honeysuckle bush and glanced around to ensure her privacy. Satisfied, she stripped down to her underwear and dressed in the shirt. The linen garment came down to cover her knees. She wrapped the strip of plaid around her waist and sat down to remove her shoes. Deciding to keep the long socks for warmth, she pushed everything back into her backpack and stuffed the bag deep inside a crevice between two boulders.
“That will do nicely.” Alex moved to her side and draped his cloak over her shoulders. “Ye are verra bonnie, and I am proud to call ye wife.”
Startled, Kate pressed one hand over her pounding heart. Good grief, he had returned like a phantom without one footstep or twig cracking to announce his arrival. He moved like a shadow and his life would depend on his ability to move with stealth. Her gaze traveled over him and a shimmer of excitement scuttled through her.
He was gorgeous.
Tall and muscular with the striking good looks of a naughty archangel, he smiled at her with a flash of even teeth. The tips of his ears reddened as if he had read her mind. His intent stare ran the length of her body before returning to meet her gaze with a blatant invitation. Most men found her too fat, but Alex’s expression held nothing but admiration. This just has to be a dream. Why would someone like him want someone like me?
Alex cupped her cheek in one large palm and peered at her from beneath long, silky lashes. “Has nayone told ye how bonnie ye are, Kate?”
She swallowed hard and forced down the desire to rub against him like a cat. “Not lately. In my time most men prefer their women to be tall and skinny.”
Alex laughed so loudly, birds took to the sky in panic. The expression in his hooded green eyes danced with mischief. “Well, lass, ye are perfect in ma eyes. Ye have skin like a pink rose and a lovely rounded arse. The men in your village must be blind not to appreciate how bonnie ye are. Skinny women are not to ma taste. They are a poor example of a father’s wealth, aye.”
She gaped at him in disbelief. “Thank you.”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Release Day!!!!! Rock 'n' Leather Club Depravity 2

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Do you want to take on a ride on the wild side and indulge in the varied delights of Club Depravity?

Restricted to gay rock stars and high-flyers in the entertainment industry, Club Depravity offers a secure fan free environment, where edge playing Doms and delicious subs indulge in their wildest fantasies…and you have a front row seat.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seat belt for a ride on the wild side.

Pinned between two delicious bodies, Aiden gasped; the heat from the two Doms scorched through his shirt. With both arms locked around Connor’s neck and his back pressed hard against Logan’s hard thighs, they moved as one to the slow sensual beat. From behind, Logan’s large hands moved from chest to groin in an exploration of pure unadulterated lust. As they swayed to the music, Logan rubbed his thick erection across his ass in a blatant invitation. He gazed into Connor’s eyes and caught his amused knowing expression. He returned the smile and ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip. Oh, I know how to play this game.

Oh yeah, he understood exactly what the pair of them had in mind. He pushed his fingers into Connor’s silken hair and cupped the roundness of his skull. He waited, mouth held slightly open for Connor to lower his head. The desire to kiss this man had become an obsession. He moaned and pressed his aching shaft into Connor’s thigh.

“I think we need a room.” Connor’s damp breath brushed his cheek. “You are so fucking hot.”

“Oh yeah, his ass is on fire. What do you want from us, Aiden? A short get to know us scene and some hot action…or just the hot action?” Logan pressed open-mouth kisses along Aiden’s neck. “I want you real bad.”

Aiden leaned back into the big Dom and wiggled his ass. “Dungeon…please, Masters.”

“You need a contract? Or do you trust us for some harmless fun? I’m sure Alec would vouch for us.”

“Alec already has. I’ll trust you for a get to know you scene.” He laughed. “I can scream really loud if I have to.”

Connor grinned like a gorilla on meth. “Sweet. I’ll go and see what’s available.” He disentangled himself from Aiden and pressed a kiss on Logan’s cheek. “Take our boy downstairs and keep him happy, I’ll be right behind you.”

Turned in Logan’s arms, he slumped against the man’s hard chest. The Dom held him in his strong arms and pressed kisses along his jaw and down his neck.

“You smell so fucking good. I wanna lick you all over, boy.” Logan slid one arm around his waist and moved through the dancers to the perimeter of the dance floor. “I gather this is your first visit to the Depravity dungeons?”

His heart pounded, excitement thrummed in every nerve ending. The man’s touch sent flames of desire curling around his balls. The idea of having two men weakened his knees. He sucked in deep breaths then assumed the attitude of a very willing sub and dropped his gaze. “Yes, Sir, this is my first time.”

“You’ll love it here. They’ve based the design on medieval torture chambers. Although, they have a nice mattress on the floor for the cool down.” Logan pushed him through a studded oak door.

Inside the dim passageway lit by fat candles, he glanced at the heavy doors set into the walls. Each thick door had a chalkboard hanging from a nail. He squinted through the puddles of orange light to read the names scrawled over the black surface denoting which Dom was in residence. He inhaled the erotic flavor of men, sex, candlewax, and leather. The atmosphere of domination filled each crack in the granite block wall.

“Kneel.” Logan touched his shoulder. “Lick my leathers.”

Aiden dropped to his knees and assumed the position with his hands gripped behind him. He bent low and suckled each stud along the ankle band on Logan’s boots. The tang of metal rubbed over his tongue, awakening his dark desires. He moved up the leg, trailing a wet path to the knee. Logan gripped his hair in his strong fingers and twisted. A sharp sting of pain tore at Aiden’s scalp, he moaned, and continued upward. He lapped up the thigh and met the denim covering his Master’s package. He growled his frustration. The hard ridge of Logan’s impressive length pressed against his mouth. He inhaled the Dom’s intoxicating male musk and climbed the zipper with his teeth seeing the prize inside the tight jeans.

“Soon.” Logan moved away.

He stared at the dark stone floor, his cockhead scraped against the fastening of his pants. He panted, desperate for the thrill of pleasure, pain, and unrestrained sex. Footsteps brought the arrival of Connor. He heaved a sigh of relief. He wanted to lift his head to gaze at the man’s beauty and drink in the combined scents of his two Doms.

“Follow me, boy.” Connor ran a finger over the back of Aiden’s neck. “Crawl. Oh yeah, let me see your ass move in those leather pants.”

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Release Day!!!!! My Purr-fect Alphas by H.C. Brown

Caged in a laboratory with two very sexy men, will Beth escape or fall prey to the insatiable shifters?
Dr. Elizabeth Clark’s life turns upside down when the Druiks kidnap her, and take her to Druik Void, located in a future realm. Caged like an animal in a laboratory filled with humanoid specimens from other dimensions, she endures experimental surgery. Zandor and Thryll, two very sexy shape-shifters trapped with her, persuaded her to escape with them.
Will Beth survive the frantic journey to safety? Or will she fall prey to the insatiable shifters?

“Back down, cat, or I will arrange another taste of the prod. You are nothing here. I will keep you for as long as it pleases me and do to you as I wish. You will soon learn to comply—they all do. Your circumstances would improve considerably if you would agree to my wishes.”
The cage bars shook violently. “Never. I will tear apart any female you place with me. Do you think that I possess compassion, Pic? You will die slowly when my brothers arrive, and arrive they will.”
The doctor, Pic, leaned toward the cage and grinned. “Only a fool would pit the hapless troops of a mythical goddess against the Druik’s weaponry. I know what you are, cat. I will enjoy watching your training. Soon you will kneel before me and do my bidding.”
 Beth turned to view the new inmate, his cage only an arm span away. He stood naked, his back rippling with fury, and shook the cage, his massively muscled arms bulging. The laboratory fell silent as if a great storm raged. All faces turned toward the creature and cowered. His anger thundered so violently, Beth expected lightning to shoot from his fingertips at any moment. As the doctor turned and walked from view a slow, deep growl, sent shivers down her spine. She gripped the bars, her attention fixed on her fellow prisoner’s awesome beauty. Sweat flowed in rivulets between rock-hard muscles bunched across broad shoulders. She licked her lips mesmerized by a single droplet’s hypnotic trail wetting a tantalizing path down his spine to disappear between the cleft in his impressively muscled ass. His long legs quivered and with every delectable movement, taut muscle slid delightfully beneath skin the color of warm honey. His hair hung in a long, shaggy mane and appeared to glow in every shade of amber. The russet, fire, and sunburst streaks danced like flames in the overhead lights. He turned aggressively to follow the retreating back of his captor and her stomach twisted. His profile resembled a Michelangelo statue, chiseled yet darkly angelic. The lights in the laboratory dimmed, followed by the now-familiar whoosh of the food dispensers.
 Once again, he shook the cage violently.
“You have been warned, Pic.”
She pressed her cheek against the cold bars and groaned. Dear God, that cage won’t hold him. He’s going to break out of there and kill us all. As if he read her thoughts, his attention shifted to her. His wild, amber gaze slid over her without compassion. His lips drew back, and he hissed displaying long, white fangs. She recoiled at his cat-like teeth and trembled at the uncontrollable rage reflected in eyes dancing with streaks of liquid fire. His nose wrinkled and he growled in frustration before lowering his voice to a murmur, but she caught every word.
“What is this place?”
In fear for her life, she backed away until cold bars dug into her back. This man was dangerous with a capital D. She stared at him in disbelief, her eyes opening so wide they hurt while her mouth seemed incapable of forming a reply. He dropped his head, defeated, and took a deep, shuddering breath. Hair streaked with molten gold cascaded over his shoulders and covered his face, sticking in wet strands to his cheeks.
 “Do not fear me. My anger is for those who hold us against our will.” A purr rumbled from deep in his chest and he slowly raised his head. His soft, sensuous voice fell over her like a warm hug.
She met his gaze no longer afraid. “I don’t really know where we are, but it’s obvious they’re not letting us out any time soon. I believe we’re a collection of different species for an experiment of sorts.”
“There are many enemies here, Human.” His gaze drifted around the room and he sniffed as if tasting the air. “Would seem we have only one other to our alliance.” He indicated with his chin toward a girl with wings in a nearby cage. “Mayhap the Fae female and us. The others, by the stink clinging to their bodies, are Rams of one herd or another. Have you seen any other Pride brothers?”
“Pride brothers?”
“Other males that look like me.” He rolled his eyes as if she should recognize the name.
 “Wonderful.” He turned and sank to the floor in one fluid movement. He crossed his long legs, straightened his spine, and faced her. Large hands with long, strong fingers rested on his knees. Beth watched him in fascination her attention fixated on the massive cock nestling between his legs. Jesus, I need to get a grip, I’m a doctor, not a nymphomaniac.
“Human.” He tapped on the bars to get her attention.
Heat crept into her cheeks and she slowly lifted her gaze to look at his delectably sinful face.
 “You have not seen a Pride male before, have you?” He raised one perfect brow and sighed then his eyes slowly changed color from molten amber to pools of amethyst velvet.

 Beth blinked in disbelief. “No, I haven’t seen anything like you in my life.”

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New release! Twink by H.C. Brown

About the book

Raoul is the untouchable sub, the temptation few Doms get to taste. His pretty boy twink appearance and arrogance draws rock star Alec like a moth to the flame.

Master Alec loves a challenge and is determined to lure the haughty model into his dungeon and drive him to subspace.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seat belt for a ride on the wild side.

An excerpt from the book

Raoul crawled behind Alec to the dungeon door. He glanced around. Fake candles set in Gothic wall sconces sent a warm orange glow in pools along the passageway. The scent of leather, men, and candlewax hung heavy in the air. The door creaked open and he followed Alec’s boots inside a dim room. His heart pounded. Lord, he had slipped a cog agreeing to do a scene with an edge playing Dom. He glanced up. Alec moved like a cat, dark and sleek, across the room. The man placed the bag on a bench then took a cigarette lighter from his pants pocket and strolled around igniting fat wax candles. Raoul trembled. The Dom ignored him and returned to the table. With slow deliberation, he removed items from his bag and laid them on the table. A flogger sat close to the edge with long ribbons dangling. Then he took out a pair of leather half gloves and pulled them on. He stretched his long fingers then fisted his hands.

“Come here.” Alec’s voice echoed around the room.

A shiver of awareness slithered down Raoul’s spine. He staggered to his feet and moved to the place Alec indicated beneath a chain hanging from the ceiling. His Dom moved closer and the warm musky scent of him washed over him. He bit his bottom lip to push down the swell of fear, but his traitorous cock swelled and tingled with anticipation. Later, Master Alec would take him, hard and fast. Sex was on the menu, and the idea both thrilled and terrified him.

Alec flicked his dark gaze over him before he snapped handcuffs around his wrists and raised his hands high. Attached to the overhead chain, Raoul balanced precariously on the balls of his feet. He wanted a blindfold to hide the emotions building up inside him. He bit back the request and dropped his head.

“I want your feet on the floor and your attention on me. I’m not some faceless Dom using you for his own pleasure. From now, no blindfolds, you will know who is fucking you.” Alec moved toward the wall and turned the winch to lower the chain. “You will watch me at all times. When I am behind you, look at my reflection in the mirror.” He wheeled a large mirror in front of Raoul. “Do you understand?”

Fuck! “Yes, Master.”


Monday, November 3, 2014

In The Hot Seat With H.C. Brown today is author T.K Lawyer


Tell us a little about yourself.   


Bio:  T.K. Lawyer has always had an interest in the unusual, the unexplained and anything paranormal from a very young age. 
She creates romantic, emotion-filled worlds filled with passion, seduction and tons of affection.  Strong, alpha males willing to do anything to please their feisty mates regardless how their mates test their limits are the premise of each of her books.  She likes to say how each of her unique characters tells his/her own enchanting story and she is just the vessel that writes it all down. 
When not writing, she is likely spending time with her husband and best friend, watching paranormal themed T.V. shows, thinking up new scenes for future books, or lavishing enormous amounts of attention and affection to her furry German-Shepherd mix dog.
She has several books in the works for the future including four more half-wolf stories and two Angel series.  Currently, she is working on the first of her 5 book Guardian Angel series.
Q:  Can you tell our readers a little about your writing? What genres do you enjoy writing?
I write paranormal romance.  I tried writing a non-fiction book 8 to 10 years ago but never finished it.  I got an idea about 5 years ago and wrote it down while I was in my car.  I never did finish that plot or even start the story but it got me going on several other ideas and I have about 30+ book ideas now that I will be completing and publishing in the future. 
Q:  Do you write on a schedule or when the Muse decides?
My ideas come to me in a sporadic manner.  They are very spontaneous.  I try to keep a notepad or paper around me at all times in case the mood strikes.  I have had scenes come to me while driving in my car, working out on my elliptical machine, from vivid dreams, or even from things I’ve encountered out in public. 
Q: Can you tell us about your writing process, for example, do you write an outline first?
No.  I have never used an outline.  I think an outline would be too confining and it would block my creativity.  I’m all about freedom to create and expand upon what I already have.  The scenes that I come up with are put in order of when I feel they will occur in the book.  Then I end up “filling in” the spaces between the scenes so that everything runs cohesive.
Q:  What qualities do you instill in your heroes?
All of my heroes are alpha males.  Every one of them is loving, loyal, protective and willing to do just about anything for their mate.  The only difference between my male angels and my male wolf-shifters is that the male angels have an abundance of patience in comparison to the male wolf-shifters.  Even so, my angels are tested and sometimes their patience runs out. 
Q. Coffee or tea?
Both, actually.  I have one or the other depending on the time of day.
Q. Beach or countryside?
I like both but my preference is the countryside.  A cozy log cabin away from the busy city life can be a sexy, romantic rendezvous.  It can also be a quiet, relaxing vacation away from people and just the right combination to spark creativity.
Q. Do you write about the places you know or prefer to take your readers to exotic places?
I write about places I know or places I’ve visited because I want a realistic aspect to my books. 

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
Nightfall was inspired by my German-shepherd mix dog, actually.  I would look at her and wonder ‘what if’ and the story just took off from there.  My angel books are inspired by my love for angels and from the many books I’ve read about them.  I also get story lines and inspiration from real life events. 
Q: Would you change anything in your life to make writing easier.
Yes, if I could I would not work full-time so that I could concentrate on what I love most- writing.

Q: We have all suffered submission rejections. How do you cope? Do you have any advice to other writers on coping with rejection?
It’s hard being rejected and it’s hard not to take it personal when you put so much time, effort and energy into something that someone thinks is not good enough to sell.  It still gets to me, but it helps to realize that not everyone has the same tastes and ideas as me.  There are so many publishers out there and they translate into unforeseen opportunities.  You just have to keep trying and plugging away and someone will eventually bite.  Unfortunately, things don’t happen quickly and having a lot of patience helps.  In the meantime search for other publishers or agents that might be interested in your work and keep trying till one offers you a contract.

Q: What do you like to read and who are your favourite authors?
I’m so busy working full-time, writing and marketing my book and taking care of my family that I have very little time to read anymore but when I do get a chance I try to read a few chapters from some of my favourite authors, which are:  Felicity Heaton,  Jordan Summers, Eve Langlais and J.S. Scott to name a few.

Q: Do you write one novel at a time or do you move between works in progress?
Actually, I do both.  I write new ideas/start new books when I’m inspired or when the mood hits me.  While I’m in the process of self-editing a book, I may get an inspiration for a scene for another book and I’ll switch to that one for a short period of time.  This helps keep my energy up and my interest going and it keeps me from dragging from the gruelling, unhappy process of editing.

Q: Do you have times when the Muse is away on holiday?
Yes, I had a short stint of writer’s block recently which was funny because I never thought it would happen to me.  You see, stories came to me so quickly and fast and I thought I was immune (smile) but boy, when it hit me, it hit me hard.  I was without an idea for a period of 4 to 5 very long months!  Then one day I was in my car and- bam- a scene entered my mind and I ran with it.

Q. What motivates you to write?
I’ve always liked writing though I never thought I’d venture into a career doing it.  I love creating the characters and entering their worlds, recording it all down on paper.  It’s amazing how a few, simple paragraphs can create adventures and spark interest.  The creative process is amazing and inspires me to continue writing.

Q. What advice would you give to unpublished authors approaching an e publisher?
Just do it!  Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams.  Send out your queries and synopsis to those publishers interested in your genre and then give yourself a deadline to when, if you haven’t received a contract, you will look at other options.  I was ready to self-publish if I had no ‘takers.’
Q: Is there anything you would like to share with us about upcoming releases?
I am working on a 5 book series involving Guardian Angels and this will be my next release.  After that, I may return back to a wolf shifter novel- not sure.  But I do have 3 more wolf shifter novels and another 5 book series of angels that will be published in the future as well as several stand-alone angel books.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your current novel? What inspired you to write this story?
 My German-shepherd mixed dog was the inspiration for Nightfall.  She does things any dog would do but watching her watch me and follow me around everywhere gave me the idea of a wolf shifter who is taken in as a pet by a female he is strangely drawn to.
Tamara’s spicy scent thrills, seduces and weakens him like no other.  She is his and he wants her.  Unfortunately, she is done with men.  Tamara’s been burned too many times in the past and she’s not looking for a relationship…..ever.  But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.
Josh is not a dog and he has no interest in staying her pet.  He has one burning desire- Tamara- in his bed, nightly and permanently.  He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together and that he needs her, forever. 
Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish and protect her?  Or will she say good-bye to the amazing, dedicated man whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely and consume her with desire? 

Josh waited thirty minutes to make sure she didn’t change her mind, come home, and surprise him. After sensing no car pulling into the driveway, he stood on his hind legs and blissfully returned to his primary form. Arching his back, he flexed his muscles and luxuriated in the freedom of being on two legs instead of four paws.
Josh wasn’t comfortable being a wolf for an extended period. It was more natural being in human form. However, since he approached Tamara as a “dog” he found himself having to endure lengthy periods looking like a canine.
Lord, this is hard. Watching her undress, twice, almost did him in. Viewing her delicious assets, Josh found himself breathless…literally. He’d never survive another striptease.
Josh shook his head. What started out innocent was now more complicated than ever. Simply searching for an escape, he wound up at her home, nightly—a home he didn’t know, owned by a stranger.
The house’s delicious, sweet scent wafted through its walls, calling his name and drawing him like a siren.
He’d run for the trees beyond the hills, but his body betrayed him, gravitating toward the house and curving his gait to it. He’d find himself standing on her doorstep every time.
The intoxicating, sensual, musky odor tantalized and aroused his senses, mesmerized him, and also, somehow, brought him peace. He found the scent comfortable and familiar, but over time it became more than that. Her scent was not only arousing, but it also could, and often did, change at any minute. Like an amazing lover, it teased and played with him, setting his nerves on edge and challenging his restraint. One second it was warm and cozy. Next it was spicy and sexy, and then it was happy and festive.
What it promised was much more than purely physical pleasure. It was something he searched for, but having found it, he now hesitated. He was confused at the demanding intensity of his feelings for the stranger who dwelled in the house. One thing was for sure—he wanted, no needed, to bathe and luxuriate in the unusually stimulating scent daily, and preferably, on top of or underneath the female who lived in the household.

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