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In The Hot Seat With H.C is author Willow West

Welcome Willow West   can you tell my readers a little about you?            

Willow West is a contemporary author. She likes to write about strong female characters engaging in titillating activities. Willow likes the slightly unconventional and reminds us that not all heroes and heroines are perfect. Willow writes and works as a copywriter. She lives in with six children in a house that is full of love. If she could write anywhere, it would be in a breezy attic overlooking the ocean.

Q:  Can you tell our readers a little about your writing? What genres do you enjoy writing?
M.I.L.F. is my first book. It tells of carries, a financially struggling widow who finds herself making an income by selling sex. Her appeal to her daughter’s handsome young friend leads her on a journey of hilarious misdemeanours.
I like to write modern books that many not conform to the tradition love stories that I, along with many, also like to read

Q:  Do you write on a schedule or when the Muse decides?
I work full time and have six children in my care. I also write part-time for a web design company so neither really applies. I write on the rare occasions that I have nothing else to do!

Q: Can you tell us about your writing process, for example, do you write an outline first?
No, I really should but I have to just get started. I wrote and write until my ideas are spent and then I re-read and make notes at the bottom of where the story will go next. I then give it to my friend to read. She suggests places where I could add bits in. I t works for me!

Q:  What qualities do you instill in your heroes?
Hard to say as this is my first book sand there isn’t really a hero. There is a messy father/son love triangle and I ended up not sure who I wanted Clara to be with. I actually wrote three endings and wildly disagreed with everyone about which one I was going to use. I even toyed with a multi-choice ending where the reader decided...(You’ll have to read it to see which one won.)
Q. Coffee or tea?
Depends what time of day; tea for breakfast and at 4 pm then coffee for elevenses and before I go to bed.
Q. Beach or countryside?
Q. Do you write about the places you know or prefer to take your readers to exotic places?
So far, the story was mainly set in a house, although court was featured at the end. Watch this space!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
It just comes to me. I do a lot of talking with my critical friend so much so that she often feels as if she has read the whole book before I even hand it to her!

Q: Would you change anything in your life to make writing easier.
Yes, send the kids to Timbuktu and win the lottery!

Q: We have all suffered submission rejections. How do you cope? Do you have any advice to other writers on coping with rejection?
I have been very lucky that I had a contract not too long after I started writing,. Since then, I have had every book I have written signed by SteameReads. I am very blessed in this regard. I cannot stress enough the need to have a critical friend read your work. They often pick up things that can improve your work and give it that polish. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to submit. Sit on the book for a while, start another then re-read. Be honest with yourself. Is it a book you would enjoy?

Q: What do you like to read and who are your favourite authors?
I like all sorts of books. At the moment I am trying to get through all the books by my Facebook writer friends. I know many of them have read some of my other books in my fantasy genre (Loretta Laird) so I try to return the favour. I like fantasy and romance best.

Q: Do you write one novel at a time or do you move between works in progress?
I move between. Sometimes, I just have an urge to write one book or a new idea comes to me. At the moment I have four on the go.

Q: Do you have times when the Muse is away on holiday?
I suppose I do but it is more like when the muse stands no chance of getting a look in!

Q. What motivates you to write?
It is just something I feel I need to do. It is just natural to me to have my laptop open and be writing whenever I sit down.

Q. What advice would you give to unpublished authors approaching an e publisher?
Get it reviewed by a friend or friends then do some research about publishers. Make a few Facebook author buddies and ask around.
Q: Is there anything you would like to share with us about upcoming releases?
M.I.L.F. was released last week so grab a copy. My Passer series by Loretta Laird is up to two out of three books. I have submitted book three and await my contract!

Q: Can you tell us a little about your current novel? What inspired you to write this story?
I love the Julie Walters movie about a brothel and one day I just imagined a lady who enjoyed sex offering it to help pay her mortgage and bills. I researched a couple of court cases from the UK and a story was born. I wanted Clara to just happen upon it really with the focus being on the comedy of it rather than the seediness.
Clara is a widow. She has a grown up daughter and she is alone with growing debts. One day, she discovers that her daughter's friend has always considered her a M.I.L.F. (Mother I'd Like to Fuck). One thing leads to another and she ends up fulfilling his youthful fantasy. Later on, his father suggests that she capitalize on the assets she has. Before long, she is entertaining as series of unusual men and releasing their hidden desires. A heart-warming and funny account of one woman's journey to make ends meet.

Dean was nineteen. He was working part-time in Clara's garden, doing odd jobs, and mowing and trimming some of the undergrowth that lay abandoned. He'd been friends with Frankie since school and when she'd left for university, he had kept coming to do the garden and any odd jobs that Clara had neither the time nor the inclination to do. Clara was not always home when he came over but when she was, she'd offer a cold drink or piece of cake and a chat about football scores or his latest nights out and parties.
One October day, the sun was concluding its daily journey through the sky and Dean had popped into Clara's kitchen for a cold drink and a chat. Clara liked to look at the young man. She felt guilty admitting it, but she did. He had an old soul and was happy to sit and chat with her, always interested in her latest editing project or news about Frankie. Clara had always hoped that something would develop between the two young people but it was not be.
“So what’s new with you?” Clara asked after Dean had gulped down a tall glass of iced water.
Dean’s sun-kissed cheeks reddened instantly and he looked from side-to-side around the room with an awkward air.
“Oh!” Clara said with a wisdom that comes to one with age and experience. “A matter of the heart, is it?”
Her gentle teasing extracted a muffled mumble about a girl that he'd met and who he was hoping to take things to 'the next level' with. Clara was delighted and urged him to tell her everything.
At this, his face dropped and he lowered his head down.
I just don't know about all that stuff,” he moaned. “You know...” he added with a desperate look in Clara's direction.
Sex,” she finished the sentence for him. “You mean you've never...never done it?” she asked in disbelief.
Dean was a quiet, well-mannered lad but she was sure, with all his talk of parties and drinking, he would have had some experience.
What about your friends?” she asked. “Don't you talk about it with them?”
Huh!” snorted Dean. “They're all talk! I just don't know where to start. I don't want to disappoint her, you know,” he added shyly.
Clara reached for the chilled bottle of white that she'd been saving for later on that night and poured herself a large glass. She indicated at the second glass with her eyes and received a nod in return. The glasses were large and the bottle dripped its dregs into Dean's frosted vessel. Clara took a long drink as she considered her options. She looked at the desperate looking young man before her and knew her next words could make all the difference to his confidence. Dean lived at home with his dad. His mum had left them when he was eight and he had no siblings. Martin, Dean's dad, had done a terrific job bringing up the lad but Clara could see why he may not be able to ask him for advice on girls. With Frankie away, she was the obvious choice. The wine had started to give Clara that familiar glow and her tongue loosened with its effects.
Girls,” she started, “will be impressed that you care enough about their needs.”
Dean flushed at this compliment and looked up at Clara; his dark eyes filled with gratitude. She leaned over to take his empty glass and prepared to open a second bottle. Dean reached out to help and their hands met as they both grasped the cylindrical object. Clara was shocked at the spark she felt and drew her hand away at once.

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Guest Author: Tamsin Baker

Stranded Domme by Tamsin Baker

Natalie is a professional Domme, in total control of her emotions and her life. When her car breaks down outside of a small town, she is rescued by a quiet gentleman with all the strength of a good submissive. They have a wonderful night where Natalie breaks her own rules, yet doesn’t regret allowing Mick into her bed. When Natalie returns to her real life she feels the lack of her country gentleman and invites him to her club. She offers him a play collar and shows him off to her friends. All is in order for Natalie, but Mick is feeling less than enthusiastic about being kept on the outside of Natalie’s heart. They need to find a balance quickly, or their budding relationship will soon be over.

Natalie awoke to two very weird and rather pleasant sensations. The first was the mere fact that she awoke naturally and not to an alarm. It had been years since that had happened. The second was the warmth and weight of a male body behind her. It had been almost a decade since that event had occurred.
Memories of the night before came flooding back to her and the soreness between her legs became more pronounced. Mick.
What on Earth had tempted her to let him fuck her? She rarely had sex with anyone, let alone an untrained, un-collared sub that she had just met.
The urge to leave quickly was strong but so was the feeling to stay. She lay still for a minute just listening to him breathing. It was deep and even, comforting actually. His weight was nice too.
Too many men she had met were scrawny, too thin and all lean muscle. She liked a bit of bulk. It made her feel small, safe and protected.
Confused now, old memories came flooding back into her mind. Days of crying over men who had hurt her, disappointed her. It was enough to get her moving.
Natalie wiggled out from under the strong arm that held her and shuffled to the bathroom.
She looked in the mirror and the Domme did not stare back. A ruffled, well fucked and sated young woman looked back at her. Who the fuck was that?
She groaned as she sat on the toilet. It had been so long since she felt out of control.
“What a mess.”
Natalie pondered over what she would do. She really wanted to see Mick again, but how was that going to be possible? He lived too far away, and he wasn’t in the Lifestyle. How would he handle watching her with some of the other bottoms?
A strange smile spread across her face at the thought. He wouldn’t like it at all. She giggled to herself as she imagined a stand off in her club.
No, she had to stop thinking that way. Nothing could develop between them. Last night had just been a moment of weakness. A wonderful, fulfilling, unnerving moment, but still just a moment.
She took a deep breath and snuck back into the room for her clothes. She didn’t really know why she was being quiet, Mick had to take her back into town. She would have to deal with him eventually.
She froze on entering her bedroom. Mick sat up in bed, the sheet covering his lap. His eyes scanned her nakedness and he smiled.
“Good morning, Natalie.”
Inside her head, the Domme was warring with her girly self again. How did he manage to bring out that side in her? The one that wanted to jump onto the bed, laugh and curl up into his lap for morning kisses. There was a reason she didn’t do that anymore and that was because she was happier when she was always in control.
She tried to be casually confident as she opened her overnight case and pulled out fresh bra and panties. She was never embarrassed by her body, but she blushed as she felt his heated gaze on her.
“Would you like a shower?”
She jumped, his voice surprising her. Mick hadn’t come inside her, a concession she greatly appreciated but she was still sweaty from their exertions. A shower would be very much appreciated.
“I would actually. Thank you, Mick.”
Mick smiled as he slipped from the bed and walked towards her. He was still naked and his cock was hard. Her mouth hung open, shocked at how natural and in control he looked. How did he manage to look so calm when she felt like a bundle of insecure nerves?
What did you do the morning after? All of her scenes were orchestrated and always ended with her subs going home afterwards. She was at a loss at what to do with a lover.
Mick kissed her softly on the lips and walked to the door.
“I’ll make us some breakfast and you have a shower. See you soon.”
Natalie stood staring after Mick’s retreating form. He had a lovely ass, and she could see the red striations from her flogger. She blushed again.
The cool and calm gentleman she had met yesterday afternoon was back and in control of the situation. She couldn’t believe how unbalanced she felt, how out of control. And it would not do.
The reason she had trained to become a Domme in the first place was to establish control and order in her life and emotions. It would not do to lose all of that now.
She showered and pulled on her work clothes. They were black, fitted and very professional. She had to take special care with her feet and apply many band aids to her heels before she dared to put on her black work shoes. Her feet wouldn’t let her forget this hiatus any time soon.
When she entered the kitchen she was ready for action, only to be totally derailed by the scene in front of her.
Mick had set the table for them both, orange juice poured, bacon and eggs cooking. Tears stung her eyes at the casual intimacy he was so good at. Where had he been when she had desperately wanted this sort of relationship?
She collapsed into her chair, deflated and awestruck. She had stumbled upon one of the last true gentlemen.
“How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up?” Mick called over his still bare shoulder.
Clearing her throat, she coughed. “Sunny side up would be great.”
Mick whistled as he cooked and Natalie looked around the kitchen. It was clean and orderly but lacked a feminine touch.
“Have you been married, Mick?” Natalie asked before her brain could kick into gear.
She hissed in frustration and wanted to bite off her tongue. Why was she asking intimate questions?
Mick looked over his shoulder at her for a minute then turned back to his cooking.
“I was, for twenty years. But we divorced a few years ago.”
He continued whistling and Natalie found herself more intrigued, not less. That was the problem with questions. Once asked, they opened the door to more.
“And you have kids?” She couldn’t help it, she had to ask.
Mick laughed. “Yep, the bane of my bank balance.”
Natalie smiled, despite what he actually said the tone in Mick’s voice was beautiful. Loving devotion.
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NEW RELEASE! My Lover, My Dom- Club Whips #1 by H.C. Brown

H.C. Brown’s long awaited Club Whips Series takes the reader into the no holds barred Whips Gay BDSM Club. With cameo appearances from some of the more colorful characters of Club Floggers, H.C. Brown introduces more of the Doms and delicious subs from the exciting world of rock n roll and big business.

Brad Morrison is a sub pure and simple. He wants Jett Silver, manager of Cold Heat but their yearlong friendship is just that . . . friendship, until Brad’s arranged marriage of convenience ends.
Jett Silver has waited patiently for Brad to find himself. Being his gym buddy has been agony but now he plans to train this delectable pup and collar him. With Jett’s best friend Nash Mage and his sub Paul on hand to help, Brad’s life becomes a living fantasy
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The cold tiles pressed into Brad’s chest. The exquisite thrill of pain followed by his Master’s tender touch undone him. He hovered on the edge of tears, need seared through him, burning flames of desire caressed his balls and shot up his shaft. He opened his stance and pushed his ass toward his Master. He wanted more and his knees shook in expectation of Jett’s hot tongue on him. He longed to sink into the wet warmth of Jett’s mouth but he craved more of his Dom. What would Jett be like inside the dungeon? A shiver of delight licked his balls. I can’t wait. Jett slapped again and the sound of his large hand hitting flesh echoed in the small room. Pain sizzled and Brad’s cock scraped against the wall. He rocked his hips and heard Jett growl. Oh, Lord! His Dom slid inquisitive fingers down the cleft of Brad’s ass. Hot breath brushed his cheek. Brad swallowed the moan of delight. The next moment Jett spun him around. He gazed into his Dom’s eyes. “Oh, fuck, I’m losing my mind. I want your mouth on me so fucking bad... Sir.”

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Valentine's Day Blog Hop- PRIZES!!!!!!!!

                             What do you like best about Valentine’s day or what do you hate about it?

I know it’s a day for lovers and romance but it can also be a day for sadness. I don’t want anyone to be sad today, so if you enjoy M/M Romance tell me why you like or hate Valentines day and I’ll give a copy of my new  historical release Lord Byron’s Secret Obsession  to the best comment  as a prize and perhaps if the comments are really good a copy of one of my other books.

Also all comments go into the draw for the  $50 prize.
Don’t forget to leave your email details J

Lord Byron's Secret Obsession Blurb:

Lord Byron Wilton, fearing exposure as a sodomite after a public argument with his secret lover Lord David Litchfield, leaves England for the Americas. On his return, he finds his delicious man in the hands of the brute, Hale and his cohorts.
Discovering Lord David is an unwilling sex slave for these three disgusting men, he makes outlandish and somewhat dangerous plans to outwit the trio. Byron must use every trick in the book, and a considerable amount of his fortune, in an effort to regain his lover’s freedom and trust. 

I have a new release Lord Byron’s Secret Obsession and a brand new BDSM series Club Whips coming out with Spunk Books on 17 February the first book is titled  My Lover, My Dom.                  My Lover My Dom  Blurb:
H.C. Brown’s long awaited Club Whips Series takes the reader into the no holds barred Whips Gay BDSM Club. With cameo appearances from some of the more colorful characters of Club Floggers, H.C. Brown introduces more of the Doms and delicious subs from the exciting world of rock n roll and big business.
Brad Morrison is a sub pure and simple. He wants Jett Silver, manager of Cold Heat but their yearlong friendship is just that . . . friendship, until Brad’s arranged marriage of convenience ends.
Jett Silver has waited patiently for Brad to find himself. Being his gym buddy has been agony but now he plans to train this delectable pup and collar him.  With Jett’s best friend Nash Mage and his sub Paul on hand to help, Brad’s life becomes a living fantasy.
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After Leo Marshall survives a storm at sea, he discovers the watery vortex he hurled through was a gateway to another realm.  As a filthy disease ridden human, he is not welcomed into the strange world of unusual diverse humanoids and finds refuge with a shifter. His immediate lustful attraction to the delicious BDSM Master, Ashrin of Ecatnie Pride is so powerful it is frightening. The rules are different in this future realm and frequent sex with a multitude of partners is expected.  Leo wants Ashrin exclusively but is afraid his Master will love him —to death.

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"You belong to me, Leo."
The voice spilled over him like liquid silk, the man's face a dark shadow in the twilight. Leo lowered his head to nuzzle the hairless balls, to drink in the rich, hypnotic scent he craved. Under his palms, strong thigh muscles tensed, moving under sweat-soaked skin. Leo moved his mouth, pressing kisses up his lover's long, hard shaft. Strong fingers twisted in Leo's hair, dragging his mouth to the weeping slit.
"Open your mouth. Suck me." The deep, sensual voice commanded.
Leo swiped his tongue across the tip, the familiar, rich, musky flavor bursting across his tongue. His heart clenched. He loved this man with a soul-destroying passion. This man completed him. His dream lover, his ultimate fantasy. Leo moaned in bliss. He couldn't wait to taste him again and lunged forward to slide his tongue across the velvet shaft.
I don't know your name. Tell me your name. 
The bed began to lurch and roll. The dream faded and he awoke achingly hard and frustrated. Damn it. Why do I always have the same dream?
"Winds of up to one hundred and fifty miles an hour . . . ."
Leo Marshall lifted the baseball cap off his eyes and yawned. What was that?
Stretching, he eased out of the chair and moved to the edge of the boat to pull in his fishing rod. The balmy summer day had vanished, hidden behind a violent, black storm front. Clouds of every shade of grey charged across the sky. An icy wind cut through his t-shirt and whipped the once glassy blue ocean into angry white caps. In the distance, lightning illuminated flashes of the coastline, misshapen behind a wall of torrential rain.
Fuck. Leo secured his belongings and ducked inside the cabin. On the two-way, he could hear the Coastguard giving out warnings. He radioed in his details and position.
"You won't make it to Harper's Peak. Didn't you hear the warnings?" came the response. "You will have to try and ride it out. We have your position. Do you have a satellite beacon?"
Leo ran a hand through his hair. He’d ridden out many storms and his boat was well equipped to handle a storm front. "Yes, I do, thank God."
The Coastguard signed off and Leo stood transfixed, watching the sea join the inky blue of the sky and close in around him, plunging him into twilight. The Laura Jane rolled and dipped, huge waves crashing over her bow. Leo dragged on his life jacket and pulled his way to the stern to up anchor. Wind tore off his baseball cap; it dragged his long hair from its binding and whipped it across his eyes. Brushing at his face, he looked up at the savage sky; his eyes widened. "Holy fuck."
Highlighted by blanket lightning, a funnel rose from the sea. The awesome beast swirled high into the clouds and danced across the ocean like a giant hydra. Long trails of water undulated from its twisting neck with gaping maws. The wind roared, lashing salty rain into his face and tearing at his clothes with icy fingers. Leo dropped the anchor on the deck and battled his way back to the cabin. I have to get out of here. He depressed the start button on the engine, once, twice.
He ran his arm over his face, swiping at the seawater stinging his eyes, and depressed the button again. "Come on girl."
The motor caught and burst into life. Leo laughed in triumphant desperation and fought frantically to turn the craft around. A great surge of white water picked up the Laura Jane and dragged the small craft up to the crown of a gigantic wave. Leo clung to the wheel, water swirling in the cabin up to his knees. The boat hovered on the crest then surfed down the shimmering wall at world record speed. Leo looked down the face of the twenty-foot wave and gasped. I'll never out run it.
The boat crashed into the foaming water, bobbing like a cork. It lurched to one side and the crab basket and fishing tackle slammed against Leo's legs. In his hands, the slippery wheel fought against him, spinning one way and then the other. The bow dipped sharply and the propeller broke free of the waves, the engine screaming in protest. The sea roared its discontent, and before him, a whirlpool opened up, a giant vortex sucking everything into oblivion. Leo swallowed, fear closing his throat, ears deafened bythe roar that sounded like a freight train. The Laura Jane lay on its side, dark, swirling water pinning it in its embrace. Whipped into a giant centrifuge in hell, Leo joined the speeding procession of marine debris. Above, a mountain of spinning black water, below, a swirling orifice of black and green sank down to the depths of hell.
Leo clung to the cabin door, his legs floating in midair. The howl of a thousand devils shrieked in his head. The roof of the cabin ripped off in a whine of twisted metal. He looked up one last time, seeking the heavens. Within the madness, a strange calmness enclosed him. His fingers grew numb and slipped off the cabin door. Goodbye, Mom and Dad.