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I am delighted to be nominated in the 2011 CAPA Awards

What are the CAPA's? They are awards given by The Romance Studio for excellence in romantic fiction

Favorite Author

H.C. Brown
Sci-fi Romance
Cyborg Doms: Fane H. C. Brown (Noble Romance Publishing)
GLBT Romance
Love Revisited: Nash and Paul H. C. Brown (Noble Romance Publishing)
Ari (Cover art award)

Hawke's Purr-fect Mate by H.C. Brown (Artist  Fiona Jayde)
Full list of nominees here:

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Super Review for Shifters & Demons The Vane Book One

Shifters and Demons: The Vane Book 1 by H.C. Brown

Shifters and Demons- The Vane Book 1 by H C Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: M/M, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Menage, GLBT
Length: 145 pages

When bad boy alpha, Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker, go 2000 years into the past to rescue Lailii, a Spellweaver, they didn’t plan on being captivated by the petite, delicate female.
Strong willed and determined to survive, Lailii has no option but to go with the two stunningly handsome men. Within hours, she finds herself in a world of big cat shifters and sizzling, uninhibited sex. Betrayed by a king to whom she owes no loyalty, she struggles to survive and acclimate herself in a strange, new land.
When a demon follows Lailii into the future, Dallin and Stryker must work together to keep their new lover safe.
Dakota’s Review:
Ms. Brown has started a wonderful new series with Shifters and Demons. At first I was swept up in the love that Dallin and his lover, Stryker possessed.   Ms. Brown developed the plot line and the characters so perfectly, I fell for these two long before they brought Laillii into their ménage. The idea that the Prince chose Stryker for his lover, even going to the point of leaving his home for a period of time to be with him, just had me going head over heels. Then the third of their ménage is added to the mix…and woo-hee, not only did this reader find emotional connection between the three but steaming hot ménage scenes that I was surprised didn’t cause a meltdown of the internal drive of my e-reader.
Seriously folks – if you loved hot sensuality and sizzling desire between numerous partners in a multitude of positions this book is definitely for you – especially when it comes to a committed trio of lovers. Now that I’ve talked about the steamy *fans self* love scenes. I’d be amiss if I don’t mention the incredible plotline. I love the idea that the Lady has chosen Dallin as her champion and sends him three thousand years into the pass to save Laillii. This story kept me on the edge of the seat and I managed to read this book all in one sitting. Even to the point of telling kids…don’t bother mommy, she’s reading! So if you do pick this up, and I recommend you do – make sure you have plenty of time to devote to it, because there is a chance you may ignore the real world until you’ve read every last word.
Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Dakota!

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Happy days

I'm  happy. It has been a wonderful year. I am delighted with the  reviews and must say thank you to all those people from Goodreads and the recognised review sites for taking the time to review my work this year.
Time to Live was written as a novella for the Timeless Desire Collection and as another insight into the Floggers BDSM Club. I wish it could have been longer, in fact I cut out over 5K to make it fit.

Thanks to these people for supporting me:

The fans who took the time to email me this year, your support is fantastic, thank you :-)

 The following reviewers for Time to Live.

Black Raven ReviewsThe writing itself was fantastic! The visualizations were engaging. I was drawn into the scene and felt as if I was in the room with the characters. I would certainly recommend this as a fun read to

You Gotta Read Reviews : Coming out was never so hot.....Gabrielle.

QMO  by Serena Yates This is a book about discovery and finding the courage to live the way you want and need to.

Goodreads: Lauren Wild rated it 4 stars The uncertain sub meets the very certain dom. I love stories like this. Full of sex, bondage, possessiveness and a few tender moments. 

JustJen rated it  3 Stars This was a fun quickie. The bsdm is light and the story quite

 Great news: A Tryst of Fate is due for release on 25 February from Silver Publishing.

After inheriting a Georgian house in Barkley Square London, Colt  

Samuel, millionaire art dealer, finds himself obsessed by the portrait  

of the home's former owner, Lord Alexander Swift.  

During a chat with author, Jake Daniels, Colt discovers Lord Swift  

and his unnamed cousin had mysteriously disappeared from the  

cellar one evening, following Alexander's illicit affair with David  

Fitzhugh. Jake reveals Fitzhugh bears a remarkable resemblance  

to Colt.  

Colt decides to investigate Alexander's strange disappearance, and  

ventures into his cellar late one night to look for a secret  

passageway. When his torch fails, Colt finds himself transported  

back to 1775, and comes face to face with the man of his dreams,  

Lord Alexander Swift.  

Happy New Year my friends :-)

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HC's Reviews : Sly's Surrender by R. Renee Vickers

Noble Romance Publishing
Buy link:

My rating:

By day, Sly is a take-charge, no-nonsense restaurateur, and at night she plays her hand as a demanding mistress. Sly has everything her heart desires: a successful business with loyal patrons, a gorgeous boyfriend and a flare for dominating in the bedroom. Everything she's ever tried has gone her way, every decision followed to success, every goal achieved, and yet she yearns for more.
One night, she decides to try something new, giving up her customary control to the tall, dark, and sexy Jake. Jake is put in a position to prove to his lover just what he's capable of, and Sly experiences the new pleasures to be found in letting someone else handle her reins.

 R. Renee Vickers debut book is a story of switch play. I found the premise of the story encouraging for a new author although, I would have liked to see the story longer with more attention to the ambience and attitude in roll playing. To me BDSM is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure and above all, respect and trust. This story would have been brilliant with a little more attention to detail and editing.
 I will look forward to reading more from R. Renee Vickers.


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Timeless Desire Man Love Collection- OUT NOW

The wait is over this fantastic paperback collection of delightful man love stories is available here:

And  don't forget the Sensual Romance Timeless Desire Collection:

Time to Live # 1 Amazon UK

Amazon  UK Bestsellers Rank: 
50 Days in Top 100 Amazon US

Thank you,

Happy Holidays,


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H.C Brown's Guest Author Today R. Renee Vickers+ Book prize

Before I start, I’d like to thank H.C. Brown for having me here today! And thank you all for reading along. And since it’s the holidays, I’m feeling the festive, giving spirit. Everyone who leaves a comment on this post between now and midnight Christmas Day will be entered to win a free copy of my debut novel from Noble Romance Publications, Sly’s Surrender.
Sly’s Surrender started off as a challenge by a friend who I met on a writing site. I had reached that point, where I think most of us do, that place where what we’re working on just isn’t enough. So I asked for a challenge. And, that’s exactly what I got.  A week later I turned in a sloppy rough draft that held some potential.
The dynamic between Sly and Jake was one that I had fun exploring. Sly is this savvy business woman, a workaholic, someone who has to be in control while secretly yearning to let someone control her. Whereas Jake is more even keeled in the areas of business and romance and enjoys being dominated. I enjoyed exploring what a submissive person, like Jake, would experience if given the chance to switch because, to me, the ultimate sign that he was paying attention to his top in all of their previous relations would be to give her exactly what she wants most. And, for Sly, the tension in her mind about submitting to Jake was a testament of her trust in him.
The wax play scene was as fun to research as it was to write it, though it started off much darker with edge play. That got cut in the edits since this was my first try at publication. I have no regrets for dropping the edge play for something lighter, and I’m sure Sly appreciated it too.
One last little tidbit was something funny that came up after this piece was accepted by Noble Romance, during the editing phase. I wrote some of my characters with thick Boston accents. Since I’m from the Boston area, you’d think I could write the accent with no problems, right? Ha! Not so. I found out from my editor quite quickly that I royally messed their dialog up. A few emails flew between us and we came to realize that I grew up about 15 minutes (give or take) from where she did. Talk about a small world.
This story was a great experience for me. It was an experiment that expanded my boundaries and gave me an opportunity I didn’t know was possible at the time.
Thank you H.C. once more for hosting me today. And thank you all for reading; don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Sly’s Surrender. Now, if you would like, allow me to leave you all with a blurb, an excerpt and buy links.

Blurb: By day, Sly is a take-charge, no-nonsense restaurateur, and at night she plays her hand as a demanding mistress. Sly has everything her heart desires: a successful business with loyal patrons, a gorgeous boyfriend and a flare for dominating in the bedroom. Everything she’s ever tried has gone her way, every decision followed to success, every goal achieved, and yet she yearns for more.

One night, she decides to try something new, giving up her customary control to the tall, dark, and sexy Jake. Jake is put in a position to prove to his lover just what he’s capable of, and Sly experiences the new pleasures to be found in letting someone else handle her reins.

Jake had been waiting on his barstool for an hour already and had started to lose patience with his date. Oh, he knew she’d come eventually, she always did. Even with knowing Sly’s usual M.O., he never failed to show up on time, because he knew the one time he decided to be late would be the one time she’d be on time. He sighed and checked his watch again. How much longer would he have to wait?

He called Tony over with a hasty jerk of his hand. The bartender rolled his eyes and shook his head. Tony was a man in his mid-fifties with gray hair—what was left of it. He wore a white dress shirt under a black vest. The only thing he was missing was the black armband reminiscent of the style at the turn of the twentieth century. Sly told him once that Tony had been tending bar there for thirty years, which could explain his gruff attitude. Jake never had any problems with the old man but thought he had a funny way of treating paying customers. After a minute or two, Tony begrudgingly set a fresh glass of soda on a clean little napkin and sternly eyed his teetotaler.

“Hope she’s worth it, boy,” he said with a grunt and a little too much emphasis on boy, as far as Jake was concerned. Jake watched the back of the bartender’s shiny head as he turned to tend to his more lucrative patrons.

He sighed again and glanced at the door. Still no Sly. Yeah, she was worth it, but it didn’t mean he had to enjoy complying with all her demands. Abstaining from drink was one of them. He had to admit that her reasoning was sound; how could she be in control if he was drunk? And, of course, waiting for her late ass all the time was another.

The more Jake thought about her controlling nature, the more agitated he grew. Why the hell did he subject himself to this . . . this . . . her control? It’s not right that she makes me jump through all of these ridiculous hoops, he thought as he glanced at Tony, who, simultaneously, gave him another disgusted look and shook his head. Jake’s blood boiled. That’s it, Jake thought, I’m not going to take this anymore.

“Hey, sexy.” Sly’s smooth voice purred behind Jake, just as her fingertip caressed from his chin to his jaw in one long motion, ending up just behind his ear. Shivers ant-marched down Jake’s body. In that instant, Jake knew. This is why. All the anger, indignation, and embarrassment fled his mind as she wrapped an arm over his shoulder and down his chest. As her hot breath caressed his neck, her honeyed voice flooded his mind. “I hope you haven’t been waiting too long.”

It took everything he had not to swallow, to show no outward reaction to what she was doing to him with these miniscule teases. This was just another game to her. She’d make him wait until he’d be ready to walk out, until he was so mad he couldn’t stand it, and then she’d show up, making him switch gears. Just like that. He shot a quick glance at Tony, who watched this dance out of the corner of his eyes, pretending like he was too busy toweling off a pristine glass to notice.

When Sly’s tongue flicked Jake’s thick, silver-hoop earring, he lost what small shred of control he had, albeit for a fraction of a second. He could feel her smile as her cheek rested against his neck. A prickling flash of anger growled in some dark recess of his mind.

She moved to half-lean, half-sit on the vacant stool next to him, and he had to strangle a threatening gasp. If he hadn’t, his body would have given away just how badly he wanted her. This was a high-stakes game, and so far, the house was winning.

Sly wore a tight black corset. Though no doubt made of the finest and most sturdy materials, the bone-rib garment threatened to break under the flood pressure of her ample bosom. It must have been a custom piece because it slithered down her slim waist with precision. No department wares could hope to cope with a curvy form such as hers. He noticed the striking color contrast as the thick, black material lay against her flawless, smooth, ivory-colored skin.

As his sight drew down, he soaked in just how short her layered black and burgundy diaphanous skirt was. She couldn’t sit down without flashing her all to the world. Jake gulped, carelessly abandoning any desire to restrain himself. Seeing his reaction, Sly barked a throaty laugh. He refused to look up until he saw his favorite pair of strappy, black, four-inch stiletto heels. When he came up for breath he found her glossy crimson-colored lips snaking a Cheshire pattern across her gleaming teeth and humor glistening in her hazel eyes. Oh, how she loves this game.
Buy Links:

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HC; Thanks for dropping by.
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H.C Brown's Guest Author: Doris O'Connor

What a difference a year brings

Firstly, big thanks to Heather for letting me take over her blog today :-) I promise to behave myself—a little anyway…

H.C. Don't worry my readers are VERY broad minded...and I always have a flogger handy if you get out of line. ;-)

When I was thinking about what I could blog about, only one subject sprang to mind. It has been such an incredible year for me and it is all very closely tied in with this book.

BLURB: Sven Larsson, international movie star, is out to repair his scandalous reputation. The last thing he needs is an enticing bundle of curves falling into his arms. However, the instant sexual chemistry he has with Sylvia is hard to ignore . . . .

Sylvia, a young widow and mother of three, knows Sven is everything she doesn’t need in a man. Can she risk giving in to temptation? With the paparazzi breathing down their necks and both of them scarred emotionally by their past demons, will Sven and Sylvia manage to heal each other?

You see, Scandinavian Scandal is the first manuscript I ever completed. I have written all my life and I’ve always had stories in my head, but Sven is the first hero, who ever took over completely. The idea for this story was born back in September 2010. A friend had entered the Mills&Boon New Voices competition and encouraged me to give it a go. After all I had always wanted to write a novel, so I penned my first chapter and pressed send.  I was so incredibly excited and also very naïve, looking back at it now. As first chapters went, it wasn’t abysmal, but it certainly wasn’t good enough, and needless to say I didn’t get anywhere in that competition. However, Sven had his hands on me, metaphorically speaking, and I kept writing and completed the first draft. NaNoWriMo followed and I completed two more manuscripts and I just kept on writing. Several more competitions followed and I started submitting. I received some very encouraging feedback, but a spate of rejections followed. I knew the basics of my story were sound; it was the execution that needed work on. I shelved Sven and Sylvia for a bit. My lovely critique group UCW heard about an anthology call for Breathless Press. I had never before written an erotic piece before, but I thought to myself, why not? Sounds like Fun. Awakening was written in just over a week with my tongue firmly stuck in the side of my cheek. I send it off and settled in for a long wait, because the deadline was months away.
With free time on my hands my thoughts once again turned to Sven’s story. I’d had vague notions of turning it into an Erotic romance, but it seemed such a huge task, that I’d put it off and off… I should mention here that I am the queen of procrastination! I did read and read and read though. Lots and lots of Erotic romances and finally with Sven tapping me on the shoulder and raising his eyebrows at me I opened a brand new word document.
Sven took over, telling me exactly what he intended to do to Sylvia *cough* and the rest is history. The story took on a life of its own, and whilst the original premise is the same, the final piece is very different. I added in layers and layers of conflict and depth and emotion and lots of hot sex, obviously, and I was quietly hopeful, that this time, someone would fall in love with Sven and Sylvia as much as I had.
I shall never forget the evening I opened the e-mail from Noble Romance. I froze and then I simply screeched. “OMG, OMG, OMG, I don’t believe it!” Cue kids and hubby came running toward me from all angles, thinking I’d gone into labour—I was heavily pregnant at the time! It is a small miracle that I didn’t go into labour, really, especially as the end of that week also brought with it the acceptance for Awakening.
Needless to say that wasn’t the end. Editing was an interesting process, during which I learnt tons and again the story is much better for the extra polish. J
And I learnt an important thing about myself, I’m an Erotic writer. Who’d have thunk it? Cause those first sex scenes in the original version of Scandinavian Scandal—well… I needed help with them and was terribly embarrassed. I have to laugh at myself now. I do still make myself blush, mind you, as my writing continues to evolve. My latest piece is a ménage, nuff said!
My New Year’s resolution for 2011 was to be published. Not only did I achieve that, I surpassed it. At the point of writing this, I have just received the acceptance for my sixth story—A naughty nursery rhyme based on Goldilocks and the three bears. I had lots of fun penning this one ;-)
I am incredibly grateful to my publishers and my readers, for helping me finish 2011 on such a great high. And Sven will always hold a very special place in my heart.
There are several opportunities on my blog this week to win not only copies of my books but lots of other author’s and goodies too, so do make sure you stop by J
For now I shall leave you with a little excerpt from Scandinavian Scandal. This is the morning after the night they met and things are not what they seem.

Sylvia's heart beat so fast the blood rushed to her ears. What had she done? Not only was she plastered all over the newspapers, she had spent the night with Sven Larsson for god's sake. The man had a reputation a mile long, none of it good, and the bloody cow had named her—named her for fuck's sake! God, she had to get home. With a bit of luck, this would turn out to be just a particularly bad dream, brought on by too much champagne. Surely she would wake up in a minute back in her own bed with Timmy jumping all over her as usual.
The disdain in the male voice washing over her robbed her of that hopeful illusion. His accent was thicker now. How the hell had she not noticed last night? She may not go to the movies a lot, but Larsson was a household name. His height alone should have made her realize it was him, and, damn it, hadn't it been her mission to find him?
Congrats girl, you more than succeeded. You fucking excelled!
"You're going to kill who exactly, lady? Do enlighten me; I would love some insight into that deceitful little head of yours."
"I'm deceitful? Says the man who dragged me back to his hotel suite to do goodness only know what. Why the hell did you not tell me who you were? I'd never have gone with you, had I known."
"Oh, cut the bull, lady. Of course you knew who I was, but I've got to give it to you. You should go into acting. You certainly had this mug fooled. But what could I expect from the likes of you?"
The scathing once over he gave her body hit Sylvia like a physical slap. How dare he?
"I do not know who you think I am, but if you think for one minute that I would choose to be associated with a man like you, then your ego is even more inflated than I first thought."
His sneering laughter just annoyed her more. He turned his back on her, and she swallowed, taking in the tight butt, perfectly showcased in faded denim. Unwanted heat coiled low in her belly. She remembered that he hadn't bothered with underwear, and the equally tight black vest top he was now wearing only emphasized his broad shoulders. The muscles in his biceps flexed as he raised another beer bottle and swallowed its contents in one long gulp. God, the man really was sex on legs, and she had to get home and away from him. The best sex in the world wasn't worth this, and, besides, she couldn't remember a thing about last night, damn it. You'd think she would at least remember something for god's sake. What was the point of all this public humiliation and the tongue lashing she knew would be waiting for her at home, if she couldn't even remember sleeping with the man?
"If you just call me a cab, I'll be out of your hair."
"I don't think so lady. Vera is working on a gag order right now, and, until I hear from her, you are staying right here. There will be no kiss-and-tell story, lady. So sorry to disappoint you, but your neat little plan backfired. No pound of flesh today, other than the filth already spread by your reporter friend."
That did it!
"Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me like that? I can assure you Evelyn Jones is no friend of mine, and why on earth would I want to broadcast a kiss-and-tell story about you? Haven't there been enough already! Perhaps you should try acting for a change, instead of forcing yourself on unconscious women."
The low growl her shouted words elicited from him made her jump. She backed away as he advanced towards her, a murderous expression on his face. Oh, hell, he looked ready to kill her.
Good going girl, see what your big mouth has gone and done now . . . .
Larsson's temper was as legendary as his womanizing, and, right now, it was all directed towards her. He backed her up against a wall, one hand braced on either side of her head, caging her in. His breathing was as heavy as her own, and, heaven help her if his glaring down on her wasn't the sexiest thing ever. Sylvia clamped her thighs together and bit into her bottom lip to stop herself from reacting. But there was nothing at all she could do about the moisture between her legs and her nipples straining against the confines of her bra. His suddenly heated gaze travelled over her, and his mouth hovered over hers. God, he smelled so good. The faint woodsy scent of his aftershave mixed with his own pure male arousal. She shut her eyes to at least cut out one of her senses which was leading her astray.
His growled whisper against the fevered skin of her neck made her moan, even as his words both appalled and aroused her.
"I have never taken a woman against her will, and you can't tell me that you aren't wet for me right now, lady!"
Oh God!
"I'm not!"
The rasp of morning stubble against her neck sent a renewed burst of moisture into her already wet folds, and his knowing chuckle made her groan as he kissed his way along her jaw line.
"Open your eyes, and look at me, if you want to convince me of that, but your body gives you away, my sweet. I can smell you want me."
Sylvia did force her eyes open then, only to lose herself in the depths of the ice blue gaze that held her captive.
"That's as may be, but it doesn't mean I have to act on it." And, with strength she didn't know she had, she pushed him away from her and ducked under his arms, only for one strong hand to clamp against her arm and yank her back into his hard frame. Damn, there wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on that torso, and the bulge in his jeans left her in no doubt that he wanted her as badly as she did him.
If only he wasn't this big star and she was free to just let herself go for once, but she couldn't afford to, she just couldn't.
"Please, just let me go. I need to go home. You won't need any gag order, I won't say anything. Please, I'm sorry about the pictures, but the bitch pulled me over the hot coals, too. I never wanted any of this. And regardless of what it says in there, I do not work for Whisper."
Damn, she was not going to cry. She was stronger than this.
"You expect me to believe that?"
His tone was cynical, but his bruising grip on her arm lessened slightly. He used one thumb to wipe away the single tear that managed to escape down her cheek.
"Quit the waterworks, lady. It doesn't wash."
But he gentled his grip on her further, and Sylvia found herself pulled into his frame once again as the tears started in earnest. She clung to his chest, grateful for his strength.

Scandinavian Scandal is available from Noble Romance
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Time to Live 40 days in Top 100

40 days in the top 100 Amazon

Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women . . . he respects women . . . but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.
Confused by his body's reaction to the men at his gym, Seth seeks help from the only gay club he knows—Floggers. Is the man crazy? Seeking answers, the sweet, vanilla virgin marches into the BDSM club to speak to the owner Rio Knight.
Realization that he has been on the wrong team all his life comes in the form of a six-foot-seven Adonis by the name of Matt Duffey. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male, Seth must leave his old life behind and embrace his newfound sexuality.
Seth thought his life had complications before he met Matt, but nothing comes close to the rollercoaster ride in the big dom's arms.

Buy Here:

HC :-)

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Great Cover For Timeless Desire Man Love Collection- In Print

Look out for this title soon on Amazon and Barns & Noble.

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Time to Live by H.C. Brown- Buy Here

 Now Available at All Romance EBooks


Black Raven ReviewsThe writing itself was fantastic! The visualizations were engaging. I was drawn into the scene and felt as if I was in the room with the characters. I would certainly recommend this as a fun read to others.
You Gotta Read Reviews : Coming out was never so hot.....Gabrielle.
QMO  by Serena Yates This is a book about discovery and finding the courage to live the way you want and need to.

Time to Live
Series: Timeless Desire
By: H.C. Brown | Other books by H.C. Brown
Published By: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Published: Dec 01, 2011
ISBN # 9781605924410
Word Count: 12,818
Heat Index  Erotic 
Price $3.00
Bottom of Form
Categories: Gay BDSM Contemporary
Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women . . . he respects women . . . but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.

Confused by his body's reaction to the men at his gym, Seth seeks help from the only gay club he knows—Floggers. Is the man crazy? Seeking answers, the sweet, vanilla virgin marches into the BDSM club to speak to the owner Rio Knight.

Realization that he has been on the wrong team all his life comes in the form of a six-foot-seven Adonis by the name of Matt Duffey. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male, Seth must leave his old life behind and embrace his newfound sexuality.

Seth thought his life had complications before he met Matt, but nothing comes close to the rollercoaster ride in the big dom's arms.
Seth Bannock stared at the front door. A yellow glow seeped thought the glass panels forming a pool of light at his feet. The street buzzed with the noise of a normal Saturday night. Teenagers spilled out from a loud party two doors up, and moved in small groups along the sidewalk in a constant stream of chatter. Cars spun their wheels and, horns blasting with young men hanging out of the windows, roared up the road.

With a sigh, Seth pushed his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. What had just happened? His friend of the past six months, Rose McCarthy, had given him the finger, sworn colorfully, and slammed the front door in his face. He gazed at her neat two-story brick house, his mind frazzled. Okay, so he had tried to kiss her, he wanted to be nice, and she had asked him for the kiss—no, she'd pleaded for it. It wasn't his fucking idea. In truth, he had no inclination to kiss anyone. Perhaps he could have handled a straight kiss, but then the woman stuck her tongue into his mouth, tasted like stale beer, and he nearly spewed his guts out. Christ, she'd gone feral, insisting he wasn't normal, that he kissed like a girl. How the fuck did she know how girls kissed anyway?

Seth rubbed the back of his neck. Not again.

He had—had being the operative word here—liked Rose. He'd met her at his gym. True, he appreciated her slim body, enjoyed their long chats, and her companionship. The trouble with Rose and all the other women he had dated over the past three years was moving beyond being friends. Not that he wanted to, but he always made things worse by rejecting their advances. He happened to prefer being friends. He liked women, well, at least until they did that thing with their eyes and expected him to fondle their tits. Hell, he even enjoyed going to the mall with them—but kissing them and the tongue thing—fuck, it made him uncomfortable. The eventuality of finding the right girl had become a personal nightmare.

He had to face facts—he didn't like girls in that way.

Rose's words would haunt him forever. You're gay and can't admit it to yourself. Normal men like women to touch them—you move away. Do you look at girlie magazines to jerk off? Or are you thinking about the hot jocks sweating at the gym? The worse thing was, he hadn't given her a reply—he had no excuse. In fact, he had never bought a girlie magazine in his life.

The look of disgust on her face burned into his mind, to join the list of other horror-date memories. Matt turned away from the house and walked to his car. The woman had a point. He had never dated during high school or college, keeping to himself or hanging out with the other jocks. In truth, he liked the smell of men, the gloss of sweat on hard muscle, damp hair curling on a broad, muscular neck. To admit this even to himself—fuck! His head throbbed with the implication.

Swinging into his car, Seth thought over the strange messages his body gave him whenever he noticed men looking at him in that way. It happened all the time at the gym. As a personal trainer, he had clients of both sexes and kept things on a very professional level, but a couple of guys had brushed his leg and given him the look. His stomach had clenched as if in anticipation; his heart rate had quickened. Why? The thought of sliding his hands over a man's hot, sweaty body did not repel him. Should it? Who would know? Hell, he couldn't just walk up to someone and ask a question like that, he valued his teeth too much. What should he do? He had to discuss his problem with someone who would not laugh at him. I gotta know if watching two men together turns me on . . . yeah . . . I'll pick up a couple of pornos. If the movies turn me on, I'll need to discuss my problem with someone. I'll go online, and do a search; there must be someone in this town I can speak to.

* * * * *

Rio Knight took in the man standing in the foyer of Floggers BDSM Club. He valued his ability to pick a sub at a glance, and this man's predilection eluded him. To his experienced eye, he saw a confused man, albeit, a buff six-two, blond hunk of steel. He moved toward the man and extended his hand. "Rio Knight . . . how can I help you?"

"Seth Bannock." Seth shook Rio's hand. "I feel stupid coming here, to be honest, but I needed to talk to someone." He met Rio's gaze. "Do you have a few minutes to spare?"

"You're not selling stuff are you?"

"No." Seth gave a nervous laugh. "To tell you the truth, I don't know any homosexual men and this being a gay club . . . well . . . I . . . I'm looking for some answers." He shrugged. "I guess you think I'm crazy walking into a gay BDSM club looking for help, but I need to talk over something that's bothering me, and I don't think I'll get what I need from a doctor or a shrink."

Rio held the man's hand a little longer than necessary and rubbed his thumb over the back. Apart from the softening in Seth's dark blue eyes, the man made no effort to pull away. Interesting. He inclined his head. "Sure . . . come into my office." He opened the door and ushered Seth inside. "I've just made a fresh pot of coffee."

Placing two steaming cups on the long maple desk, Rio waved Seth into a seat. He rested his hip on the edge of the desk and gazed down at the man, taking a dominant position. The guy dropped his gaze under Rio's frank appraisal. Good sub material, strong but craves domination. He had the guts to come in here, yeah a valuable quality in a sub. Seth had remarkably handsome features, high cheekbones, full lips and those big, innocent, blue eyes. "So are you interested in BDSM?"

"I think I might be . . . yeah." Seth met Rio's gaze. "That's part of why I'm here. Look, I'll come straight to the point. How did you know you were gay?"

Fuck. "Well, the fact I prefer to have sex with men tipped me off." Rio ran a hand through his hair. "I don't have the slightest interest in women. I'm also a dom; I like to dominate men sexually. I like to be on top."

"Where you always like . . . gay . . . or did you have a sexual experience with a man and like it?" Seth reached for his coffee. "I'm confused .I've tried to date girls—women—but as soon as . . . you know . . . I can't get it up. I can't even kiss them."

Rio's mind reeled. He picked Seth as gay the moment he set eyes on him. "I've always known I'm gay. I've never had any doubt. Are you suddenly attracted to men or did this come about because of a sexual encounter as you put it?"

"No!—Last night I tried to kiss a girlfriend—not something I enjoy, by the way. When I backed off, she kinda lost it. Fuck, she screamed at me and said I acted like a gay man . . . that I wasn't normal." Seth looked at Rio over the top of his cup. "The whole scene was pretty ugly."

"So why do you hang out with women if you don't find them attractive?"

"Fucked if I know—I guess in my mind, I thought I might eventually find one that actually attracted me. Rose . . . well, she was a good friend. I liked her company but she wanted more."

Rio inclined his head. "Tell me about Rose, did she have big tits, nice ass . . . what made her a possibility in your eyes?"

"No, she is the opposite." Seth shrugged. "Tall, muscular, slim and she didn't have much in the way of tits to be honest. She liked to exercise." He swallowed. "I met her in the gym."

"I see and what do you appreciate in a man?"

"I like the way a man smells, and . . . I dunno . . . muscles wet with sweat, a nice body." Seth drained his coffee and set the cup down. "I like eyes too, some men's eyes have a kindness I find attractive."

You don't say. "It's a drastic step going from an argument with your girlfriend to fronting at a gay BDSM club. What the hell did the woman say to you?" Rio rubbed the back of his neck.

"You don't want to hear the boring details, but a lot of what she said rang true: I do appreciate the male form, like I said. Although, I believe I've been fooling myself for the reason why I find men attractive. So I bit the bullet, as they say, and rented some gay pornos including a BDSM one . . . nothing too extreme." He ran a finger around the top of his cup and drew a deep breath. "It turned me on big time, seeing two guys. You know it kinda felt right."

He leaned back in his chair. "Like I said before I don't know any homosexual men. I don't have anyone I can talk to. I think I'm gay, and I'm not sure what to do. How do I know for sure that I'm really gay?" He rubbed a hand over his face. "From what I've told you it's obvious, isn't it. I just can't admit it to myself."

You think, huh. "There's no halfway here; you're gay, or you're not." Rio stood and moved closer to Seth. This close, he could smell the man's clean scent. He cupped Seth's cheek and stared into his eyes. "From what you have told me, and how you react to me, I think it's obvious." He snorted. "You're sure sending out all the right signals."


Rio ran the pad of his thumb over Seth's full bottom lip. "Uh huh, a straight guy wouldn't allow me to touch him like this." He sighed. "Look . . . I have a sub I'm attached to, so as much as I'd like to pursue this with you; I think I should introduce you to a dom around your own age."

"Don't you think that's kinda jumping in with both feet?" Seth frowned. "What if I'm wrong? The thought of being tied up and whipped . . . I dunno."

Rio headed for the door. "You should follow your instincts. No one here will push you into anything you don't want to do. But I think you may need a little shove in the right direction. Floggers can open up a world of pleasure you didn't know existed." He grinned. "It's time to live my friend."
Time to Live
By: H.C. Brown
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