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Guest Author Judith Leger: Witch Mountain Series

Welcome Judith Leger. This is a wonderful new series, so grab your copies now.

Book one of the Witch Mountain Series.
Widow Glory Sinclair and her daughter are living a quiet life on the mountain homestead her family settled nearly three hundred years ago. Then, on a crisp autumn morning, a fractured shriek echoes across the hollow, and Glory’s temperamental handyman claims her prized statue carved from a tree trunk attacked him. Could a wooden likeness of a witch who died centuries before take life? Glory doesn’t think so. Still, mouthwatering sheriff and bachelor William Moore’s decision to hang around and get to the bottom of the increasingly frequent strange occurrences provides her a degree of comfort. Her growing desires to find comfort in his bed…not so much.

Second is MICAH'S HEART, the continuation of the tale of Esmeralda.  It's hotter and steamier than the the first book.  Set in contemporary times, the truth comes to light about the carving and Sabre's family!

Dark clouds soar in the skies above Sabre Nichols the first time she meets Micah McGregor. Still the gloom doesn’t detract from the overwhelming hunger she feels for the sexy half native American with his lean body, long dark hair and captivating blue eyes. She wants him. 

After attending her great grandmother’s funeral, Sabre assumes she’ll stay a week at the old homestead on Witch Mountain, and then return to her job as a paranormal researcher. But strange events on the mountain and Micah’s sexy charisma wreak havoc with her plans. Micah seems to hide something eerie behind his brilliant blue gaze... 

Can she trust him to help find the source of the spectral activities? Or can she believe the tales of her witch heritage? If she puts her faith in Micah, will she find answers... and lose her heart?

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4 Star Review for Hurt Me Good

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4 Star Review by Risque Reviews' Melissa

Read the entire review here:

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Pride Master- H.C. Brown Out Now

Dragged into a future realm Leo Marshal’s erotic dreams become a reality. Has he found his found his dream lover, and Master in Ashrin of Ecatnie Pride? Life is vastly different in this new sensual world of sex and discipline. The only problem is, Leo is afraid Ashrin will love him . . . to death. 


"You belong to me, Leo."
The voice spilled over him like liquid silk; the man's face a dark shadow in the twilight. Leo lowered his head to nuzzle the hairless balls, to drink in the rich, hypnotic scent he craved. Under his palms, strong thigh muscles tensed, moving under sweat-soaked skin. Leo moved his mouth, pressing kisses up his lover's long, hard shaft. Strong fingers twisted in Leo's hair, dragging his mouth to the weeping slit.
"Open your mouth; suck me." The deep, sensual voice commanded.
Leo swiped his tongue across the tip, the familiar, rich, musky flavor bursting across his tongue. His heart clenched; he loved this man with a soul-destroying passion. This man completed him. His dream lover, his ultimate fantasy. Leo moaned in bliss. He couldn't wait to taste him again and lunged forward to slide his tongue across the velvet shaft.
I don't know your name. Tell me your name.
The bed began to lurch and roll. The dream faded and he awoke achingly hard and frustrated. Damn it. Why do I always have the same dream?
"Winds of up to one hundred and fifty miles an hour . . . ."
Leo Marshall lifted the baseball cap off his eyes and yawned. What was that?
Stretching, he eased out of the chair and pulled up his fishing rod. The balmy summer day had vanished, hidden behind a violent, black storm front. Clouds of every shade of grey charged across the sky. An icy wind cut through his t-shirt and whipped the once glassy, blue ocean into angry, white caps. In the distance, lightning brought flashes of the coastline, misshapen behind a wall of torrential rain.
Fuck. Leo secured his belongings and ducked inside the cabin. On the twoway, he could hear the Coastguard giving out warnings. He radioed in his details and position.
"You won't make it to Harper's Peak; didn't you hear the warnings?" came the response. "You will have to try and ride it out. We have your position. Do you have a satellite beacon?"
Leo ran a hand through his hair. "Yes, I do, thank God."
The Coastguard signed off and Leo stood transfixed, watching the sea join the inky blue of the sky and close in around him, plunging him into twilight. The Laura Jane rolled and dipped, huge waves crashing over her bow. Leo dragged on his life jacket and pulled his way to the stern to up anchor. Wind tore off his baseball cap, dragged his long hair from its binding and whipped it across his eyes. Brushing at his face, he looked up at the savage sky; his eyes widened. "Holy fuck."
Highlighted by blanket lightning, a funnel rose from the sea. The awesome beast swirled high into the clouds and danced across the ocean like a giant hydra. Long trails of water undulated from its twisting neck with gaping maws. The wind roared, lashing salty rain into his face and tearing at his clothes with icy fingers. Leo dropped the anchor on the deck and battled his way back to the cabin. I've got to get out of here. He depressed the start button on the engine, once, twice.
He ran his arm over his face, swiping at seawater stinging his eyes, and tried again. "Come on girl."
The motor caught and burst into life. Leo laughed in triumphant desperation and fought frantically to turn the craft around. A great surge of boiling water picked up the Laura Jane and dragged the small craft up to the crown of a gigantic wave. Leo clung to the wheel, water swirling in the cabin up to his knees. The boat hovered on the crest then surfed down the shimmering wall at world record speed. Leo looked down the face of the twenty-foot wave . I'll never out run it.
The boat crashed into the foaming water, bobbing like a cork. It lurched to one side and the crab basket and fishing tackle slammed against Leo's legs. In his hands, the slippery wheel fought against him, spinning one way and then the other. The bow dipped sharply and the propeller broke free of the waves, the engine screaming in protest. The sea roared its discontent, and before him, a whirlpool opened up, a giant vortex sucking everything to oblivion. Leo swallowed, fear closing his throat, ears deafened with the roar that sounded like a freight train. The Laura Jane lay on its side, dark, swirling water pinning it in its embrace. Whipped into a giant centrifuge in hell, Leo joined the speeding procession of marine debris. Above, a mountain of spinning, black water, below, a swirling orifice of black and green sank down to the depths of hell.
Leo clung to the cabin door, his legs floating in midair. The howl of a thousand devils shrieked in his head. The roof of the cabin ripped off in a whine of twisted metal. He looked up one last time, seeking the heavens. Within the madness, a strange calmness enclosed him. His fingers grew numb and slipped off the cabin door. Goodbye, Mom and Dad.

* * * * * 

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By: H.C. Brown | Other books by H.C. Brown
Published By: Hawt Books Publishing
ISBN # HCBRWN0000010
Word Count: 30000
Heat Index     
Available in: Epub, Adobe Acrobat

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About the book

Take one oversexed alpha male shifter add two or three delicious Fae males and shake well.

Ryland’s world is changed forever after the arrival of Lor, a sexy Fae male. Convinced to follow Lor into another dimension, Ryland discovers a world where free love with or more men is encouraged.

An excerpt from the book

Chapter One

“Are you sure that’s an Ecatnie?” Allure the Fair wrinkled his nose.

“A shifter from a thousand years in the future, is living here with the Nomags?”

Lor narrowed his eyes and glared at his brother. “I’ve watched him for over five years. Pride males don’t have his powers. Lady’s blood, he has an aura of magyck. He can retract his fangs! His eyes are violet with swirls of green and silver opalescence. I’ve consulted with Nox and he concurs, this male is an Ecatnie.”

“I can’t imagine why you waste your time mooning over a Pride male. What can you possibly do with him? He’s stuck here in the Human realm and no doubt contaminated by Nomag ways. If you reveal yourself to him, most likely he’ll try to kill you.“

Disgusted, Lor looked away. “This is my choice.”

“As you wish.” Allure the Fair cursed under his breath and disappeared.

Lor drew his wings closer around him and gazed down from his rooftop perch. A summer breeze brushed his cheek. Squirrels, dashed along the boughs of an ancient oak, jumping over each other in innocent play. His gaze dropped and lingered on the male sauntering along the sidewalk. Sunlight glistened on a sheet of copper hair resting on the man’s shoulders. He savored the sight of tight, denim jeans sliding over lean muscle, and the flex of golden biceps showing beneath the sleeves of his black tee. He wanted him.
Ryland Strange had become his obsession.

Drawing his glamor around him, Lor dropped off the rooftop and fluttered down silently to the sidewalk. He hid behind a bank of honeysuckle. Invisible to the Nomags in his Fae form, his magyck afforded him enough glamor to disguise himself as a Nomag. He morphed into a human male of about twenty-five summers. He drew in the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, waited until he heard the Ecatnie’s footfalls then stepped out into the street. Ryland collided with him, and his hard body sent Lor sprawling to the curb.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.” Ryland held out a hand.

For a few moments, Lor sat on the sidewalk, staring up into the young man’s eyes. He caught his breath; flecks of green and silver, sparkled like gems within the violet hue. The sight of his perfectly formed features, high cheekbones, long straight nose, and those lips — gods, so full and luscious, sent his heart hammering in his chest. First contact.
Head swimming, Lor touched his stinging cheek. He dragged his gaze away from Ryland’s face and glanced down at the smear of blood on his fingertips. He smiled at Ryland and took the offered hand. “I’m okay—I think.”

“My house is just here.” Ryland tipped his chin toward the neat red, brick house. “Come inside and I’ll take a look at your cheek. It’s the least I can do after knocking you senseless.”

Ryland closed his long fingers around Lor’s hand and pulled him to his feet. This close, Lor could almost taste the rich masculine fragrance oozing from him. He recognized the delectable, musky scent as pure, Pride male. His heart pounded. Ryland’s fingers gripped his hand, and his amazing eyes flashed gold for an instant before he let go. The man’s lips curled up at the corners. He stood back and a hooked one thumb in the front of his jean’s pocket.

Lor rubbed his palm on his pants and held it out as he had seen Nomags do in way of greeting. “Thanks, I’m Lor.”

Ryland shook his hand and his intense gaze drifted over Lor with undisguised interest. “I’m Ryland. Have we ever met before?”

Drawing a deep breath to steady his voice, Lor shook his head. “No, but I’ve seen you around. I remember watching you play football for the Knights.”

“Nah, not there in a club— Durk’s on Vine?” He turned to open the white, wooden gate and headed toward the front door.

Hmm, he really means; do I like males? Now that was straight to the point. “Yeah, I’ve hung out there a few times.”

The smile Ryland flashed him over his shoulder, made his knees buckle. He swallowed hard and followed him inside. Ryland’s intoxicating scent infused the house. Lor glanced around; the rooms off the hall were neat, tidy, and masculine. In the kitchen, a large, bright, airy room with windows overlooked a small garden.

"I’ll get something to clean up that graze.” Ryland turned toward a long bench. “It’s only a scratch.”

Copyright H.C.Brown 2013

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Nice review for Beg by H.C. Brown

Nice review for Beg by Serena Yates on Goodreads

If you like short, hot BDSM stories, if you enjoy reading 

about first encounters that may lead to more, and if you're 

looking for a light read with a bit of kink, then you will 

probably like this short story.

 Full review here:

Buy 'Beg' here

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New Release: Aiden's Training by H.C. Brown

Aiden's Training  by H.C. Brown

Book #6 Club Floggers

M/M/M, BDSM Erotic Romance

H.C Brown's sizzling sequel to Wanted:Two Doms

Aiden returns to Floggers and into the arms of his two Doms, Logan, and Connor. Thrumming with anticipation, he is anxious to get straight down to some heavy action. His men are more cautious and want to guide him slowly into their world of extreme pleasure pain. With Alec on his back about safety and the jealous Raoul causing problems in the band, Aiden must make a decision; to commit to the delights of two edge playing Masters or walk away forever.


Keys jingled and a door creaked open.  The heavy scent of candle wax percolated through the hood and lights danced in his peripheral vision.  He squinted trying to see through the fabric. Panic rode him, his stomach clenched.  These guys had their own torture chamber. He tried to swallow. His parched throat offered no saliva to coat his dry lips. The door clicked shut behind them and the sound of a bold sliding home reached him.

 Someone grabbed him from behind and held him motionless. Another pulled off his boots and slid the leather pants over his hips then dragged them over his feet. A warm hand cupped him then one finger slid beneath his balls to circle his hole.  From behind, a moist tongue delved into one ear. He swallowed hard and hoped his voce wouldn’t come out in a whine. “So you want to fuck me, right? Well that’s fine but use condoms; you don’t know where I’ve been.”

The man in front of him grasped the neck of his designer black tee and ripped it down the front as if it were paper then tore the clothing from him.  Naked he swayed, panic and arousal a heady mix. The silence of the men both scared and aroused him. The man behind him grasped one arm and led him across the room. Underfoot the tiled floor pressed cold against his feet. Positioned with his hands and feet spread wide, the men spent some time attaching him to the equipment. Aiden trembled in anticipation. The Doms used long leather thongs to attach his wrists to a metal frame above. A thin leather strap attached one ankle to the frame and then looped up to circle his cock and balls before extending to wrap around the other ankle.  Each binding followed the trail of the Dom’s fingers, giving Aiden the exact positioning of each knot. If he bent his knees, the leather thong tightened around his sac.  A harness encased his chest and the world shifted. The ground under his feet vanished and the pressure on the harness increased. The Doms had suspended him in midair. He panted trying to force air into his restricted lungs.

A warm pair of hands, scented with antiseptic hand wash crept under the hood.  A silk blindfold slid over his eyes and the hood fell away from his head. He gulped in air and caught a familiar scent of sandalwood soap. The exact same fragrance as the expensive supplied shower gel from Floggers. He sighed in relief; if these Doms were members, at least they’d be clean. He dragged a dry tongue over his lips. “Thank you Master.”

©H.C. Brown 2013.

Twitter: @hcbrownauthor

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Coming very soon

Aiden’s Training
Floggers # 6


Aiden returns to Floggers and into the arms of his two Doms, Logan, and Connor. Thrumming with anticipation, he is anxious to get straight down to some heavy action. His men are more cautious and want to guide him slowly into their world of extreme pleasure pain.  With Alec on his back about safety and the jealous Raoul causing problems with the band, Aiden must make a decision; to commit to the mindblowing  delights of two edge playing Masters or walk away forever.

Available from All Romance eBooks very soon.

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New Release from H.C. Brown- Wanted:Two Doms

Super hot M/M/M BDSM Erotic Romance.

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Book Blurb
Meet the new member of Club Floggers, Aiden, in H.C. Brown's New Sizzling M/M/M BDSM.

Aiden Lovett bass guitarist for Cold Heat has a problem; his Dom walked out leaving his libido stuck on overdrive. Convinced one Master is not enough to satisfy him, he advertises in Club Floggers for two Doms.
They say be careful what you wish for: Will Aiden accept the offer of Logan and Connor and take a ride on the wild side?—Hell yeah!

Copyright H.C. Brown 2013 

Aiden Lovett crushed the can of cola in one hand then threw it against the wall. The remaining soda splashed over the white paintwork. The drink crashed to the floor and spiraled across the tiles trailing its contents in a brown stream. “Asshole.” He spun around and charged toward the door. “Doms! Fucking Jesus what is it with you guys?”
“Whoa, just a minute what do you mean by ‘you guys’?” Alec stepped in front of his friend blocking his exit. “Have you had an argument with Jon?”
Anger pushed bile up the back of Aiden’s throat. His hands trembled. How could his Master walk out on him after two fucking years?  He glanced down at the large hand resting on his arm and forced his shattered nerves to calm. His friend’s long fingers curled around his bare flesh. The touch offered comfort but came from an unobtainable source. He’d worked beside Alec for the past three years in constant awe of the handsome Dom. The man’s rough pads, from years of playing guitar, stroked his skin. The closeness of the big delicious guy soothed him. Instinct had him dropping his gaze, submissive. “No argument—well not really. The asshole waited until we walked off stage then sent me a text message saying he’d moved out and left his house keys with our manager.”
“What brought this on?” Alec moved closer. “I had the impression you were in love with him.”
 No, he hadn’t loved Jon. In truth, they’d based their relationship on mutual respect and need. Jon had divulged his desire for another sub, one he couldn’t have, from the get go, and the knowledge had cooled any real feelings Aiden had for his Master. How could Aiden explain his situation and the problems he’d endured with Jon to another damn Dom? Aiden shrugged and leaned against Alec seeking a small piece of comfort. “I’m highly sexed and Jon, well, he turned forty–five last June. Look, I’m not going into details but I suggested we might perhaps, ask another Dom to join us.”
“Another Dom? Christ! So, I gather he didn’t take the idea very well?”  Alec led him to a chair. “Sit down and I’ll get you a drink.” He moved toward the bar set along one wall of the dressing room. “You might have offered to spice up your love life, first. I mean, if my boy had mentioned he’d wanted another Dom in our dungeon, I’d be pretty pissed too.”
Aiden sat before the dressing table and stared into the mirror.  He opened a packet of wipes and started to remove his stage makeup. The band, Cold Heat, had played to a full house. The thumping music of their latest album drifted from the stadium above and the raucous conversation leeched through the thin walls from their manager, Bill and the deep voice of Seth, the drummer punctuated by the flamboyant singer, and front man, Reef.  
Aiden sucked in a steadying breath. The rich smell of the finest scotch whiskey filled his nostrils a few moments before Alec slid a glass filled with the ambrosia under his nose. He dropped the wipes into the garbage can beside the chair then cupped the glass in both hands. He inhaled the rich malt alcohol and sighed. “Actually he didn’t say much at all. What we had together was nice. At first we screwed like rabbits.” Aiden smiled. “The scenes were . . . well, you know, predictable, Jon was old school. He had certain things that turned him on and the sessions became very repetitive, which was fine for the first year then I did ask if we could spice things up a bit.” He lifted the glass and sipped. The drink rolled like liquid silk over his taste buds then slid down his throat in a hot rush. He sighed in appreciation. “Well, Jon got all defensive, told me I was a sub and it wasn’t my place to say such things. He accused me of wanting switch play.” He pulled a face, which he hoped displayed his contempt at such an idea. “I mean—really—as if I could top?”
“You’ve had a good relationship outside the dungeon; I can’t see how talking about difficulties with your sex life should be a problem.” Alec rubbed his chin, his fingers rasping over his five-o-clock shadow. “The suggestion about having another man in a scene though, I’m guessing that would have made him a trifle angry. Doms are possessive creatures; the moment we collar a sub, we like to keep our boys to ourselves.”
Aiden lifted his chin and met the liquid chocolate gaze of the lead guitarist sitting beside him. His friend, Alec had collared his own sub about six months previously and had the relaxed air of a satisfied man. He shook his head. “Not always. At Whips there are at least three pairs of Doms who share one sub.” He downed the drink and gasped at the rush of heat hitting his belly. “I need to get away from Whips. I’m not sure I can cope with watching Jon with another sub. This club you go to, Floggers, do you think I’ll be able to find a suitable Dom or two there?”
“Maybe. I do know a couple of guys into switch play. Do you really want two Doms? Man that would take a special relationship. ” Alec flashed a pure white grin. “Just how oversexed are you?”
“Would I like to live with two men—yes? Am I at a level to handle two Doms—you bet your fucking ass I am?” Aiden held up his glass for a refill. “If I could have sex six times a day, I’d be happy—flogging optional.”
“And you’d be as sore as hell. You’ll need to find two men to match your libido.” Alec refilled his glass. “I’m not surprised your Dom had a problem satisfying you, I doubt one man could achieve that many orgasms day in and day out.” He placed the bottle of scotch back on the table and screwed on the top. “How many Masters do you believe like threesomes scenes anyway? It would mean sharing control, two Doms punishing one boy—that might be dangerous.”
Aiden smiled. “No it would be as erotic as fucking hell. I’m ready and willing to give it a try.” He cleared his throat. “I’ll need to try a few out and see if I fit. What I need to know is how do I make my intentions known?”
 “Well, come down to Club Floggers tonight, bring your latest blood tests, and I’ll get you signed up. You can place a notice on the board and see if anyone responds. I’ll ask Rio, the guy who owns the club, if he knows anyone who may be interested and I’ll introduce you.” Alec smiled. “And I do have two guys in mind I can ask.”
“Great, we have three days before the next concert. I’ll take a room close by and hang there so I’m available.” Aiden sipped his drink. “I’m feeling better already.”
“Oh, Lord, don’t try this on your own. Make sure I’m there or Nash. Don’t do anything stupid.” Alec had stripped off his stage clothes and stood gloriously naked in the middle of the room. “Dress in leather, something tight and sexy.  Those guys I know are into muscle. Call me when you get there. I live a block away and Nash is never far from the club. Get Bill to book you into the Eldorado its right next door.”
Aiden forced his gaze to remain on the man’s face. He’d had a secret crush on Alec for years but this delicious piece of ass, preferred twinks. He grinned. “Aw Alec, you’re so sweet but I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself.”
Alec’s expression turned into a mask of concern. “No you can’t.  It never hurts to have someone outside the dungeon in this kind of situation. Two Doms fighting for control, and you bound and gagged is a potential recipe for disaster. Take my advice and protection for at least the first time.”
Aiden grinned. “You wanna watch, Daddy?”
“Fucking A.” Alec cupped his balls. “But I don’t think my pup would be impressed.” He turned and moved toward the shower. “I was always told in school two into one didn’t go, it might have been interesting proving that theory wrong.”

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Cover reveal : Wanted: Two Doms by H.C. Brown

Coming July:

Super hot M/M/M BDSM Erotic Romance.

More details soon :-)


New M/M BDSM from H.C. Brown

Brand new sizzling hot M/M BDSM from H.C. Brown.

Buy Link:


 Rock band guitarist and  Dom Alec , likes to play the field but finds himself a challenge in the new sub Raoul.
              He must use every trick in the book to bring the deliciously handsome boy to heal  but will he get his wish and  make Raoul beg ?

                                New Release from Hawt Books Publishing 

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Coming Soon- New M/M BDSM from H.C. Brown

Brand new sizzling hot M/M BDSM from H.C. Brown.


 Rock band guitarist and  Dom Alec , likes to play the field but finds himself a challenge in the arrogant sub Raoul.
              He must use every trick in the book to bring the deliciously handsome boy to heal  but will he get his wish and  make Raoul beg for his flogger?

                                New Release from Hawt Books Publishing July 5