Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Check out my trailer for Betrothed to the Enemy
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Betrothed to the Enemy


Monday, September 21, 2009

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Working Hard

I've just finished editing a role-playing story Happy Birthday Babe and will get back to work on the third in the Pride Brothers Paranormal erotic series- Purrfect Lust
This book is flowing really well it’s a little different from the others I've added a bit of humor.
~so hold all calls.

Thanks Bryl

I must say thanks to Bryl R Tyne for her great review for Forbidden Love.
You can read it here;

Saturday, September 19, 2009

OUT NOW : Forbidden Love M/M Erotic Historical Romance Anthology Noble Romance – Stormy Glenn, H.C.Brown,Anna O’Neill Aleksadr Voinov -
My Outlaw- Stormy Glenn
Forbidden- H.C. Brown
Poisoned Heart- Anna O’Neill
Deliverance- Aleksandr Voinov

Title: Forbidden ( Forbidden Love Anthology)
Release Date: September 14, 2009
Author: H.C.Brown
Author Website: heathercbrown.bravehost.com
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: m/m, Historical - Warning: Erotic M/M- Light BDSM

England 1075—Sir Renoir Danier finds himself in an intolerable situation when
he is ordered by King William to marry an elderly Spanish countess. Five years
earlier, he met the great love of his life, Sir Sebastian. This deeply sensual dark
angel taught him all that a man could give to another. Renoir became a slave to
his erotic punishment. After a month of bliss, Sebastian sailed to Spain. Will he
return or leave Renoir with a shattered heart?

by H.C. Brown

That day dawned the same as this. He remembered every detail in
absolute clarity. The sun shone brilliantly that morning as he strode onto the
practice field. The soft, gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of honeysuckle.
Knights of the Spanish ruler, El Cid Campeador, were in England training
to compete in the Tournament. All of King William’s knights were encouraged to
uphold the reputation of the Norman king’s prowess in battle. Renoir, dressed
only in leggings, pushed on his helm and taking his sword in hand stepped onto
the field with his young squire . . . and time stood still.
In the middle of the field, a battle progressed. A magnificent Spanish
knight, naked to the waist, advanced on his opponent. He swung a heavy sword,
crashing it down without mercy upon a faltering challenger. Renoir stopped to
watch in awestruck admiration. His cock swelled as the dark knight stepped and
twirled in a deadly dance.
The knight’s hair, black as a starless night, clung to the thick sheen of
sweat across his muscular, bronze-skinned shoulders. Black leggings molded to a
rock hard ass and long, muscular legs.
Renoir caught his breath, transfixed as the man turned, raised his sword,
and delivered the deathblow, stopping short of decapitating his opponent. Then
he lifted his dark eyes to Renoir and winked. Dear God, his face was like a dark
angel’s, his lips so full and lush.
The dark knight’s deep sienna gaze travelled down Renoir’s body and
rested on his obvious erection. The heat from a blush crept up Renoir’s neck and
into his cheeks, but he could not look away. The knight inclined his head as if
assessing him and Renoir panicked. He would not survive a challenge from such
a man. Instead, he handed his sword belt and helm to his squire and headed for
the stables.
The hayloft provided sanctuary from his father when the grooms were out
in the field tending to the knight’s horses. Renoir walked past the stalls toward
the ladder that led above. He crawled into the hay and listened to the grunts and
laughter from the battlefield. Squires brought horses into the stalls and tended to
them, chatting with some merriment about their masters. Renoir laid still, the
rough hay prickling his bare skin. Safe in his hiding place, he amused himself by
chewing on a length of straw until the stable fell quiet but for the soft nickering
of horses.
After a while, the delightful aromas of roasting meat drifted from the
kitchen. Renoir’s stomach rumbled. He got to his feet and climbed down the
ladder, then stopped to brush dust and straw from his leggings. Footfalls
pounded on the pathway outside the stable door. Renoir glanced up. The dark
knight slid through the doorway, and they eyed each other in silence.
The knight inclined his head. “I saw your arousal when you watched me
Renoir panicked and stepped back as the knight loomed over him, his
musky scent sending a rush of heat to his loins.
“I beg your pardon, good sir. I meant no disrespect.”
The knight ran a hand through his hair and looked at him as if
contemplating his next action.
“‘Tis no disrespect, but your boldness will bring you undone. I am
Sebastian. And you are Sir Renoir Danier, or so my worthy squire informs me.
He also informs me that you have unusual tastes.” He ran his tongue across his
bottom lip and winked. “As do I.”
Renoir opened his mouth to reply when he heard a groom whistling
Sebastian’s lips lifted at the corners. “We will speak later?”
Renoir nodded.
Sebastian ran a finger slowly down Renoir’s cheek, turned on his heel, and
sauntered from the stable. Forbidden Love available now.

My interview on RWA blog

Come and read my interview on the RWA blog from 16th September.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


What an exciting week. The M/M anthology Forbidden Love is out on Monday 14th September.

My contribution is Forbidden an erotic Historical set in England 1075.
My first granddaughter arrived on 3rd September healthy with a mop of black hair.
AND... drum roll ....I've finally finished My Purrfect Alphas after dropping my laptop and loosing my mind.:-)