Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updated blog and web page

Well after celebrating Time To Live's rise to fame on Amazon this past few days, I decided to upgrade my blog and web page.

I hope you like the new look :-)
It meets the new lifestyle change and the Tai Chi...okay, don't laugh I need the exercise.
Also, I had a funny email asking me why I spend all my time on Cityville.LOL It would be nice if I had the time to it's not me but I am in control of the yes it is in my name. The players are numerous young, bored members of the family.... is that cheating? If you want to friend me its better to go to my Facebook author page...that is me.
Or join my fan group there's a link on this page. I often have special give aways for my fans.

Any how, take a look at the new pages ,  let me know what you think :-)

Don't forget the tour starts again next Tuesday....lots more prizes to win.

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