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Two Reviews for Betrothed to the Enemy H.C. Brown

Betrothed to the Enemy by HC Brown

Betrothed by the Enemy was a combination I love and feel is never often explored in books today.
 Based around the Saxon/ Norman conquer in England (1070) with elements of steamy romance
 and a fight.

Forced to succumb to her new Norman King, Saxon lady Angela of Parr becomes in a way an
 advocate for all the women of youth and the ability to produce an heir to force them into
 marriage with his knights.

I thought the concept would be a little predictable but taking it further back in history meant it
 really worked within the context of the story, every turn made each part of the short story enjoyable.

I loved how the author played on the emotions within this short novella by making the heroine jealous
 at certain points as I believe it added to the believability of the love story.

I would recommend this read for anyone looking for a quick, enjoyable read which will leave a smile
 when you put it down.

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Seriously Reviewed
Story: 9.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 18
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Historical Erotic
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Blurb: After her father’s death at the Battle of Hastings, Lady Angela of Parr is defenseless. Dragged from her estate and taken to London, she finds herself at the mercy of a ruthless Norman king.

William, the new king of England, plans to repay his loyal knights by offering them marriage to the landed Saxon ladies. Angela has no love for the Normans, but when she meets Sir Damien de Anesi she is instantly smitten and puts her reputation in jeopardy by secretly meeting with the handsome young Norman knight.

Their love blossoms until King William betroths Angela to a depraved old man and Sir Damien is forced to choose between his loyalty to his liege and his love for Lady Angela.

Review: Ms. Brown does an amazing job of capturing the reader and drawing her into the story. The characters are well-developed as is the plot. Little details enrich the story and lend authenticity to the setting. The love scenes are nicely done. Who knew knights and maidens could be so creative and naughty?

My favorite aspect of the story were the conflicts. First, Lady Angela was forced to deal with a new king who was not only responsible for the death of her father, but was also threatening to take her lands. Then there’s the conflict that arises when she finds herself attracted to a Norman. And, or course, there’s the jealousy and insecurity that go hand-in-hand with new love. Throw in the huge obstacle of a forced betrothal to a depraved old man, and you’ve got a winner! 

So, why not a 10? Well, I wanted more, a little more description and a little more conflict in certain places. 

Can’t wait to read more offerings from Ms. Brown!

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