Monday, November 28, 2011

Review Dancing on Flames by J.S. Wayne

 5 Star Review- Dancing on Flames by J.S. Wayne

In the aftermath of a raid on a band of child slavers, Russell and Ion of the Chosen of Fenrir find themselves baring their hearts and souls—and their bodies—to one another.
In doing so, they violate one of their clan's most sacred laws: Look not to your own kind for love.
Now, one will lay his life on the line on the Path of the Flame Dance, where the Earth Mother will judge whether the love they have is worthy—or a betrayal of their own blood. The other must watch as his lover walks the fire, or perishes in the attempt.
Stand or fall, the two warriors will never be the same . . . .

 H.C ' s  Review: 

  I have awaited this author's first M/M story with anticipation and couldn't wait to buy Dancing on Flames on release. The story of Russell and Ion's discovery of their love blossoms out of a mission to save children from slavers. J.S. Wayne creates characters with flare and the wolf shifters do not disappoint. His writing breathes life into the massive, wolf shifters, showing them to be men of integrity, strength and compassion. The hesitant discovery of their attraction and the way J.S. Wayne crafted the spellbinding outcome of their love brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

I will look forward to the next book in this series.

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  1. Hi, H.C.!
    Thank you SO much for the wonderful review! I was nervous about this, but after reading what you thought of it, I'm wondering why. ;) And yes, I'm working on a follow-up story now. Just gotta find a title... :D