Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Pick Review For Shifters & Demons

 Shifters & Demons The Vane Book 1
 Author: H.C. Brown
Genre: Paranormal Romance, GLBTQ,Ménage, Science Fiction, M/M,Shapeshifters
Reviewed by: Gabrielle
Dallin has been chosen by The Lady to be her champion. With Stryker at his side as lover and fighter, Dallin knows that he can face anything. When they find the spellweaver Lailii they know that she is their chosen mate and they will fight to the death to keep her safe from the demons and more. Yet it seems that it is not only the demons that wish to harm Lailii. A threat may come from closer than they imagine. Will Dallin and Stryker be able to save Lailii from all who wish her harm before all is lost?
I really enjoyed this adventure into the magical world of the Prides. Dallin and Stryker are great men and the love that they share is strong. They care deeply for one another and when they meet Lailii they want to include her in their bond. She may be small but Lailii is a strong woman who will fight to protect those that she cares for. I loved seeing the love grow between the three of them. As they fight not only the demons but also those at home that wish them harm, the three stand by each other and fight together. Always trusting in each other and knowing that they have a bond that cannot be broken, no matter what happens.
H. C. Brown has quickly become a favorite author for me. Her characters are always full of depth and emotion and this book does not disappoint. Shifters and Demons is a great mix of magic and romance with a good dose of adventure making this a book that should be on everyone’s to be read pile. 
Review Date:
Mar 28, 2011
eBook: $5.50

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  1. Wow Top Pick. I am soooo happy. This book has been unmercifully attacked by pirates since its release date so I really needed these uplifting comments. :-)