Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Review for Love Revisited Nash & Paul

MR Review
Reviewer: AlexJouJou

Nash is the big bad sexy Dom from theDominate Me story in Flogger’s Holiday Sale. He found his perfect sub in Paul—a newbie to the BDSM scene. Although a side story, the history of how they met and came to be together was very well done in Flogger’s Holiday Sale. From the beginning Nash has been a bit afraid of living again—of loving another sub. While he was very attracted to Paul right away it did take some work for them to get together. In Love Revisited, we get to see what happens next—after the rosy glow of the first few months has worn off. Now Nash and Paul live together and enjoy a committed relationship. So when Nash’s fellow Dom Rio asks him for help with a new sub, in spite of grave reservations, he agrees. Now that he’s agreed to the contract how will he explain this to Paul? And what is going to happen if he cannot make Paul understand?

Although this is a short little interlude I was very happy to see what was up with one of my favorite Dom’s Nash. There is something about a tall, strong, silent type Dom that is so appealing. Although you could read this as a stand-alone, I don’t know why you would whenFlogger’s Holiday Sale is such a good read and will provide you with all the background on how Nash and Paul got together. Although I was fond of Nash before it is true that he was not available emotionally in the earlier work but here I felt the author really let his feelings be explored. He became much more fleshed out and full to me and I felt more for him. The only comment I have is that I wish this had been longer—I got much more attached to Nash in this one! Love Revisited begs the question that many of us have faced in the past: how do you fix something you’ve caused and help the one you’ve hurt heal?


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