Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Review for Bite Here Too

BITE HERE TOO by Stormy Glenn & H.C. Brown

Bite Here Too by Stormy Glenn & H.C. Brown
Anthology, sequel
Noble Romance
Paranormal M/M – BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60592-176-1
Reviewed by Lisa

“Blood Sacrifice” by Stormy Glenn
Hitting the tourist spots in England Jordan ‘Jordy’ Daniels talks his two friends into seeing Stonehenge. One minute they are spending an evening at a nearby pub, the next Jordy wakes up in some kind of crypt hanging alongside his friends. Robed figures enter the room chanting followed by bloodletting. Because Jordy has knowledge of the occult he’s sure that they’re in big trouble when a cloud of black smoke rises and a seven foot demon appears. This is not the vacation that Jordy had in mind.

First comes the scary then comes the unexpected twist of fate in “Blood Sacrifice”. There’s unholy mating, hot sex scenes, and a major dose of miscommunication for Jordy and a demon. “Blood Sacrifice” packs a lot in a little bit and it’s all sizzling, entertaining good times.

“Enslaved” by H.C. Brown
At long last Chase Drake accepts who he is, a gay man. With that in mind Chase travels to Stonehenge to shout out his affirmation on All Hallows Eve. But his GPS screws up and the car breaks down. Seeing a beacon of some sort in the distance Chase walks on and meets a strange fellow named Si. He agrees to go with Si, but what happens next makes Chase wonder if he’s hallucinating from exposure or if all his wishes are coming true with a mysterious being from the Pride.

Hot enough to melt a snow bank;Enslaved” is incredibly erotic and very unique. Chase has his desires met and manages to cope extremely well in an alien setting. But understanding that Chase loves being a sub still doesn’t make sense for him to go from corporate lawyer to slave with only a slight whimper. Having said that, “Enslaved” is so sensuous, so intensely orgasmic the pages literally flame and it’s hard to put down untill the end. I’d love to hear more about the Pride, please.

Bite Here Too will make you squirm in your seat – it’s that wickedly carnal. The characters are primal and bold. Both stories are refreshingly unique and riveting. There are some bumps in the storylines, but it won’t stop you from enjoying Bite Here Too. Promise.

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