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Cyborg Doms:Fane Review from MR

MR Review
Reviewer: AlexJouJou

Fane and Jace are cyborgs who “work” for Gryd—a corrupt mob like character with a bark AND a bite. He has the two men basically as sex slaves who are dominants but Fane and Jace have figured out how to work with their artificial parts to override key areas. They know their time is limited and manage to escape going back in time through a wormhole to an earth that would just want to dissect them if anyone found out they were from the future.

On earth Fane meets a woman that he’s had dreams about—a doctor—and realizes she is the woman for him. Tamara’s not so sure about the whole cyborg from the future concept. She also harbors a secret desire to be dominated and even goes to a BDSM club to get familiar with what being a submissive involves. When the situation turns dire, it is Fane and Jace to the rescue. When it is their turn to need some rescuing will they be able to escape their future in the past?

Cyborg Doms combines two of my favorite genres within erotica, Sci-Fi and BDSM, so I eagerly picked this one up. H.C. Brown is one of my favorite erotica authors—although I’ve read mostly the male/male books she has written. I love the concept of cyborgs and humans and adding the dominant/submissive relationship enriches the story for me measurably. Although the book starts off at a brisk pace it soon slows down enough for you to catch up though I did wish it was a bit longer with more explanation of Tamara’s past and how Fane and Jace became cyborgs. I enjoyed how Tamara and Fane’s relationship developed and grew and how Jace continued to be integrated into the story leading you as the reader to want to read his story next!

As far as the more kinky aspects they are very mild and fit entirely within the story and seem very natural. They are also well written—not too much or too strong—and comes off as authentic to the characters. I loved the conversations that happened telepathically because I find that allows the author to provide a very unique voice for the character that really enriches the story. It also makes for much more exciting reading—keeping the reader involved to follow what is happening.

I eagerly await Jace’s story—one I hope is capable of really delving into his character because he is the more humorous and carefree character so I just know he’s got a lot bottled up inside!


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