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On Fire by H.C. Brown ARe Bestseller-----Got your copy yet?

Published by Hawt Books Publishing available only at All Romance eBooks

About the book

Gold Coast, Australia. Blake is immediately attracted to the new firefighter at his Golden Beach Station house, Sax Peters. However, the six-foot-five hunk is fifteen years younger and may be a much more smoldering, sexy man than Blake can handle.

An excerpt from the book
Surfers Paradise, Australia.
“Now that’s what I call a wet dream walking.” Grant moaned and cupped his balls. “Two ‘o clock leaning against the bar. Oh, shit he is HOT.”
Blake Harper shifted his gaze to the bar. Oh yeah. The tall, sexy, sun-kissed god turned slowly, giving him the full gamut of a delightfully muscular body. His white shirt, opened to the waist, accentuated his suntanned, hairless six-pack and framed deliciously bitable flat nipples. Blake’s gaze rested hungrily on the unbuttoned jeans, slung low on the man’s hips, showing a band of white boxers. He licked his lips at the prominent bulge and lifted his stare, slowly, taking in every inch of him. Oh boy, this guy ticked every box on his “I want to fuck you” meter.
Deliciously Handsome met his gaze with a slow smile and lifted his glass in a toast. Fuck. Blake’s mouth went dry. He lifted his beer in response and forced a small smile. His stomach dropped to his boots. The young man’s mouth quirked into a satisfied grin. Oh yeah, he’s thrown out his line and damned if I haven’t taken the bait like some sex starved teenager.
“I must be dreaming; he’s coming over!” Grant gripped Blake’s arm. “What are we going to do he is way out of my league?”
“Let go of my arm for a start. I’m not your date.” Blake glared at his friend. “Don’t, for fuck’s sake, say anything stupid. Be cool.”
The sexy man sauntered toward them and Blake’s attention went to the man’s face. Hell, with eyes as deep as the ocean, he looked as if he belonged on the cover of a romance novel. He stopped in front of them and inclined his dark head. His blue gaze moved in slow deliberation over Blake’s physic. Blake cursed under his breath; his traitorous cock was straining against the front of his jeans.
A voice like dark chocolate poured over him. “I know you; your picture is in the firemen’s calendar. You’re Blake, Mister July. Fuck, you’ve got a great ass.” Deliciously Handsome held out his hand. “Sax Peters.”
Blake shook the offered hand firmly. “Blake Harper. This is my friend, Grant Smith.”
“Nice to meet you Grant.” Sax ignored Grant’s outstretched hand and centered his attention on Blake. “I’m the new kid in town. I’ve been transferred from Sydney to the fire department at Golden Beach; I believe you’re based there.” He grinned at Blake and rested a hip on the bar seat beside the round, glass-top table.
Blake swallowed hard. Imagine working with him, I’ll be hard all day long. “Yeah, I’ve been stationed at Golden Beach for a little over five years” He gave Sax’s perfect body a frank appraisal and watched the guy’s six-pack ripple under his gaze. His mouth watered at the sight of suntanned bare flesh. He inhaled and caught a whiff of expensive cologne and clean male musk. He met the man’s amused gaze and forced words post the lump in his throat. “How come you didn’t get into the calendar; you’ve got a pretty fine ass yourself.”
“Thanks.” Sax grinned. “I made the Sydney one, Mister January. So . . . what’s it like working in Queensland? Do you run into any trouble being gay and a firefighter? Do the other guys on your team have any problems with you?”
Blake ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “Some of the older men have a problem, but here on the coast, it’s tolerated better than in the country.”
“That’s a relief. Can I buy you a drink? Another beer?” He glanced past Blake and raised a brow at Grant. “You don’t mind if I steal Blake for the night, do you? I wanna ask him about the ground rules at the depot.”
“No, go right ahead and have a chat. I’ll buy the next round.” Grant turned toward the bar.
“Sorry about that. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but to be honest he’s not my type.” Sax winked. “Now you, well I hope we can be friends.”
Blake’s legs turned to jelly. How a stunning, six-foot-five Adonis could be interested in him, a man of thirty-seven, he had no idea. Sure, he kept in shape but he wasn’t what a man in his twenties would be craving. He looked into Sax’s intelligent, oh-so-blue eyes and coughed. “Me? Hell, what have I got that could possibly interest a guy like you?”
“Experience on the job, and I’m guessing between the sheets. You have a hard body with plenty of muscle. I like that and I like a man to look like a man — rugged, not pretty like me.” Sax took a step closer.
Oh Shit, I am way out of my depth here. Blake inhaled Sax’s rich, musky scent mixed with a hint of sandalwood. He cleared his throat in the hope his voice wouldn’t come out in a squeak. “Have you found a place to live?”
“Yeah, I’ve rented an apartment overlooking the beach at Miami. I’m a beach bum in my off time and spend most of my time surfing. When I’m working, I like to run on the sand at daybreak, keeps me fit.”
Sax had moved so close his thigh brushed Blake’s jeans and heat from Sax’s body seared through the denim. So the sexy guy had moved into his suburb and he had the chance to watch the sexy bronzed Aussie jogging every morning before work. Oh my God. He straightened and concentrated on taking the next breath, Blake smiled. “That’s where I live. I live in the Waves building. I run every morning too. It’s strange we haven’t met before.”
“That’s because, I was living with a friend near Surfers, but I moved into the Waves building this morning. I’ll be out there every morning from now on.” Sax flashed a white grin. “This is getting better by the second. How about meeting me on the sand at six tomorrow morning and we’ll run together. My shift starts at nine.”
Blake laughed. Had his fairy godmother waved a magic wand or something, or would he wake up soon? He slapped Sax on the shoulder and allowed his hand to linger. “That sounds like a plan and there’s another coincidence it looks like you’re on my shift too. I’ll be able to introduce you to the boys”
“Sweet.” Sax grinned and inclined his head toward the crowded floor. “Wanna dance?”
Running his fingers over the beer coaster on the table, Blake shrugged. “I’m not comfortable dancing or public displays of affection.”
“You’re in a gay club, so you’re out. Come on, it’s a slow one; come and press that hard body against me.” Sax leaned in close. “I know you want to.”
Blake looked wildly around for Grant. Sax smiled wickedly, grabbed Blake’s hand, and pulled him onto the dance floor.
Blake hung back. “I’m not sure I can do this.”
“Yes you can. Look, it’s just you, the music and me. Forget about the other guys” Sax squeezed his hand. “Put your arms around me and sway” He grasped Blake’s buttocks and pulling him flush. He buried his face in Blake’s neck and his warm breath teased his ear. “You smell like sin.”
Blake shuffled his feet and moved slowly. The other dancers closed around them and under dimmed lights Blake’s confidence rose. He swayed to the music, his erection pressed hard against Sax’s package. He grasped the back of Sax’s neck, and his fingers brushed the dark hair curling at the nape. One dance ran into three. Sax caressed his ass with his long fingers and the man’s hot breath brushed Blake’s cheek. His cock ached with desire for this man and pressed hard behind the zipper of his jeans.
Without warning, Sax kissed him, dipping his scorching tongue deep into Blake’s mouth. He groaned and without thinking, ground against Sax, bringing a chuckle from his hot inviting mouth.
“You are so fucking hot. Come home with me.” Sax suckled on Blake’s bottom lip. “You want me, I want you. Let’s make it happen.”

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