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Guest Author: Morticia Knight_ What Attracts You to Someone?

Welcome Guest Author: Morticia Knight

What Attracts You to Someone?

If we’re talking a complete stranger, or meeting someone for the very first time – it is typically some physical attribute, or a combination of attributes. They have a nice smile, beautiful eyes, a great ass *snort*. But that’s just a first impression that doesn’t necessarily mean anything beyond a possible roll in the hay. If that’s not your thing – then what it would take for you to be interested beyond that initial spark?

If you want something that could lead into love, there had better be some sort of common ground to build your hopes and dreams on. In Lust Emergency, Book 3 of the Uniform Encounters series, Paramedic Terrence has finally found someone that seems perfect for him – the older, movie star handsome ER doctor, Jackson. However, Terrence has been a member of the Phoenix Sex Club, Sinsation, ever since his partner was killed. He hasn’t wanted to get too close to anyone. But Jackson seems like he ticks off all the right boxes for Terrence, and he might be ready to give up his party lifestyle. They’ve had a nice casual meet-up for drinks at a local bar, and Terrence has discovered that they both share a love for old movies, and classic style. But does that mean they’ll be picking out china patterns soon? In this excerpt, Terrence and Jackson have a date night at Jackson’s condo to share some Gable films, take- out, and?????

The new ER doctor is smoking hot, and the exotic African American paramedic can’t keep his eyes off of him. Tricky relationships and subterfuge at a Phoenix sex club almost drive a permanent wedge between the two, but a bombing at City Hall changes the endgame.

Terrence reached the glass outer door of the complex, picked up the phone and pressed Jackson’s number. He was quickly buzzed in and took the elevator to the fifth floor. Jackson had one of the corner units, and had told Terrence there was a great view from the balcony. Exiting the elevator, he then walked to the doctor’s door at the end of a long, grey plush carpeted hall. When he reached it, he raised his hand to knock, but the door opened before he had the chance.
I’m going to faint.
Jackson stood in the doorway wearing a pair of loose-fitting linen pants in a cream colour, with a flowing black silk shirt, the top two buttons undone. Framed by the dim backdrop of the front room—and a smattering of glowing candles—he was the epitome of a classically handsome movie star of the thirties or forties. Terrence was stunned into complete silence.
He is too perfect. This doesn’t seem real.
“Is that for me?”
Jackson’s voice broke the spell, and Terrence looked dumbly at the bottle of wine in his hand. Just then, a cat meowed and he stared as it wound in and out of Jackson’s long legs.
“What’s wrong with that cat’s face?”
“Oh, he didn’t mean that, Mr Nibbles.”
Mr Nibbles? You have got to be kidding.”
They both laughed and the tension was broken.
Jackson gestured for Terrence to come in, and he handed the wine to the doctor.
“Ah. A Sauvignon. I love Cabs.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Terrence said, taking in the sleek and minimalist surroundings.
Wow. The same that I like.
Jackson grinned. “It’s the type of wine. You did a great job at picking something out. Are you up for trying some?”
Terrence followed Jackson into his large open kitchen off of the dining room. His date pulled out a mysterious chrome appliance that matched the rest of the room’s look, and set it on the black granite counter.
“Sure. I can’t promise I’ll love it. I just bought what the guy at the BevMo! recommended.”
“I love that place. It’s a cash-sucking machine, though.”
“Tell me about it. I have enough liquor for a full bar from there, but I never even drink at home. I’m always out buying cocktails at the club.”
Terrence tried not to cringe.
Shit. Me and my big fucking mouth.
“Oh yeah? What club?” asked Jackson in an off-hand way while opening the bottle with what Terrence finally identified as an automatic wine opener.
“It’s in Phoenix. I’ll tell you about it later.”
“Phoenix, huh?” Jackson said, setting the wine on a deco-styled etched aluminium serving tray. He sniffed the cork, then put it next to the bottle. “Must be a great club to drive that far.”
You don’t even know a tenth of it.
“Uh, yeah. So what kind of cat is that? What’s with the little floppy ears, and that he’s all face. All flat face. I mean, he’s got great markings with those black stripes, I’ve just never seen a cat like that before.”
“He’s a Scottish Fold. I’ve had them since I was a kid on the ranch.”
Seriously? Not only the décor, but this? Now I have died and gone to heaven.
“Whoa. Forget about cats. I need to hear about this ranch.”
“Let’s sit down in the living room. Can I get you a drink while the wine is breathing?”
“Sure. Whatever you have will be fine.”
“Gin and tonic, or Manhattan?”
The smooth Terrence came oozing out again. “Why, Doc, I’m flattered you remembered. Gin and tonic is fine, thank you.”
Jackson looked pleased. “Excellent. You can make yourself comfortable in the living room, and I’ll bring our drinks.”
Stepping down into the sunken living room, Terrence was impressed with the plush white carpet, black velvet couches, and brocaded black and gold throw pillows. As he had passed through the entry area, he’d noticed a similarly styled black and gold smoking jacket hanging on wall hooks that were adorned with crystal knobs.
My movie star hero indeed.
Terrence thought it was cool the way the doctor seemed to match the furniture. At the far end, there was a large flat-screen TV mounted to the wall, and a black lacquer and glass entertainment cabinet below. An iPod bay with two Bose speakers sat on top, complete with a sound bar above the TV and woofer below. Looking through the glass of the cabinet, he could see that the doctor hadn’t been exaggerating about his movie collection.
Terrence sat right in the middle of the large couch, the love seat to his left and the balcony with a large sliding glass door to his right. He was raging with curiosity over where the doctor would choose to sit. He fidgeted with the Men’s Health, GQ and Vanity Fair magazines on the glass coffee table while he waited for Jackson. Mr Nibbles came over and mewed a very high-pitched meow and rubbed against Terrence’s legs. He reached down to pet the insistent cat just as Jackson entered the room with his drink, as well as a cheese and fruit platter.
He set both down on the table and picked up Mr Nibbles.
“I’ll put him in the naughty room with his toys and kibble, otherwise he’ll pester you all night for cheese and petting.”
“Sounds like my kind of cat,” joked Terrence. “Will I ever have to go to the naughty room?”
Jackson smiled, crinkling his eyes the way Terrence loved. “It depends. We’ll see how you behave. I’ll be right back.”

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