Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Behind the Book:Blond Truth Tamsin Baker

 Joining is today is Tamsin Baker for  my new feature Behind the Book.

Blond Truth

Story Inspiration:
Most of my stories don’t have much planning put behind them, and this one even less so than most. Heart’s Truth was written in a couple of blurry weeks. The characters came through to me very strongly, including the lovely and annoying Tommy- Marcus’s best friend and the source of some angst for our couple.
When I thought about writing a sequel, Tommy was the only gay character developed enough in the first book to be worthy of his own story- but what to do with him? Marcus and Danny were steady characters, down to Earth and more ‘normal’ than I cared to consider. Tommy is not. Tommy is a brat. A spoiled, naughty, antagonistic character.
Yes, he’s gorgeous, an architect and a good friend to Marcus, so the makings of a hero are there, but who is a match for him? I couldn’t give him a young gay virgin like I gave Marcus, it wouldn’t suit him.
I started the story with Tommy waiting on Marcus for some birthday drinks. Marcus turned up with Danny, which pushes Tommy into jealous mode… what to do with him?
My solution just walked in the front door. Danny’s boss, Big bear Ben. A man the size of a mountain. Hard working, successful, gorgeous and best of all, he doesn’t take any shit. Within a few paragraphs he’s called Tommy beautiful, threatened him and walked out of the bar. Tommy needs a strong hand and Ben’s perfect.
The story came to me in snatches and I’d write them down as they came to me, then fill in the missing pieces. I was and am still a little worried that people who enjoyed the first book, won’t like this one. The first story dealt with coming out, first time sex, family issues, everything.
This one is more about being true to yourself and letting someone you trust hog tie you, but hey, I’m an author who believes in letting the characters tell the story and this was the one they wanted telling.

Blond Truth by Tamsin Baker. Contemporary M/M. The sequel to Heart’s Truth
Tommy is thirty one, an architect, gay and gorgeous. Yet, no one has ever really ‘seen’ Tommy before. Sure, they all see his pretty face, blue eyes and hot arse, but they never care enough to see that he’s more than that. Tommy’s getting more frustrated by the day, especially with everyone pairing off. Even Marcus, his best friend and ex lover has found true love. But with little to no relationship experience, how will Tommy find what he needs when he doesn’t even know what that is.
Big Bear Ben is thirty nine, a power lifter and an extremely successful business man. He’s never found a man who holds his interest longer than a few months and having spent ten years under a pile of paperwork, he probably wouldn’t have noticed them even if he had met them. Tommy, a mutual friend sparks his interest like no other. The gorgeous brat brings out Ben’s Dominant side and when his chance arrives to get his hands on Tommy, he finds he’s unwilling to let go.

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