Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HC's Reviews : Sly's Surrender by R. Renee Vickers

Noble Romance Publishing
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By day, Sly is a take-charge, no-nonsense restaurateur, and at night she plays her hand as a demanding mistress. Sly has everything her heart desires: a successful business with loyal patrons, a gorgeous boyfriend and a flare for dominating in the bedroom. Everything she's ever tried has gone her way, every decision followed to success, every goal achieved, and yet she yearns for more.
One night, she decides to try something new, giving up her customary control to the tall, dark, and sexy Jake. Jake is put in a position to prove to his lover just what he's capable of, and Sly experiences the new pleasures to be found in letting someone else handle her reins.

 R. Renee Vickers debut book is a story of switch play. I found the premise of the story encouraging for a new author although, I would have liked to see the story longer with more attention to the ambience and attitude in roll playing. To me BDSM is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure and above all, respect and trust. This story would have been brilliant with a little more attention to detail and editing.
 I will look forward to reading more from R. Renee Vickers.


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