Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy days

I'm  happy. It has been a wonderful year. I am delighted with the  reviews and must say thank you to all those people from Goodreads and the recognised review sites for taking the time to review my work this year.
Time to Live was written as a novella for the Timeless Desire Collection and as another insight into the Floggers BDSM Club. I wish it could have been longer, in fact I cut out over 5K to make it fit.

Thanks to these people for supporting me:

The fans who took the time to email me this year, your support is fantastic, thank you :-)

 The following reviewers for Time to Live.

Black Raven ReviewsThe writing itself was fantastic! The visualizations were engaging. I was drawn into the scene and felt as if I was in the room with the characters. I would certainly recommend this as a fun read to

You Gotta Read Reviews : Coming out was never so hot.....Gabrielle.

QMO  by Serena Yates This is a book about discovery and finding the courage to live the way you want and need to.

Goodreads: Lauren Wild rated it 4 stars The uncertain sub meets the very certain dom. I love stories like this. Full of sex, bondage, possessiveness and a few tender moments. 

JustJen rated it  3 Stars This was a fun quickie. The bsdm is light and the story quite

 Great news: A Tryst of Fate is due for release on 25 February from Silver Publishing.

After inheriting a Georgian house in Barkley Square London, Colt  

Samuel, millionaire art dealer, finds himself obsessed by the portrait  

of the home's former owner, Lord Alexander Swift.  

During a chat with author, Jake Daniels, Colt discovers Lord Swift  

and his unnamed cousin had mysteriously disappeared from the  

cellar one evening, following Alexander's illicit affair with David  

Fitzhugh. Jake reveals Fitzhugh bears a remarkable resemblance  

to Colt.  

Colt decides to investigate Alexander's strange disappearance, and  

ventures into his cellar late one night to look for a secret  

passageway. When his torch fails, Colt finds himself transported  

back to 1775, and comes face to face with the man of his dreams,  

Lord Alexander Swift.  

Happy New Year my friends :-)

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