Friday, January 7, 2011

MR Review for Floggers' Holiday sale

MR Review
Rating 4 Stars
Reviewer: AlexJouJou

Floggers’ Holiday Sale contains two hot BDSM stories: Hot Dom, Cold Sub by Stormy Glenn and Dominate Me by H.C. Brown. The stories are connected by the two Dom’s who are friends.

In Hot Dom, Cold Sub, Rafe is a Dom who has never had a permanent sub. Instead he likes the variety offered by choosing a different sub every few days—it keeps boredom at bay and it protects his heart. When he catches sight of a sub known only as “D” dancing, his blood immediately heats and he sets out to make “D” his next diversion by turning on his dominance and charm. When Denny (“D”) refuses to be with him Rafe is completely taken aback—a sub has never refused him before. Denny has a plan though—one he’s been working on for two years. When Rafe bids on Denny at the annual holiday auction will he find himself rethinking the idea of a permanent collar?

In Dominate Me, Nash is an edge Dom—from his six foot five frame to his leathers to his nipple rings and chain he screams “I will make you hurt so good” to all the subs. Nash doesn’t only live his BDSM life on the edge he IS edgy—scared since his last long term sub left him he doesn’t want to get involved again to that level for fear of being hurt. Paul is a complete newbie to the scene and is overwhelmed by Nash’s demeanor and sexuality. When Nash wins Paul in the holiday auction can Paul be all that Nash needs or will Nash’s past come back to taunt him?

Hot Dom, Cold Sub was the more romantic of the two stories—and Rafe the more refined Dom. I loved that Denny spent so much time learning how to be a good submissive so he had the best chance with Rafe. I thought the plan he hatched up with the others was a little farfetched but in the end it accomplished the goal. Rafe and Denny make a very cute couple and it was encouraging to see that they could communicate and talk things out freely—and that Denny had enough fire in him to make the tough decision when it was called for.

Dominate Me took my breath away. I am a big fan of H.C. Brown’s writing—finding it extremely hot and with a grittiness that provides a nice contrast to the more feelings oriented BDSM stories available. While you do get to experience Nash and Paul’s feelings, Nash’s take charge and take no prisoners attitude is a big turn on. There is just something about Nash—supremely alpha and all man he takes control of the story from the first and does not let go, even when things are not going his way. He’s enough to make all the good little boys (and girls!) go all hot and bothered. Paul, as a sub with no experience, is really the perfect foil for Nash's hardnosed attitude. Together they are positively combustible.

Floggers’ Holiday Sale is a great compilation by two wonderful authors. Although the stories are different they share common threads including the biggest one: that communication between a Dominant and a submissive is the key to a healthy relationship. Sometimes you have to take a chance but you need not ever lose sight of who you are—happiness can be yours by being yourself.

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