Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Kisses Review for Burn from Two Lips Reviews

Title: Burn
Author: H. C. Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Genre: GLBT, Contemporary
Publication date: August 2, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60592-140-2
Pages: 34
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Tina

Heat Level:  M/M - anal & oral intercourse

Gold Coast, Austrailia has a firehouse full of the hottest men you will ever meet.

Firefighter Harper Cole is attracted to the new fireman at the station house.

Sax Peters is 15 years younger than Harper, who wonders how Sax feels about

hot older men. Lucky for him Sax likes older men. But will Harper’s insecurity

about the age difference drive them apart?

H.C. Brown has written a wonderfully hot little read with Burn. I loved

both Harper and Sax. If Harper were a woman we would call him a cougar.

He has it bad for Sax, and the feelings are mutual. The sparks shooting off

these two firecrackers were so hot I didn't want the story to ever end.

Unfortunately, it does have a last page. Frown