Monday, January 10, 2011

How Do You Measure Success?

What is success to you?

How do you measure success? I've thought about this a lot as I come to my birthday next Saturday. It's a milestone and made me ponder on my life.

Is it success in what you do? Your job? Finding a life partner? Giving Birth?

All these things are important to me. My husband is my rock and inspiration. Trust me, our life together has not been easy.

Hell, we would all like to be a millionaire or even a thousandaire. But money can't buy true friends or fans of your work or the love of a good partner.

Success for me also incorporates those people who appreciate me for who I am as a person. The great friends I've met and kept since my first book was published.
In truth, the emails from friends around the world and the kind comments from fans of my stories are worth more to me than anything money can buy.

Have a great 2011


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