Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Doms:One Pup by H.C. Brown hits the All Romance Top 100 Bestseller list.


Book Blurb

Joel Moon’s sightseeing days in Club Floggers as an inexperienced pup, come to an abrupt end when he  discovers he'd signed two contracts for the same night with rock star Reef Anderson, and the club’s owner Rio Knight; two  delicious edge playing Doms.


Reef Anderson moved to the stage door of the venue surrounded by a wall of bodyguards. His band’s latest hit thumped through the auditorium. The Cold Heat fans had expected his rapid exit from the building and had congregated on the sidewalk. Reef adjusted his balls to fit better inside his skintight black jeans. He had sex on his mind. The need to touch damp flesh and inhale the scent of aroused man and leather had become an obsession. His cock ached to be buried deep inside a squirming sub’s tight little well blushed ass. He needed to be in Floggers and have a smorgasbord of fine house subs to choose from but he’d promised Aiden he’d go to a party and his friend had hired the entire top floor of a hotel. With any luck, he’d be able to get away in a couple of hours to find some ass.  He turned to wait for Aiden, the bass player, to catch up. He grinned at his friend. “Are you heading down to Floggers later or will your Doms be anxious after not getting any action for two weeks.”
Aiden’s full mouth curled in a smile. “I’m horny so I hope we’ll do both. You’ll be set. I’ve invited Rio and there are plenty of bedrooms available.”
Reef chuckled. His nights of hot sex with Rio away from their roles as Doms in Club Floggers was a distraction— a very nice distraction. He cared for Rio and their torrid sex affair had surprised many people. Two tough guys getting it on. Hell, he never had to worry about hurting Rio; the man wanted him hard and heavy. The problem with a relationship with Rio meant it had to be outside the club. Inside Floggers, their Dom personas took over.  Neither would switch play and both preferred twinks to dominate. He raised both brows. “I’m hungry for ass and Rio will do just fine. I do appreciate that you thought about me and invited him.” He glanced into the crowd.
“That’s what friends are for.” The blond sub pulled on Reef’s leather vest to get his attention. “Hey, look at the guy in the yellow shirt by the cop on the barricade, isn’t that the pup we had dinner with at Floggers? What was his name?”
Reef’s attention slid over the slim young man with the amazing aquamarine eyes. There had been a buzz between them on the night but the discovery the boy was a vanilla virgin had dampened his enthusiasm. Although, the idea of being the man’s first lover had an appeal he’d left him untouched and found some hot down and dirty action with a house sub. He smiled at Aiden. “His name is Joel Moon.”
“So, did you get it on with him after I left the other night?”
“Nah, he’s a sweet boy but I think he may have fame blindness.” Reef sighed. “He gave me that dreamy look all through dinner; you know the one. The pup has a crush on my image and that means eventually he’ll wake up and smell the coffee. To be honest, I didn’t want to hurt him.” He sighed. “But I wanted him and you should give me points for not taking him home for the weekend. Man the idea of training a pup has been my fantasy for years.”
“You’re crazy.” Aiden frowned. “He likes you but I’m sure he understands the implications of being in Floggers. Rio gives all the new guys the third degree before he allows them to join- he sure did with me.” He shrugged. “You like him and yet you’d give him to another Dom when your reputation in scenes is legendary. Give the pup a break.”

 I’m a fool. The boy is delicious and if I take it real slow . . . hmm he is certainly worth the effort. His cock saluted in appreciation of the thought of a night of ultimate bliss that may well lead to more. Reef laughed and slapped Aiden on the back. “That’s nice but look at him, he’s a fan and you know very well, I’m not the guy I portray on stage. But if you think I should do the right thing, I’ll bring him to the party.” He turned to Jimmy, his bodyguard. “The guy in the yellow shirt, he’s a friend. Get him in the limo will you?”
“Yes sir.” The bodyguard gave a curt nod. “I’ll instruct security.”
“Will Conner and Logan be coming to the party?” Reef rolled his shoulders and shoved at a large man standing in front of him. Overzealous bodyguards, stinking of body odor had become par for the course of late.  He rolled his eyes at Aiden. “I hope so, because if I have to spend another minute watching Alec and Raoul climbing over each other I’m gonna blow a gasket.”
“Conner’s playing a gig tonight but they’ll drop by later.” Aiden pushed the hair from his face. “I wish I had at least one of them here, I’m in desperate need of some discipline, not to mention a night of hard lovin’” He took a step back. “Don’t look at me like I’m your next meal. You have a pup looking for an owner within reach and Rio available if Joel doesn’t work out.” He jerked his chin toward the crowd waiting outside the building.
Reef wet his lips. “I have to admit having a boy close all the time has its benefits. Raoul drives me insane too but Alec has a satisfied expression twenty-four-seven. In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him this crazy over a sub.”
“It will be our bad luck if he marries him. The man hates me with a passion and I have no idea why. It’s not as if I’m trying to catch Alec’s eye—I have my own Doms but that bitch is convinced the second I’m alone with his man I’m gonna drop my pants.” Aiden rubbed his chin. “I’m dreading the next tour if he’s coming . . . unless I can bring my guys but I guess that’s out of the question. Logan always goes on tour with Connor.”
Reef laid an arm over Aiden’s shoulder. “The next tour is Rock in the Park, and there’s every chance Hard Trash will be on the ticket.  You should suggest the gig to Connor, I’m sure he’ll make it happen.” He squeezed his friend’s shoulder. “I’m guessing both of them are missing you too.” He chuckled. “But next time you ask me to take nudie shots of you for their enjoyment, I’m refusing. Nash is the guy for that job. He has a full time man. Me, I’m just dangerous around naked, hard, subs period.” He sniffed Aiden’s neck. “And you smell good enough to eat.”
Two white limos drew up the curb. A security guard moved to the barricade took Joel by the arm and led him away.  Reef smiled. In the rush to the car, no one would notice the guard slipping Joel into the limo.  He heard a roar and turned to see Alec with one arm wrapped around his boy waving to the crowd. Beside him Seth, the drummer stood with his hands buried in his pockets, his face set in stone. Reef sighed. Seth needed a man; he was a nice guy but had trust issues. Fuck, the man hated crowds and the moment the band shot to stardom he’d become withdrawn.  I’ll have to find you a Master one of these days. Someone to give you what you need.
 He smiled. Cold Heat consisted of subs, Doms, and amazing musicians. They’d never hidden the fact they were gay but had kept their private lives private. Although, Seth hadn’t taken the plunge. He was sub material but insisted he’d not found the right man to Master him.
“Okay the car is in position. Are you ready to move out?” One of the bodyguards met Reef’s gaze.
“Yeah let’s do it.”  The doors swung open and he stepped out into the cool night air.

Copyright H.C.Brown 2013

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