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Hot New Release from H.C. Brown & Keva D: Dear K : Read the AO excerpt.

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  I am very excited about this new release and the first of ours from Steam eReads which if you don't know is a super author friendly publisher in Australia.

I have great fun writing this story with KevaD AKA David Kentner. It is a little dark in places, exciting, and  super hot, melt the eReader sexy. So I do hope you all enjoy sliding into the sex fantasy world of Dear K.
H.C. Brown.

Three stories in one.

DEAR K: We make fantasies reality.

Lynda joins the Dear K web site for a little private pleasure and Internet experimentation in BDSM. But the shy woman’s game play draws the interest of the Dom, Shayd. One night Lynda’s phone rings, and the delicious voice on the other end commands her desires into a world she never imagined could leave her breathlessly asking for more.

Danielle’s perfect suburban life with the perfect husband and perfect home is a fraud. Her husband is a lying, cheating asshole who has destroyed their marriage, leaving her longing for a memory that never was – the school crush that never happened. Now, K has located the memory turned fantasy and is about to drop him in the middle of Danielle’s wildest dreams.

Brianne’s married lover leaves her beaten and barely alive. Then a stranger kidnaps her to the life he lives behind the letter K. K isn’t “normal,” or at least what Brianne thought the word meant. Still, the dangerous and way too handsome K promises her revenge on the man who stole her ability to trust. And all she has to do is handcuff herself to a chain suspended from the ceiling. Yeah. Right….


Lynda swallowed her drink and placed the glass on the bar. “Yes, Master.”

 She gripped his long fingers and the warmth of his hand comforted her racing heart. Tingles of anticipation excited her nerve endings. Sweat slicked down her back. She glanced around the dimly lit room. The club had a musky smell of aftershave and leather mingled with stale alcohol and some kind of exotic floral fragrance she hadn’t encountered before. Rock music thudded out of speakers high above a polished wooden dance floor. The area flashed under ever-changing hues of colour. Laser beams zapped intermittently in shifting shapes over the dancers’ heads. She let her gaze travel over the scantily clad couples moving with liquid grace to the tribal beat.  A Dom walked by with a squeak of leather pants leading a woman on all fours. The sub followed in silent obedience, her pendulous naked breasts swaying, long hair covering her face. Lynda stared after the sub and swallowed hard. The woman wore a thin, leather G-string cutting deep into her glowing buttocks.

 “Does that turn you on?” Shayd led her into an old-fashioned phone booth and out the other side toward a darkened hallway, two steps in elevation.

“Cute. They get that from a movie set?”

 “How about answering my question. Or do you need to be punished already?”

 Lynda chomped hard on her bottom lip to prevent the tremble. Had she made a mistake coming here? The place had all the characteristics of an orgy about to explode into a mind shattering orgasm. She stumbled on the dark steps. Shayd slipped his muscular arm around her waist and pulled her against his hard body. The contact of his searing flesh sent ripples of desire surging into her pussy. Her nipples tingled and grazed against the silk of her shirt.

The thought of his mouth easing the need in the throbbing peaks made her legs weak. She fought for words. “No, it makes me a little nervous. I couldn’t do that… be led around in public practically naked.”

 “I wouldn’t want to display you like that either. I don’t like humiliating women.” He grinned. “But if you want to lick my leathers, well, that’s a big turn on for me.”

 Lynda stared into his deep blue eyes. “This isn’t what I expected. You’re being so nice. Respectful. I thought you’d be rude, slap my face and order me around a lot.”

Shayd cupped his warm fingers under her chin. “Is that what you want from me?” He bent to take her lips in a scorching kiss. He lifted his head and his sultry eyes met hers. “I can give you whatever you need, babe.” He pulled her against the hard length of him and made love to her with is hot, sexy mouth.

 Off balance, Lynda inhaled the heavy, wild scent of him. He plundered her mouth and she met his probing tongue in an erotic dance. Dizzy, she melted into his embrace. His demanding kiss and the slow grind of his hips against her mound drove her crazy with need. She wanted to sink her fingers in his hair and never let him go. Her back hit the wall and cold seeped through her shirt.  Shayd lifted his head and raised one dark eyebrow. His eyes sparkled with mischief. He licked a wet path across her chin.

“You’re a wild one. Come into my… ah… office, while I get changed.” He moved down the hall and flung open a door.

 Into his office? Now? So aroused her knees trembled, she clung to him and moved inside the small plasterboard room. The scent of leather and Shayd’s spicy aftershave wafted over her. Her mouth fell open in amazement. BDSM paraphernalia littered every spare inch of one wall. Assorted leather outfits draped another.

 “Take a seat. My client likes his Dom in latex, so I wear a suit.” Shayd stripped off his clothes. “I’m gonna tie you to a chair so you can watch me discipline BBB. Then I’m going to put you over my knee, slide that skirt up over your ass, and spank you for not answering me when I’ve asked you a question.” He glanced down at her exposed thighs. “Open your legs and show me your pussy.”

She lowered her lashes, submissive, compliant, the way he wanted her to be. Her lips throbbed from his intimate kiss. Right now she would walk on hot coals to have him kiss her like that again. She opened her thighs to his intent gaze. Cool air bathed her hot wet pussy. “Yes, Master.”

 “Good girl. Hmm, you look so pretty and wet for me. I can’t wait to taste you.”

Lynda followed the downward slide of the zipper of Shayd’s black leather pants. She licked her bottom lip, mesmerized at the tantalizing peek of hairless tattooed flesh revealed. Shayd gave her a slow smile and slid the pants down his legs. Heart thundering, Lynda’s attention flew to his groin. The thick semi erect length twitched and she lifted her chin to meet his amused expression. Heat flooded her cheeks. She dropped her gaze to the floor. Damn, this man embarrassed her on so many levels. A black T-shirt dropped at her feet.
 “Look at me.”

 Lynda raised her head. Oh. My. God. Shayd stood before her in all his male perfection. Tribal ink decorated a path across half of his chest, curled around his navel, and swirled down one thigh. Gold bars pierced his small, erect brown nipples. The warm musky scent of him flooded her nostrils and she breathed him in, hungry for a taste of him. Her mouth watered. Desire clenched her pussy.  He. Was. Magnificent.
“What are you thinking?” Shayd took a step toward her and stood close.
 How could she express the erotic thoughts ramming into her brain? Heat from his body spilled over her. She cleared her throat and pushed out words in a husky whisper. “I want to lick your tattoos.”

“That sounds like fun. I’ll allow you a little taste before we meet BBB.” He grasped the back of her neck and pressed her face to his thigh.

 Lynda pushed out her tongue and swiped a wet trail along a black line of ink. Salty musk exploded over her taste buds. She rubbed her cheek over the hairs on his thigh, and kissed a line to his groin. She nuzzled his naked balls, inhaling the masculine scent of him. His thick cockhead jerked and leaked a pearly bead of pre-cum. She groaned and pressed her lips across the slit.

 Shayd sank his fingers in her hair and dragged her away. “Not yet. Unbutton your blouse. I want to see your tits.”

 Lynda stared at him in disbelief. Her pussy soaked the wooden seat. She ached for him. She slipped each tiny button free with shaking hands. A wave of doubt hit her. Her breasts were naturally full. She didn’t have the slim, trim body of most women in her twenty-five year old age group. She opened her blouse, unable to look at him. He cupped her breasts and squeezed the nipples.

 “You are so fucking beautiful.” His touch sizzled through her.

 She arched her back in delight. Did he really say that? She lifted her chin and caught his appreciative gaze. A warm glow crept around her heart. Could Shayd really want to be with a plain Jane like her? When he moved away she let out a sob of need.

He turned and gave her a sexy smile. “I like my subs to be hungry for my touch.” He took a mask from a nearby shelf and handed it to her. “Put this on. I don’t want my client recognizing you.”

 She placed the black mask over her eyes and tied the string. In front of her Shayd moved swiftly, donning a one-piece latex suit that hugged every inch of his arousal. He pulled on an intimidating Phantom of the Opera style facemask before selecting a long whip from the collection on the wall, two floggers, and a ball gag. He grasped her arm and led her into the dim hallway. Embarrassed, Lynda clung to the open ends of her shirt to cover her exposed breasts.

 “Hands behind your back.” Shayd used a key to open a thick wooden door. “Get inside.” He pushed her into a dimly lit, dank room of rough stone.

Holy hell. This really is a dungeon.  

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