Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Release Day- Colt's Obsession by H.C. Brown

Time Travel M/M Erotic Romance

When a gloriously handsome  stranger arrives from the future, Lord Alexander’s life, in 1775, turns into a whirlwind of erotic delight. Unfortunately, nothing runs smoothly. His new lover is mistaken for a debtor and kidnapped. Will Alexander be able to rescue the tall sexy American with the Guns ’n Roses tattoo on his ass—and trust him with his heart?


 I hope you enjoy this  very sexy time travel story .

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Excerpt AO

Alexander’s heart thudded against his ribs. He would surely die of an apoplexy from such wantonness. This man, this strange visitor, had thrown him out of kilter. He drew in the delicious scent of Colt Daniels, a haunting aroma that matched his physical beauty. Christ, the sight of Colt’s deliciously bare skin would turn any man of his predilection into a raving buggery fiend. He placed a hand on the man’s hard chest, moving his fingers over the taut ridges of muscle. The thud of Colt’s heart under his palm gave him cause to smile. No vision could have a heart that beat so strong.
With a sigh, Alexander ran his fingers over Colt’s arms and delighted in the way the rippling muscles tensed under his touch. Like silk over steel, the man’s golden skin stretched over a flat stomach and powerful thighs. David Fitzhugh had nothing to match Colt’s beauty. Indeed, Colt Daniels was like no other man in his time.
Alexander gazed at the man’s heavy shaft and naked balls, his mouth watering with the desire to taste the throbbing flesh. He bent his head to dip his tongue inside his lover’s navel and grinned in joy at Colt’s chuckle. “You are ticklish, how delightful.” He glanced up to meet Colt’s smoldering gaze. “Would you kiss me again? I find your kiss most desirable.”
“Come here, I want to kiss you too—hell, I wanna kiss you all over.”
With a moan, Alexander crawled up Colt’s body. The man slipped warm hands around his waist, lifting him across his lover’s broad expanse of muscle. The heat from Colt’s delicious body seared his flesh, and his lover’s hard rod pressed into his belly. Colt brushed his full lips across Alexander’s mouth in a kiss as tender as angel’s wings. His lover’s hands caressed the length of Alexander’s cock, exploring, teasing with gentle fingertips. This small devotion filled Alexander’s shaft to bursting. Flames of sweet desire licked his balls.
Time slowed in this world of tenderness. Alexander relaxed and gave himself to the simmering heat. With slow deliberation, Colt nibbled at Alexander’s lips, his sharp teeth grazed, teased. Alexander trembled with delight. The man used his hot tongue in gentle persuasion to open and explore. Alexander fell into an abyss of deep longing, of the awakening of emotions pushed deep down from fear of exposure. He melted against Colt, feasting on the man’s mouth, drinking his sublime taste laced with the subtle bouquet of rich wine.
With a long sigh, Alexander lifted his head. He kissed the corner of Colt’s delicious mouth, licked the stubble on his square chin, and then gazed into those midnight eyes. “Make me yours, if only for this one night.” He rolled onto his knees.
“Not like that. Wait.” Colt reached for a small strip of thin metal and ripped the very end off, squeezing it until a small round disk dropped onto his hand. “This is a condom. I know you have something similar—ah, let me see—a prophylactic. They prevent pregnancy and disease.” He put the disk upon the tip of his cock and rolled a gossamer-thin cover down over it. “Come on now, don’t look at me like that, I know you’re not diseased—but do it my way until I’m sure, okay?” Colt took the oil and covered the condom.
You do not trust me … but I will do anything to have you. Alexander met the challenge in Colt’s eyes. “Very well, but how do you think to poke me this way?”
“Come here, knees either side of me … yeah, like that. I want to touch you.” Colt reached for the bottle of oil again and spilled a little on his fingers. “You have such a sweet little ass—arse.”
With a quiver, Alexander gasped at the erotic delight of oily fingers exploring his bunghole. Consumed by need, he drowned in Colt’s murmurs of encouragement and fell against his lover’s hard body, seeking a kiss. Their mouths met in a fever of longing, tongues dancing in exploration. Colt’s warm hands caressed Alexander’s buttocks, his hips, sending shivers of delight with each tantalizing glide across his flesh. Under him, Colt rolled his hips, bringing the tip of his hard cock against Alexander’s hole. Sitting this way, with his legs spread wide open across Colt, he could only wait for the delight to come. Alexander moaned at the insistent pressure and forced his body to relax. With a feral growl, Colt dug his long fingers into Alexander’s hips and eased inside. The man held him firm in his strong arms, and with purrs of encouragement, gently pushed his hot cock deeper. Alexander panted against the intrusion, his bunghole stretched to the limit. So hot, so big, the massive size of Colt’s shaft frightened him. His muscles bunched against the pain. “You are too big; I fear you will split me in two.”
“Relax; take a few breaths. Good. Now sit up nice and slow.” Colt met his gaze. “Better now?”
Alexander pushed his fear aside and relaxed. Within seconds, the pain subsided. “Yes.”
Arms trembling, Alexander pushed himself up. The moment Colt’s thick shaft slid deep, waves of intense pleasure shot into his balls, filling him with unquenchable lust. The room swayed, and Colt’s touch became a soothing caress over his hips, his back. Pressing his palms on the man’s chest, Alexander tried to rock forward. “I cannot move—you have befuddled me.”

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