Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cover for "Hurt Me Good"

Hurt Me Good is due for release on 5 November from Dreamspinner Press

Take a look at the fantastic cover by Paul Richmond


Harper Cole may look like a best-selling author doing research for his next book, but underneath it all, he is a badass Dom and ex-rock star looking for a sub. When he meets a sexy stripper at the local gym, he uses the pretense of doing research for his next erotic novel to get close to the delicious man.
To the world Flame is a self-confident male stripper and acclaimed modern dancer, but deep down, he carries a crippling secret that stops him from trusting anyone. When Harper saves him from a life-threatening attack, Flame starts to open up, and even though his vanilla preferences don’t exactly match with Harper’s plans, he finds himself attracted to the big Dom.
Their worlds collide, leaving both men reeling. Harper is determined to show Flame the benefits of taking a ride on the wild side, but Flame cannot trust his heart to another man. What will it take to bring these two men together? It’s up to Harper, as the Dom, to make it happen… if it’s possible at all.


  1. Love the cover, the tattoo's awesome! Can't wait for it to come out!

  2. Thank Emily. I can't wait to write the sequel. I really loved these two guys.