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Guest Author- Kelly Lee

Greetings HC Brown!!

I'm thrilled and honored to be visiting today. And let me just say congratulations on your 2011 CAPA nomination! You make us all so proud….

HC- Thank you, I am delighted to be nominated :-)

 I wish I could say I am one of those authors whose been writing since childhood, but I'm not. Writing a book was a bucket-list type of thing for me, and when I got started, woo-boy, let's just say the experience sank its claws into me and I hope it never lets go.

On the flip side, I've always loved reading. When I was a kid, I'd go down to the local "five and dime"—yes, they still had those, and no, I'm NOT that old—and hunt through the book rack for Trixie Belden mysteries. I still have a couple dozen of those old books, and can't wait until my children are old enough to enjoy them. As I grew into my teenage years, I'd sneak my mom's Sidney Sheldon novels and read them surreptitiously under the covers with a flashlight. Windmills of the Gods and Master of the Game were deeply life changing. Okay, maybe not, but they certainly got my blood pumping for the first time while reading a book, and THEN I was forever changed.

Many years later, I had another life changing event. I backpacked through Europe for three weeks visiting Paris, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Rome, Florence, and Athens. I became a Greek mythology junkie. Ares and Aphrodite, Apollo and Daphne, Eros and Psyche…. They invaded my thoughts at odd times of day and night, and I began to formulate stories about them using the original myths as starting points, eventually morphing them into plotlines for contemporary Urban Fantasy. Eventually, those musings coalesced into the very humble beginnings of the Four Realms series.

The first book, MURDERING EVE, was released a few scant months ago, and I'm beyond excited. I've completed the second book in the series, entitled BATTLE HEAT, and I've just begun writing the third – working titled DEFIANCE. It's fascinating to watch characters grow and evolve, while some fade into the background and new ones come to the forefront. Most days, they surprise even me.

Because I know many of your readers enjoy erotic romance, I hand selected one of the steamier scenes from Murdering Eve, just to give you all a taste. J


Their lips pressed together gently once, twice, and then she felt him pull back. She tugged a little harder, but he was immovable, his self-control ever-present, even though he'd claimed to have none left.

She snaked her tongue over to his, coaxing, and she felt a tremor of anticipation when his breath sucked in sharply at the delicate mingling. In a moment of suspended animation, Eve held her breath, as frozen in place as Whit was. She stared into his eyes, and saw the first crack of his resolve, like fissures erupting in a dam right before an explosion of water breaks through. Arching her back so her breasts brushed against his chest, she closed her lips on his tongue and gently sucked, eliciting a roar from deep in his throat that set fire racing through her veins.

The next few seconds were a blur. One minute he was poised over her, his body taut and coiled like a snake ready to strike; the next he was on top of her, flattening her back into the bed of leaves that comprised the floor of her shelter. He supported most of his massive weight by his arms, but there was so much of him. The heaviness of his muscular upper body wasn't smothering, it was comforting, and she wanted more. The harder he pressed into her, the harder she wanted it, thinking a hairsbreadth of empty space between their bodies was too much.

Eve craved his bare skin against hers, but she couldn't tear her fingers out of his hair to rip away the offensive clothing. Even if she could, her brain had shut down all cognitive thought. She knew he only had two hands; one of them gently cupped the back of her head protectively, and the other grasped her waist. But like the night before, standing in the cabin, she felt his hands everywhere at once. Fingers of air dragged up the back of her legs, and the flat palm of an invisible hand against her belly moved lower, throwing Eve's mind into a frenzy of lust.

Whit's real hand shifted to her thigh, and reality snapped back into focus with intricate clarity. His upper body covered hers, his legs stretched alongside hers. She was wound up so tightly, her knees had locked together. He whispered seductively in her ear. "Open for me, Eve. Spread your legs."

Eve felt her insides liquefy in response to the intimate words. He inched his knee in between hers, and the top of his thigh rubbed against her core, making her want to shout in ecstasy. She wriggled against it, loving the pressure of his thigh.

Simultaneously moving her hands to his shoulders for leverage, she hooked one ankle around his leg and scooted her body further under him, freeing the opposite leg to wind around his waist. She groaned with pleasure at the warmth of his groin pressing against hers. His lips moved to hers again, but gently, taking his time. She struggled against his languor, tempting him to more rigorous foreplay by tilting her pelvis up into him. The distinct outline of his erection pressed against her jeans.

Whit was having none of that. Taking advantage of his superior position, he smashed his lower body against hers, pinning her hips perfectly still. He lifted up, holding his body off hers with one arm. The look on his face was rapturous, but controlled. His free hand traced the lines of her face. When he ran his finger across her lips, Eve impatiently nipped at it, grazing it with her teeth. He swooped down and feasted at her mouth, leaving her breathless.
"Be still. Let me look at you," he said. "Close your eyes."
She did—and she could still see him. Well, not really him, but the waves of energy spinning off him. His energy pulsed and shifted with his movements and thoughts, and Eve could see them all. As his fingers traced the line of her collarbone, she felt his gaze roving over her breasts, to the center of her heaving chest, and down her belly. The soothing caress felt like swirls of cool wind through her clothes. Her nipples hardened in response as she felt his gaze return to her breasts.

The sensations were unbearable, until the warmth of his hand cupped her breast. He ran his thumb over the tight peak. Eve reached up to his nape to drag him back down to her and he complied, but with a delightful detour. He roughly pulled her shirt to the side, and the heat of his mouth blanketed her nipple through the lace of her bra.

With a wantonness that surprised her, she hiked her legs up over his waist and crossed her ankles, grinding into him so hard it hurt. The pain was bliss, and so were his teeth gently pulling at her nipple.

He repositioned, spreading his thighs to support his weight better. He moved his hands to her hips, gripping her tightly. If they had been naked, there would be no doubt he was readying himself to thrust his way in, but their clothing prevented an immediate joining. The jeans needed to come off, right freaking now. She was about to tell him so, but as her mouth started to form the words, she opened her eyes and was struck speechless in amazement.

Trees bent sideways with the howling force of a wind she didn't feel, other than the soft whispers of breeze from Whit's gaze. A white mist floated around them. She knew instinctively the fog was their combined power, and she reveled in it, riding the wave of pleasure from Whit's tongue as he worked his magic on her body. He had moved to the other breast and had edged the lace to the side, alternately laving and sucking as if she were candy. His hot, wet tongue on her bare skin felt erotic and addicting, and her hips strained against the hardness of his body. She astonished herself by actually purring in response, feeling his lips curve into a smile on her skin.

Her gaze drifted to the treetops as she surrendered herself to the passion of the moment. Then she stilled. Uncomprehending, she blinked at what moved toward them. Fear shot through her body, ice-cold and deadly. Eve's body stiffened in horror, and Whit lifted his mouth from her breast.

His voice was a guttural moan. "What's wrong?"

Thanks so much for having me, HC!  It was a pleasure to be here!

MURDERING EVE won the 2011 Readers Favorite Award in the Romance / Fantasy-Sci Fi category. Best of all, it's available for download for only $1.99!  How can you beat that?

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