Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dark Divas Review 4.5 Divas for Hawke's Purr-fect Mate

Hawke’s Purr-fect Mate by H.C. Brown

Hawke’s Purr-fect Mate by H C Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Menage, Paranormal, M/M, GLBT
Length: 89 pages's-Purr-fect-Mate
Deliciously handsome, insatiable, alpha male Hawke of Knight Watch has a reputation for having a voracious and varied sex life. However, his ability to attract streams of men and women to his bed comes into question when he meets the mysterious Ice Princess, Lydia.
Lydia, born of both Fae and Pride, has a secret. Unable to chance the man of her dreams discovering the truth about her, she publicly refuses the handsome Prince Hawke.
Disillusioned and heart sore, Hawke must fight the battle of his life against the dogs invading his realm, and for the love of his true mate.
Dakota’s Review:
Ms. Brown has definitely penned a wonderful tale. I was happy to return to this series after reading Savage Lust. This author has done a phenomenal job of creating characters that every time I pick up one of her books it feels like I’m coming home to a family reunion, even it if is a rather strange family. In this newest book, Hawke’s Purr-fect Mate, we delve more into the life of Hawk, who is the prince of his pride and like most cats he’s not ready to settle down with just one mate. His relationship with Nox is one he doesn’t want to give up, especially for an Ice Princess who has denied his claim and in the process has infuriated him beyond belief. (Not a wise idea on Lydia’s part. Evidently she doesn’t realize how determined it will make him to actually claim her.)  I loved Hawke’s chase of his mate. :D
As usual the character development in this book is excellent.  The backstory was enough to make me feel like I was catching up with the previous character’s lives. I was drawn into the familiar world of the Pride Brothers series and as usual I didn’t want to leave. I will say one thing, be sure to have your hanky ready because, Ms. Brown has created another tear jerker with Lydia’s and Hawke’s story. I related on so many levels with Lydia that I felt like she could’ve been my sister. I won’t give away Ms. Brown’s plot line here but I will say that every tear she did draw out of me was well worth it by the end of the tale. If you’re looking for a frisky shifter book, with alpha’s galore, magical worlds and stubborn mates, Hawke’s Purr-fect Mate is definitely a must read!
Rated 4 1/2 Delightful Divas by Dakota!

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