Monday, August 15, 2011

You Gotta Read Review for Forbidden Love

Review – Forbidden Love By Stormy Glenn, HC Brown, Anna O’Neill and Alesandr Voinov

Forbidden Love
Title: Forbidden Love
Author: Stormy Glenn, HC Brown, Anna O’Neill and Alesandr Voinov
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Rating: You Need to Read
Reviewer: Nerine Dorman


Forbidden, by H.C. Brown
England 1075—Sir Renoir Danier finds himself in an intolerable situation when he is ordered by King William to marry an elderly Spanish countess. Five years earlier, he met the great love of his life, Sir Sebastian. This deeply sensual dark angel taught him all that a man could give to another. Renoir became a slave to his erotic punishment. After a month of bliss, Sebastian sailed to Spain. Will he return or leave Renoir with a shattered heart?

As far as hot man-on-man action goes, very little gets as hot as this collection of short stories. 
HC Brown's Forbidden pretty much knocked my socks off. Not only was the dialogue in this case witty, but the characterisations memorable. I was immediately engaged in Renoir’s dilemma and, although his eventual encounter wasn’t much of a surprise, I still enjoyed watching events unfold very much.

This tight collection gets a definite thumbs up from me, even if I’m not a regular reader of m/m action. Well realized, gritty and full of impact, I was definitely left breathless and wanting more.

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