Thursday, August 4, 2011

H.C. Brown Contest for personalized covers

I have six  personalized covers like the one above in PDF format to give away this week.

Tell me what you want me to write about?
What do you prefer?
M/M....M/F.... Ménage.

Time travel, Historical....what do you like?

Leave a comment.... your name...the book cover you want signed and email address.

The PDF format can be uploaded to your reader.....

Looking forward to hearing from you,



  1. The problem is that I love them all, but my favorite tends to be menage with BDSM and paranormal elements.

  2. I would like the cover with Jimmy on it. The one showing right now. I would like to read a really good time travel M/F. I know, its different but would satisfy my tastes for historical and contemporary. Of course, you can always toss in some BDSM and paranormal, too.

    I know, I'm all over the board with this one.

  3. My favorite cover of yours is Shifters and Demons. I like everything about it. What do I prefer? I prefer Ménage with m/f/m. I like a bit of BDSM (no pain) i like the men dominant and a bit aggressive. :) I like all genres in romance. I think paranormal is more my favorite. I love shifters. :)

  4. Of course, I forgot to leave the book cover and my email. Duh!

    I like Hawke's cover, please.

  5. What a wonderful contest! I would love to win a signed cover of Hawke's Purr-fect Mate.
    I love all your books so picking one genre is SO hard. I will have to say my favorite has to be BDSM.


  6. Thanks for your comments. This is something new for me to do for my fans. I do the covers personally its not a computer program :-)

    I will be doing this again soon.

    I still have time to do a few if you're late don't worry...also if you can't comment send me an email.