Monday, July 18, 2011

Visit my new web page book give away

Hello Dear Readers.

Visit my new web page:

....jump back here and answer this simple question.

What is beside the 'Next' button.

One comment will win a choice of one of my e-books.



  1. H.C. Brown is represented by the L. Perkins Agency

  2. I'm a good student, and did my homework :)
    On the left is a fairy wearing a blue dress and black and white stockings lying chest-down on a cliff with her head cupped in her hands.
    On the right is "H.C. Brown is represented by the L. Perkins Agency."
    Love the new site, BTW!

  3. A very cute pixie with wicked cool striped stockings sitting on either a tree limb or a dragon(...?!!) I love your page & your books btw! ^_^

  4. You have a really cute animation beside the "next" button of a girl on a dragon.


  5. Hi H.C.
    I love your new webpage. I especially love the new banner at the top of the page with the leopard on the right side of the banner.

    And the answer to your question is:
    A fairy laying on the back of a dragon. That is so cool! I've never seen an image like that before. It's rather unique...*S*
    Thank you!



  6. Yeah the faerie gifs are cute, not my usual style of chains and dungeons. But I love alpha male faeries.
    I'm really enjoying writing a new Fae story aiming for 80,000 words or longer.
    I used to write stories that long and I'm settling back into the discipline needed to do this.
    Thanks for your comments I'll announce the winner on Friday

  7. An innocent-looking fairie...but coming from you, I doubt there's anything innocent about her. Nice site. Glad I dropped in.