Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Choice But Love Release Date

No Choice But Love Sci -Fi Romance released 12 November- Ellora's Cave

Ryce, a human, has been kidnapped by the Kleb Empire to complete a mission to destroy a Doomsday device on Abtec 2. His fate may seem intolerable if not for the sexy male Fae and reprogrammed human female the Klebs obtain to pose as part of his mated trio. Every job has its perks and before long the mission becomes a sizzling hot bed of desire.

Escaping a bad relationship, Brax is happy to temporarily leave Other World and use magyck to help save the Kleb Empire. He doesn’t expect to fall hard for the humans, however.

Fiona is blissfully happy with both Ryce and Brax, working on their mission by day and heating up the sheets at night. But nightmares begin to plague her—visions of a life she doesn’t remember. Does she belong in this high-tech, future world with her two insatiable lovers or somewhere else?

The trio must complete their mission and leave Abtec 2 undetected. If successful, they’ll save the world. But will this forced relationship survive?

Link to excerpt.


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