Friday, October 15, 2010

Burn Joyfully Reviewed

Joyfully Reviewed

BURN by H.C. Brown

Burn by H.C. Brown
Noble Romance
Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60592-140-2
Reviewed by Lisa

Fireman Harper Cole loves his job at the Golden Beach stationhouse. To him nothing is more beautiful than the Gold Coast in Australia. Harper risks his life on a regular basis to insure the area continues to dazzle everyone.

It is an evening at one of the local pubs with coworker Grant Smith that Harper first spots the gorgeous Adonis leaning against the bar. Turns out said beauty is Sax Peters, the latest newcomer to the Golden Beach unit. Sax is roughly fifteen years younger which puts Harper off, but it doesn’t matter to Sax. Station politics concerning gays, their age difference, and the fact that Sax is known as a bit of a player are all valid issues stacked against them being anything more than a casual fling. Too bad Harper wishes for much more.

Sizzling hot sex fans the flames in Burn. On the surface Burn is simply a tale of two lusty men, yet the storyline and the main characters evolve into a much deeper, more intense tale. Harper has reasonable doubts about getting involved with the younger Sax who doesn’t like any strings attached, but they learn through tears and triumph the sweet price of love. Deliciously erotic, Burn offers much more than just a pair of hot men,Burn has heart.

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