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Check out this fantastic review from You Gotta Read Reviews for A Savage Lust Book 3 in the Pride Brothers Series

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Prince Rio of Knight Watch's mission is to visit London, to retrieve the Lady's Book of Knowledge. He encounters Humans for the first time and his life freefalls into chaos. Torn between his love for a magnificent Fae male and an unusual Human female, he must complete his task or fall foul of Nox, King of the Faerie.

Rio is a Pride male and a prince of the Knight Watch. He is the one sent to retrieve the magical relic The Lady’s Book of Knowledge. He must go to London and find those responsible for the theft. All things point to a young female as the culprit but things are not always as they seem. Rio finds himself torn between the young woman and a male Fae that he loves. Can he sort it all out before the Druiks turn the humans against them? Will Rio find true love or will he let it fall through his grasp?

This book had me from the first page. I have enjoyed this series from the beginning and this book does not disappoint. Rio is a great Alpha. He is strong and edgy yet he has a heart and would sacrifice everything for his love. Aria is a young and confused woman who takes everything in stride. She has spirit and spunk in spades. Constantly fighting for herself against all the odds. Last but not least the last character in this love triangle is Tanz the wonderful Fae. He is not only gorgeous but loves to a fault. The three make a wonderful triad. Each plays off of the other very well. The love that they share shines through the pages. As they figure out the mystery of the theft they must also figure out their feelings for each other. Add in the king of the Faerie; Nox and you have quite the adventure.

I enjoyed this story a lot; it was well written and fast paced. Keeping the readers attention from the start to finish. It is part of a series but you can read it as a stand-alone and not be lost. H. C. Brown brings the reader into the world of shifters with this book and takes you for a wonderful ride. I am eagerly awaiting the next in this series.

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