Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hawke Book 4 Pride Brothers Update

To answer all the emails.( Thank you - I relish the feedback) Yes, I'm about half way through completing 'Hawke' but I do have three other WIP. Alpha male, Hawke my out of control, shifter, bad boy, needs that very special story - so his story is a long one.

Do you think he will find a female to slake his lust or will he take a male . . . or two?

War is coming to the land of the Five Gates - the wolf shifters have arrived to wreck havoc.
They want females and power.
For once in his life Hawke must put his life in the hands of another.


  1. Hey, I thought Hawke was going to find his female mate and also mate Knox and Allure? Please tell me that is still the "plan". I won't tell anyone. Promise. ;)

  2. Aaaah from A Taste of Nox ;-)

    All I can say is that issue is addressed in this book. It contains a continuation of thoughts from a Taste of Nox. I'm sure you'll find the outcome enjoyable.
    You will find Nox and Allure in 'Delicious'.
    Nox has such a big following I had to give him his own series :-)