Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Prowling the Vet

MFM shifter hotness!
Laura is a veterinarian in a country town near the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. She's intelligent, beautiful, over-sized, and not interested in a relationship with any man. When she literally gets knocked off her feet by a pair of twins, she's horrified to find she can't resist the attraction.

Brandon and Tyler have been waiting for their perfect mate since they were teenagers. Brandon's buried himself in alcohol and women, but Tyler's so lonely it hurts. When they meet the voluptuous Laura they must pull together to win the heart of their fated mate, and prove why a Perfect Pair of mountain lion shifters are exactly what she needs.


Oh God, she was the one. Her taste, oh fuck…her taste!
Fire was burning under Brandon’s skin and he couldn’t clear his mind of the sweetness of her mouth. Every inch of his body needed Laura to touch him again. He’d never craved such a thing before. He wanted to strip off every item of clothing he wore and beg her to lay her hands on him. How pathetic was that?
“What just happened?” Laura swayed a little from side to side where she sat on a hay bale, looking as intoxicated as though they’d fed her a bottle of whiskey.
Brandon shook his head and growled at his brother. He couldn’t talk, and he wasn’t explaining this to her. He felt wild. He only held onto his lion by the tips of his claws.
“It’s proof that you are meant to be ours.”
Brandon threw up his hands and walked to the far end of the stables, shaking his head and grunting.
Fuck, Tyler! I thought you’d be more eloquent than that.
He strutted back to the place where Ty and Laura sat, just in time to see Laura’s shocked expression turn to one of outrage.
“What?” She screeched, the sound bouncing around the barn.
Brandon glared at his brother and stepped into the exit so she couldn’t get away. Now that he’d tasted her, he knew she was the one, and there was no way in hell he was letting her get away.
In truth, he’d kissed her hoping to feel revulsion at her size, to dislike the way she kissed him. Anything to assure him that he had not found his mate, that he could continue to live the life of a carefree bachelor.
He’d been wrong.She was his and now he’d never let her go.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that…”
Tyler really did have to work on his charm if that was the best he could do.
“Shouldn’t have said that? Shouldn’t have said what? What the hell is going on?”
Laura was really screeching now, and seemed to be hyperventilating as her breath wheezed in and out.
Tyler was doing nothing, and Brandon really didn’t like the noise.
He strode forward and grabbed her arms, silencing her with his mouth. She moaned and sunk into his embrace, making his body come alive. Her taste exploded through his senses, the perfect combination of sweetness and lust. He needed her.
Her hands slid under his shirt and stroked his skin. His lion leapt inside him, then settled to purr.She pulled away a little to whisper against his lips. “Why do I want you like this?”
Brandon couldn’t speak but he moved his hands down to her ass and gave it another good squeeze. Fuck, why did he like that so much?
“Brandon? Tyler?” Their mother’s voice called out to them and Brandon reluctantly stepped away from Laura. It almost hurt to do so.He hated the loss of warmth when her hands weren’t against his skin.
“Here you boys are.”
Their mum stood in the doorway, her lovely wide smile on full display as she looked between the three of them. She gestured to them.
“Laura. Come with me and meet some of the family.”
Laura looked up at him, her green eyes worried and open.
Brandon nodded once to her and she seemed to slump. She better not want him to protect her from his mum. That was never going to happen. To be honest, he wasn’t even sure it was possible.
Laura moved up next to their mother, her lovely cotton dress clinging to her curves. That ass just called out to him. Bend me over and fuck me, please.
He shook his head and growled in impatience. When would they be able to claim her?
Rosalie took Laura’s arm and looked back over her shoulder at them.
“Come on, boys. I think Laura needs to meet some of your cousins.”
Brandon groaned and shared a mutual aggravated look with his twin. Their courtship of Laura had just been completely taken over.

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