Monday, April 7, 2014

Feeling rejected?

Okay, so I've been crowing about my contracts this year....and yes, after 50 published books, I still happy dance because a contract for me is a validation that I have worth as a writer.
Yes, I get rejections and I know all authors have faced rejection at least once in their writing career.

For me, a rejection doesn't mean my life is over. Yes, it is depressing especially when I want my story published by a particular publisher. I'm just like everyone else, I want to have a great agent and see my books out there in the local book store or even better on the NY Times Bestseller List....I mean who wouldn't?

But it's horses for courses, some stories are not a fit for certain publishers that doesn't mean another publisher won't fall in love with your story. When I first started, I sent my YA to all the wrong publishers and those ten 80K+ stories about witches and warlocks are gathering dust because I gave up.
I had no feedback and no idea  how to improve or who to send my work to.

One day I guess I'll get time to read the old M/S again- they are very funny, I remember crying with laughter writing them and so did my BETA reader. Ah those were the days :-)

How do you handle rejections?

What upsets you the most?

We've all had them from JK Rowling  to Stephen King  from the form rejection letter to the one liner....declined.

What upsets you the most?

Me, well  I'd prefer a " thank you for submitting but your story isn't right for us." form letter than one that is condescending.

The best comes from a publisher who actually gives a little feedback.

Feedback...good or bad is valuable.

So what do I do if I receive a rejection letter? I feel rejected LOL....then I submit it to another publisher and write  another story.....NEVER GIVE UP  :-)


  1. Rejection is something every author has to come to terms with. I put some thoughts about it on my blog a few months ago:!The-long-road-to-rejection/c13oz/B64C7A24-1510-4DC0-89DB-7C49639FE482

  2. An excellent discussion of a problem that plagues all of us who write professionally. I haven't had 50 books published--that's amazing and quite impressive. I'm up to fifteen and pleased with that. But I still get plenty of rejections. Like you, I lust for a top agent who'll sell my work to one of the major publishers and put my novels on the bestseller list. Ah, the dream!

  3. Great blog post and I agree with Jacqueline - 50 published books is impressive! I'm just starting out and rejections can be disheartening, whether they are silent rejections (i.e. the publisher never gets back to you), the form 'thanks but you're story is not a good fit' letter or the 'we really like your voice but...' At least this last type of rejection provides some feedback to help you to grow! In any case, I guess rejections - like criticism of your work - are just part of the business. I'll keep writing and subbing regardless :)

  4. Me too Jennifer. Thanks for dropping by Jacqueline :-)