Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Release- Roll Play- Club Floggers 9

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H.C. Brown's Best selling Club Flogger's Series continues with some crazy antics from rockstar Seth and his Dom, Kall. Seth, drummer of the famous rock band, Cold Heat, enjoys a little role-play and Kall takes his pup on a hot ride over the edge.


"Don't look at me, keep your mouth shut. I’m gonna let go of your hands. Pull up your pants and hold them but leave that hot cock exposed for all to see. Good boy, now walk back to the studio." He shoved Seth in the back.
How does he know about the studio? It’s the biggest kept secret since Roswell. Freezing air cut into his skin and his balls ached. The man’s cold hand rested on the bare skin of his back. With every step Seth glanced around the empty street, surely, someone would come.

"Stop. Turn around and put out your hands." He pushed Seth against a tree surrounded in shadows.
Seth complied. The frozen bark scratched his back. The stranger grasped his wrists in his large hand and lifted them high in the air. Fear strangled the cry in his throat.

“Move and I’ll cut off your balls. Understand boy?”

Seth gripped the tree behind him. “Yes, Sir.”

The man gazed at his shrunken shaft, his breathing ragged. The knife pressed against Seth’s belly the man dropped to his knees and lifted the edge of his balaclava. He had full, luscious lips, and dark stubble dusted his chin. Seth swallowed. He resembled his Dom, had his lips, his chin, but not his voice. Could this be Kall acting out his wildest fantasy?

"Ask me to suck you, boy."

Seth trembled. Dear God what was happening? The knife pressed against his flesh. “Please suck me, Sir.”

The stranger lowered his head and groaned.

So damned good, Seth shuddered with the thrill of forbidden excitement. His captor’s tongue flicked out like a snake, circling the tip. Then his warm mouth surrounded him suckling and tugging him into erection. The stranger growled in appreciation and bobbed his head.
Seth panicked. He shouldn’t be enjoying this. . .fuck! "Please . . . I can't . . . I can't do this."

"You are and you’re loving it. I can taste how much you want me." The stranger ignored Seth's pleas, and suckled harder.

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