Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Release: Aiden's Training by H.C. Brown

Aiden's Training  by H.C. Brown

Book #6 Club Floggers

M/M/M, BDSM Erotic Romance

H.C Brown's sizzling sequel to Wanted:Two Doms

Aiden returns to Floggers and into the arms of his two Doms, Logan, and Connor. Thrumming with anticipation, he is anxious to get straight down to some heavy action. His men are more cautious and want to guide him slowly into their world of extreme pleasure pain. With Alec on his back about safety and the jealous Raoul causing problems in the band, Aiden must make a decision; to commit to the delights of two edge playing Masters or walk away forever.


Keys jingled and a door creaked open.  The heavy scent of candle wax percolated through the hood and lights danced in his peripheral vision.  He squinted trying to see through the fabric. Panic rode him, his stomach clenched.  These guys had their own torture chamber. He tried to swallow. His parched throat offered no saliva to coat his dry lips. The door clicked shut behind them and the sound of a bold sliding home reached him.

 Someone grabbed him from behind and held him motionless. Another pulled off his boots and slid the leather pants over his hips then dragged them over his feet. A warm hand cupped him then one finger slid beneath his balls to circle his hole.  From behind, a moist tongue delved into one ear. He swallowed hard and hoped his voce wouldn’t come out in a whine. “So you want to fuck me, right? Well that’s fine but use condoms; you don’t know where I’ve been.”

The man in front of him grasped the neck of his designer black tee and ripped it down the front as if it were paper then tore the clothing from him.  Naked he swayed, panic and arousal a heady mix. The silence of the men both scared and aroused him. The man behind him grasped one arm and led him across the room. Underfoot the tiled floor pressed cold against his feet. Positioned with his hands and feet spread wide, the men spent some time attaching him to the equipment. Aiden trembled in anticipation. The Doms used long leather thongs to attach his wrists to a metal frame above. A thin leather strap attached one ankle to the frame and then looped up to circle his cock and balls before extending to wrap around the other ankle.  Each binding followed the trail of the Dom’s fingers, giving Aiden the exact positioning of each knot. If he bent his knees, the leather thong tightened around his sac.  A harness encased his chest and the world shifted. The ground under his feet vanished and the pressure on the harness increased. The Doms had suspended him in midair. He panted trying to force air into his restricted lungs.

A warm pair of hands, scented with antiseptic hand wash crept under the hood.  A silk blindfold slid over his eyes and the hood fell away from his head. He gulped in air and caught a familiar scent of sandalwood soap. The exact same fragrance as the expensive supplied shower gel from Floggers. He sighed in relief; if these Doms were members, at least they’d be clean. He dragged a dry tongue over his lips. “Thank you Master.”

©H.C. Brown 2013.

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