Saturday, April 20, 2013

4 Star Review of Dragonfae & The Soul Catcher by Just Erotic Romance Reviews

review by: Gabrielle Lee
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Reader emotions run rampant in Dragonfae & the Soul Catcher, taking you for a wondrous ride as Lumos and Thalia go on their adventure.  I loved visiting this new world and meeting its many magical inhabitants, and good or bad they all came together to create a great tale. Thalia and Lumos make a wonderful couple, and it was beautiful to see the love and patience he surrounds her with.  Thalia is a strong woman and is more than willing to fight for herself and those that she cares for. Watching Lumos and Thalia try to figure out their feelings and begin to bond as they fought their way back to Drakka and to the challenge was a great read.  I loved that he respected her enough that he was willing to work hard at earning her trust, despite his constant state of attraction to her.  The sparks between the two right from the start shows just how much Lumos cares for Thalia every time they’re together.  Ms. Brown weaves a wonderful story full of romance and adventure in this book, making it not only a hot read but a great tale as well. I highly enjoyed the adventure in these worlds and hope that I get to return to them again.

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