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“In The Hot Seat with H. C. Brown”: S Dora

Title: The Right Direction

Release Date: September 24 2012, general release

Author: S. Dora

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Buy Link: Part one of Calling the Shots, Facing the Truth:

Genre: m/m, romantic BDSM

Blurb: New to BDSM, Dominant Isaac learns how to bring his sub Tom to new heights during a weekend of pain and pleasure.
Now he’s admitted to his lover, Tom—and more importantly, to himself— that he’s willing to explore his Dominant side, Isaac prepares for a weekend during which both he and Tom will stay in their roles as Dominant and submissive. Isaac has a great time selecting the flogger, paddle and cane he’s planning to use.
During their special weekend, Isaac and Tom not only have lots of kinky sex, they also explore D/s outside the bedroom. They are not ready, however, to share this part of their relationship with the outside world.
How will Isaac react when an innocent moment of misunderstanding confronts him with everyday reality?

HC: Welcome S. Dora! 
Tell us about your Hot New Release?

S: Great to be here. My latest is called The Right Direction. It’s part two of the Calling the Shots series, a story about a loving, committed m/m couple and their discovering of BDSM. Main character is Isaac, the Dom, who is actually a sweet, caring and not very much dominant man. And yet when his lover, Tom, asks for certain things to spice up their bedroom activities, Isaac not only learns he’s quite capable of giving his Tommy a good spanking, he enjoys it more than he ever expected.
In The Right Direction Isaac and Tom try out some new BDSM toys during a weekend full of kinky fun, but things are not as uncomplicated as they had hoped for.
HC: You are in the right place here my readers LOVE M/M  BDSM
  Can you tell us a little about yourself and your books?
S: As S. Dora I write romantic erotica. I love writing about ongoing, committed relationships, because I’m more curious about what happens after the happy end, than about how they get together.
There’s not much to tell about me. I’m a woman, I’ve been with my wife since October 1981. We are the mothers of two sons, who are now both university students. We still wonder how they grew so fast from toddlers to adult males.  

HC: Have you ever used events or stories contemporary or historical  in your work?

S: Not directly, no. But it would be very naïve to think that living as an fully out lesbian for the past 33 years won’t have any influence on the choices of what I write and how I write it.

HC:. Is there anything you find particularly challenging/ rewarding about writing?

S: Writing is a constant uphill battle against insecurity and doubts. I learned to trust my publisher(s) and my readers, or else I never would have published anything.

HC: I think we all have the insecurity and doubts about our writing. I always want to give my best and I think that's the same with most writers. Those little messages from fans make such a lot of difference  don't you think?

 As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? How has that childhood dream affected your current career?

S: I loved to write stories from a young age, but I never assumed becoming a writer was a serious option. I also wanted to become a teacher, for the simple reason that in a blue-collar family teachers were just about the only intellectuals we came in contact with and who had a job that wasn’t totally out of bounds for me. I never became a teacher, but went through life doing all kinds of stuff, including studying history. And now I find myself being a writer and part of me still thinks “yeah, right.”

HC: Do you have a writing schedule?

S. Yes, write every day most of the day. The only problem is life keeps happening and so the schedule is often the first to die.

HC: What kinds of books do you like to read?

S: Non-fiction has been my preferred reading material for many years now, though I won’t shun a nice bit of fiction from time to time. I love to read about history (especially social, gay and lesbian subjects) atheism and critical thinking, science (up to a point, I know my intellectual limits), culture in all its forms and whatever catches my attention.

HC: What can readers expect from you in the near future?

S: The third part of Calling the Shots that is pretty close to being completed, apart from some free fighting with a couple of scenes.
I also have some interesting ideas for a few m/f and m/m stories that I hope will keep me busy for the upcoming weeks and months.    

HC:Would you like to share an excerpt?

S: I’m happy to. The following (very much intended for adults) scene is from The Right Direction.

“I made baked rice with grilled chicken, mushroom sauce and tomato salad.” Tom placed a plate filled with food in front of Isaac. He also put a small basket with fresh bread and two tall glasses of water between them.
“It smells wonderful.” Isaac waited until Tom sat and started to eat. “Tastes great too.”
Tom beamed. “The sauce’s my mum’s recipe.”
“It’s simply perfect.” Isaac swiped up some sauce with a piece of bread. “Tell me, what’s the secret ingredient?”
Tom winked. “Told you, that’s a secret.”
“When you’re under my collar, you’ll have to tell me when I give you the order,” Isaac teased.
“No, I won’t.” Tom immediately reminded Isaac what being submissive wasn’t about.
Isaac reached over the table to take his lover’s hand in his own, and kissed it. “Thank you for being you.”
Tom smiled. “Help me to put everything in the dishwasher? And do you want to fuck me here, on the kitchen table, or in the bedroom?”
“Of course I’ll help… What are you saying? Don’t repeat it—I know what you were saying.” Isaac shook his head in surprise. He stood up and stacked the dirty plates and dishes. “Am I that obvious?”
“I have no idea what you ordered, but I would get hard as a nail from simply opening that box.” Tom started the dishwasher. He pulled Isaac closer and kissed him deeply. “Take me here, on the kitchen table?”
Isaac nodded, horny enough to agree with anything his lover suggested. “Lube?”
“If it was good enough for the Greeks and Romans, it’s good enough for us.” Tom grabbed a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the counter and put it on the table. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped and dropped his jeans. He gripped the sides of the table and offered his arse. “Have fun.”
Isaac almost wished he were a religious man, so he could give thanks to a higher power for sending him his sweet beauty of a lover. As it was, he had no choice but to accept the obvious miracle at face value. Tom wanted him, as his lover, his partner. As his Dom. He’d had his pick of men, but he wanted Isaac. Isaac, who would be celebrating his fortieth birthday in a few months, who would never stand out in a crowd, who worked at an office because he had nothing better to offer the world, who had still not fully accepted his own feelings as a Dominant. And yet, Tom, in his twenties and too gorgeous for words, left no doubt about his choice.
Isaac took a deep breath to get his thoughts under control. Later tonight, he would have enough opportunity to ponder the wonder that was Tom, but now it was time to fuck. Quickly, he prepared first Tom, then himself. Once the head of Isaac’s cock had passed the oiled pucker, Tom pushed back, as if he couldn’t wait another second to have his lover’s dick fully inside him.
“Fuck, that feels good.” The words exploded from Tom’s mouth. “Give it to me as hard as you like.”
With one hand around Tom’s hip and the other on his shoulder, Isaac started a fast, aggressive series of thrusts inside the tight heat. The thought that tomorrow night Tom would wear his collar—and call him Sir and Master—drove him on until he was close to becoming a mindless, rutting animal.
Tom voice reached him through a daze of lust. “Please, help me come…”
Isaac reached around, took his lover’s erection in his fist and pumped up and down, never missing a single beat of his own thrusts. No sooner did Tom’s spunk fill his hand than his own body surrendered to its pleasure, and he gave one final push and shot his load deep inside his lover.
“Fuck…” Tom panted, holding on to the table. “If I’d known you’d get this excited by BDSM stuff, I would have suggested it months ago.”
Isaac carefully pulled his softening cock back and kissed his lover’s neck. “You want the honest truth? I can’t wait until tomorrow night.” 
With his back still turned towards Isaac, his body in a submissive position, Tom said, “Neither can I, Sir.”  

 HC: Thanks for dropping by :-)

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