Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Kantu’s Heart by KevaD

Blurb:Before the ice age, warrior Kantu lost his tribe, his mate Sanda, and his life to a vicious band of cannibals led by his most powerful enemy. He awakens in a world beyond his comprehension only to find his mate in the arms of her killer. Misery and strength meld into one goal—to win back his heart and kill his enemy.

With a nudge from her gentle guardian, Sandra Harn travels to Freewill, WY, looking for bargains at the annual rummage sale and, hopefully, answers to her mysterious past. Once there, visions of a time before the town existed make her question her sanity. When an exotic stranger with flowing raven hair and a body she can’t resist tries to kill her companion, logic tells her to run, but her heart and body have other ideas.

Can two hearts find their way across time or will fate be satisfied once justice is served?

Author: KevaD

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KevaD takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through time. In his own delicious imagery, the author creates a prehistoric world and highlights the values of the ancient warrior.  The contrast with Kantu’s beliefs and the atrocities of modern culture adds depth and realism.

 When I read this beautiful love story, I realized how many of the old values modern man has lost. The ancient warrior Kantu’s respect for nature is a touching part of this story.

Visions of a past life plague Sandra and add unique depth to the story. As the seemingly impossible love story unfolds, KevaD holds the reader on the edge. I found myself reading like a maniac to find out the conclusion to this fast-paced story.

In conclusion, Kantu’s Heart is a wonderful read and proves to the reader that  love transcends time.

H.C. Brown

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