Friday, August 24, 2012

In The Hot Seat With H.C. Brown Author Vanessa North

Welcome Vanessa!

HC:  What is your Hot New Release?
Hello! Thank you for having me! My new release is Two in Winter, from Liquid Silver Books.

HC- Can you tell us a little about yourself and your books?
Well, I’m a thirty-something mom of twins who had a career or three before kids and started writing while they were very small and I was home with them. I write contemporary and paranormal romances as well as sci-fi romance. I love writing about people who don’t feel like they deserve a happy ever after, and then finding ways to make them believe they are worthy.

HC- Have you ever used events or stories contemporary or historical  in your work?

Not really, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Historical accuracy (even in contemporary fiction) is very important to me, and not being a history scholar, I hesitate to use an event in my book when there is a possibility I could get it wrong. I’d much rather make something up.

HC. Is there anything you find particularly challenging/ rewarding about writing?

Everything is a challenge—Every day I want to write something better than anything I’ve written before, so I’m constantly raising the bar for myself. Then again, there are rewards: I become invested in these characters and these stories, so I love seeing them come to fruition. When someone tells me “I read your book, and I loved the part where…” That makes my day.

HC. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? How has that childhood dream affected your current career?

I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I took lessons for ages, and I loved it. I’d say it hasn’t impacted my writing, but I’d be a huge liar. There is a dance scene in almost everything I write, and I actually have a novella with a ballerina heroine coming out in November, so… yeah, the old 
passion still has a role to play in my life.

HC: Do you have a writing schedule?

I write all the time, every day, usually for multiple hours per day. I drop the kids off at school, go for a run with fellow writer Becca Jameson, and then come home and get to work. I look at writing as a job, and I treat it like one, but if the muse strikes during “off” hours, I can be found at my desk then too.

HC: What kinds of books do you like to read?

Mostly romance, the hotter the better. I also really like science fiction.

HC: What can readers expect from you in the near future?

In October, Amazon, the first book in my 3-book series “The Ushers” is going to debut, a werewolf series with a goddess myth that takes place over a span of 25 years. I’m very excited about that! I also have a novella coming out in November for the Wiccan Haus shared world series from Musa Publishing called Shifter’s Dance.

 HC: Would you like to share an excerpt?

Here’s an excerpt from Two in Winter…a dance scene, of course.

Title: Two in Winter
Release Date: 7/2/2012
Author: Vanessa North
Author Website:
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Buy Link:

Genre : Contemporary Romance

Blurb: Getty has her life all planned out—and she’s used to getting everything she wants. She’s nurtured her business to success and now she wants to have a baby all on her own. She won’t let her attraction to a handsome doctor steer her off course.

Eric is still feeling the sting of his recent divorce, so he’s not looking for a relationship, but after sharing a steamy dance with a mysterious woman in a darkened club, he can’t help but want to get to know her. Unfortunately, she took off when she found out he gets women pregnant for a living.

When Eric finds out Getty’s a patient at the fertility clinic where he works, he tries to find a way for them to be together without risking his job. Meanwhile, she keeps him at arm’s length until she discovers even the best-laid plans can go awry. Can she let go of the life she’s planned in order to take a chance on a life with Eric?

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