Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's new with HC

Good morning everyone.

I'm chasing feedback so leave a comment or email I have an incentive , hell yeah. I have three copies one each of my new releases up for grabs. Tell me what you want to read, do you prefer contemporary or paranormal, BDSM, Science fiction or just romance, erotic or sweet. Novel or novella How can I please you?

 I've been working on a few gems this last couple of weeks. Hurt Me Good is finished, came in at 69K words. If you liked the Flogger stories you'll love this glitz story about a sassy stripper and an arrogant bad ass Dom.

Vanilla Boy a hot coming out  glitz story will curl your toes and another paranormal M/M romance is flying off my laptop.

If you haven't read Time to Live, Lord & Master both hot sexy M/M BDSM stories and  my new time travel M/M Romance A Tryst of Fate they are available from Are, Amazon and of course the publishers.

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