Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't lie to me.

I start my week with a dentists drill embedded in my jaw.  So I am not having a good day sorry folks. My topic today is about  telling lies.

How many stories I could write about people who continuously tell lies.

Why can't people just fess up and tell the truth?

Why lie in the first place?

 Okay so I admit I am a very outspoken person but I never intend to hurt anyone, in fact my aim is always to help, its just sometimes people need to be told the truth.

"Does my ass look fat in these pants?  Should you say, "Hell yeah"....No!  But perhaps, "How about wearing a longer shirt  then no one can see your butt." Why lie?

For me telling the truth is essential. I can't abide  liars in any form.
In business  with me two strikes and you are out.

So how do you feel about liars? Can you stand them or are they a royal pain in the butt?

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1 comment:

  1. I feel liars are like a creek they start of with a small lie that turns into a river of lies and I refuse to drown in an ocean of lies. So I would say I hate them and they should stay silent so non liars can breath the extra fresh air