Monday, April 25, 2011

H.C. Brown's Prides

Many of you have asked about the Prides of shape shifters in my books.

Yes I have many Prides. The Prides are families of cats, so of course there are many.

The Pride Brothers Series - Arious Pride- The Knight Watch princes. This is the main Pride in this series although, there are many other Prides featured in this series, Doucheron, Lioness and Lonza Prides  all live within the Five Gates.

 Then the Pride Brothers of the future.... The Vane Pride.... in Shifters & Demons...I introduce you to scorching alpha male shifters, same goddess and yes Nox will be in this series...he is immortal.

Then I have the Ecatnie Pride from the future in the Chronicles of Fae: Delicious and Pure Hot Sin in the Bite Here Anthology.

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