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Top Pick for Floggers 'Holiday Sale at Romance Reviews

Floggers' Holiday SaleOFFICIAL REVIEW
Book Reviewed by Kenjii_H (reviewer)
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Dominate Me by H C Brown, the characters are not anything like Rafe and Denny, though they are still a Dom and sub. It is amazing how a great author can entertain and keep a genre and theme so fresh. Page after page, book after book.

This is a prequel to Hot Dom, Cold Sub, and Nash is somewhat in the same way as Rafe. Tired of the same old sub and in need of more. He bids on Paul, a sweet, fresh sub during the Christmas auction.

Paul is very new to a lot of things. Sex. BDSM. But one thing comes natural. Serving a Master. He was nervous about following orders but wants what only Nash gives to him. Nash is known as a Master that loves pain and edge play. He likes to push his domination to the limits and he likes subs that can take what he gives.

Seeing the exchange between the virginal Paul and very dominant Nash was so sweet! I loved watching Nash melt faster than the snow hitting hot skin. He wasn't cold-hearted but very sure of his control. Seeing him try to keep his feelings tied down around Paul was pure delight to read. It's been a while since I have read a new author and totally wanted more. Now, I have two new authors I love!

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