Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shifters & Demons Out 3 January

Shifters & Demons Out 3 January from Noble Romance

BLURB: This time, dear reader, I'm taking you 2000 years into the future. I'm introducing you to a new Pride of shape shifters with amazing, magical powers.

Prince Dallin of the Vane and Stryker of Talynx are sent back 3000 years, by the goddess, to rescue a Spellweaver, Lailii of the Tark from the Butcher of Unwyn's dungeon.

Gentle but courageous Lailii believes she is safe with her two alpha male shifters until they are pursued, back to the future, by demons and a mutant Army of Lost Souls. Will Dallin keep his promise to the goddess and ensure Lailii's safety or will she become prey to the demon, Lord Passio?

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