Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bite Here reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

BITE HERE by H.C. Brown & Stormy Glenn

Bite Here by H.C. Brown & Stormy Glenn
Noble Romance
Fantasy M/M – BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60592-127-3
Reviewed by Lisa

“Pure, Hot Sin” by H.C. Brown
One minute karate teacher Leo Marshall is sitting in a boat enjoying a day of fishing, the next thing he knows he is washing up on a shoreline and the natives aren’t human.

Leo finds himself in another dimension filled with shifters, fairies, and more. He is at the mercy of the Ecatnie Pride, shifters who will only allow him to live if he is claimed as a mate. An Ecatnie named Ashrin is put in charge of Leo. Little does Leo know Ashrin has his own agenda where Leo is concerned. The sparks are there, it’s just a question of who will do the giving and who does the taking when playing with whips.

Scorching hot from start to finish, “Pure, Hot Sin” boils over with sensual desires. Transported to another world, Leo struggles to survive in this original tale. There is a lot of talk of BDSM, along with some hard action, yet the personality clashes and misunderstandings are what make this story click. “Pure, Hot Sin” offers a tale hot enough to scald.

“The Vampire’s Assistant” by Stormy Glenn
It is past time for Jon Brighten to get a decent job so that he can move out of his married sister’s place. When Jon goes for an interview with Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, he is unfortunately intimidated by the other Ivy League applicants.

A bleeding paper cut and a trip to the men’s room seem simple enough, but somehow Jon ends up on the floor in the boss’s office with a red eyed demon at his neck. Jon is shocked to learn that it is Nikolas attacking him while Nikolas is stunned to learn that his life mate is underneath him. How can Nikolas make Jon understand the true meaning of life mates, the importance of it, before he scares Jon away, forever?

“The Vampire’s Assistant” is a sinfully romantic tale of two people from different worlds who prove that love is worth any obstacle. Author Stormy Glenn once again gives readers exactly what they crave with great characters, an emotional struggle, and sexy encounters. There is no question that this one will be a hit. Enjoy “The Vampire’s Assistant”, delivered with Jon and Nikolas, yum.

Bite Here will surely make readers lick their lips and speed up their heartbeat from page one onward. Authors H.C. Brown and Stormy Glenn know exactly how to please readers with sensual hero’s and bold romances. Bite Here is seriously satisfying!

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